random thoughts for thursday october 6th, 2011





1.  it’s a milestone birthday today for REO SPEEDWAGON lead singer KEVIN CRONIN…he turns 60 today…that’s right, another aging rocker…..but i will say this…KEVIN CRONIN can still belt out the REO hits….he has an incredible voice…..here’s KEVIN CRONIN back in the early days of REO SPEEDWAGON…he’s in the middle…


and now the album that EVERYBODY had back in the early 80’s….


and here’s KEVIN CRONIN today on his 60th birthday…


2.  how about a couple of REO SPEEDWAGON videos in honor of KEVIN’S birthday?



what is KEVIN CRONIN’S favorite REO SPEEDWAGON song?  he says that “TIME FOR ME TO FLY” is his baby…he wrote it, and he said it’s like a child to him….so, here it is…



3.  this morning about 3:30, i was working out at ANYTIME FITNESS, and i was watching the movie “BOWFINGER” starring EDDIE MURPHY and STEVE MARTIN…pretty funny movie…didn’t do much at the box office….however, actor BARRY NEWMAN was in the movie, and i hadn’t seen him in quite some time…i used to love his tv show “PETROCELLI.”

remember BARRY NEWMAN?

see if you remember the theme song to “PETROCELLI.”


here’s BARRY NEWMAN today…he’s now 73 years old…here he is today…


4.  BARRY NEWMAN’S co-star on “PETROCELLI” was SUSAN HOWARD.  you probably remember her best for her role as DONNA KREBBS,  on the hit tv show “DALLAS.”

SUSAN HOWARD is now 67 years old…..here she is today…


5.  speaking of working out, if you want to get in shape with me, come to ANYTIME FITNESS in the LAKEWOOD MALL around 3:30am weekday mornings….i’m usually there by that time, walking briskly on the treadmill……there’s plenty of room for you at that time….so, if you get brave, come on in!!!

6.  i can’t get enough of LAUREL AND HARDY…you may remember on monday i had some pictures of my buddy ROB and I dressed up as them at the DACOTAH PRAIRIE MUSEUM party last weekend.  well, since then i have been watching their movies again…WHAT TALENTS….it’s amazing how funny people could be without NUDITY, CUSSING, OR MURDER….great old time fun….

my other all time favorite from the golden era of HOLLYWOOD?  the legendary, one of a kind, CHARLIE CHAPLIN…

what that man could do in total silence was absolutely AMAZING…

7.  after being found innocent in ITALY, AMANDA KNOX returned to AMERICA and held a brief press conference yesterday…she thanked supporters and then told everyone she had to go see how her investments were going with BERNIE MADOFF….

8.  three AMERICAN scientists will share the NOBEL PRIZE in physics for their study of “exploding stars.”  they studying stars that have exploded in our galaxy and beyond…most of their time has been spent on CHARLIE SHEEN…

9.  a woman in ENGLAND turned 100 the other day, and she said the only thing she wanted for her century birthday was A STRIPPER to perform for her…see?   i knew that ANDY ROONEY couldn’t stay retired for long….

10.  SESAME STREET is introducing a new poverty stricken muppet named LILY….her first appearance will deal with math, as she figures out how many people BIG BIRD could feed….

11.  HOLLYWOOD is planning a big screen remake of the old talking horse sitcom, “MR. ED.”  which is nothing new for HOLLYWOOD…except for TINSEL TOWN,  it’s usually the OTHER END of the horse doing the talking…

12.  STAR magazine, which comes out today, has photos of ASHTON KUTCHER cheating with mistress SARA LEAL….DEMI MOORE plans to pick up a copy of STAR at the store, and place it in her shopping cart next to the depends, metamucil, and ensure….

13.  singer ADELE has cancelled her U.S. tour due to ongoing vocal cord problems…in fact, she was choking so bad that people mistook her for the BOSTON RED SOX…


a cowboy walks into a church and asks the church secretary if he could speak to the “head pig of the trough.”  the secretary was shocked and told the guy that they have nothing but respect for their pastor, and they don’t talk to him like that.  the cowboy told her, “well, that’s too bad…i was just going to drop off a donation of $650,000 dollars to the church.”  the secretary paused and said, “HANG ON, I THINK I SEE THE OLD SOW COMING DOWN THE HALL RIGHT NOW.”





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