random thoughts for HALLOWEEN day october 31st, 2011

HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM JAY DEAN AND THE ROCK BAND "KISS."  (this is pretty cool...)   YOUR HALLOWEEN FUNNIES... ONE OF THE MOST CREATIVE PUMPKIN CARVINGS EVER...   1.  your HALLOWEEN celebrity birthday list includes former newsman DAN RATHER....believe it or not, DAN RATHER turns 80 today.......that doesn't seem possible......here's DAN back in his younger days.... [...]



I'M SO EXCITED.... there's a christian movie that came out a few weeks ago that FINALLY is coming to CARMIKE today...it's from the makers of "FIREPROOF."  it's called "COURAGEOUS." if y0u like super clean movies with a great message, go see this one....that will hopefully make CARMIKE bring more of these to ABERDEEN.... here's a [...]

random thoughts for FRIDAY october 28th, 2011

YAY!! IT'S MY FAVORITE DAY!!   YOUR FRIDAY FUNNIES!!!   1.  happy birthday wishes are going out today to actress ANNIE POTTS...she is 59 today..yep...knockin' on the door to 60!!! ANNIE has been in a lot of great roles, including the movie "GHOSTBUSTERS." of course, her biggest role was on "DESIGNING WOMEN." she's leaning on [...]