random thoughts for wednesday october 12th, 2011





1.  happy birthday wishes are going out today to GROWING PAINS star KIRK CAMERON…he turns 41….he, of course, played MIKE SEAVER on the hit tv show…and he was quite the pin-up boy, too…

here’s the cast of the show…

you may recognize a very young LEONARDO DICAPRIO on the far right…

here’s a current picture of the cast….

here’s a current picture of the birthday boy, KIRK CAMERON..this is with his beautiful wife CHELSEA NOBLE, who played KATE on the tv show…


2.  today we’re going to find out whatever happened to the cast of “GOOD TIMES.” 

here’s a cast photo of the crew back in the 70’s….

actress ESTHER ROLLE played the part of the mom, FLORIDA EVANS….yes, FLORIDA….she died in 1998 at the age of 78….


actor JOHN AMOS had been around for quite some time before playing the dad, JAMES EVANS, SR…..he is still acting is is now 71 years old…

the most famous character on “GOOD TIMES” was JIMMIE WALKER, who played the role of the son, J.J…..he is known for the 70’s catchphrase, “DY-NO-MITE”…..JIMMY is still performing on the comedy circuit…he is now 64 years old….

actress BERNADETTE STANIS played the role of the “hot daughter” THELMA EVANS….she is now 57….

actor RALPH CARTER played the youngest child,  MICHAEL EVANS on the tv show..he is now 50 years old…

here’s a recent picture of BERNADETTE STANIS and RALPH CARTER…

actress JANET DUBOIS played the wise-cracking neighbor WILLONA WOODS…..she is now 66 years old….

do you remember who else was on the show?  remember this little girl on “GOOD TIMES?”

it’s none other than MICHAEL’S sister, JANET JACKSON….she is, of course, a mega superstar who has had many many hit records, and tv appearances….she is now 45 years old…

one thing that JANET JACKSON doesn’t want to be remembered for, but, obviously will, is the “wardrobe malfunction” at the SUPER BOWL while performing with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE…


3.  MY GOODNESS….did it rain last night where you live?  while i was coming home from HECLA, i was about 8-9 miles west of HOUGHTON heading toward highway 281, when the lightning almost blinded me…it lit up the ENTIRE area for a split second…..then when i got 2-3 miles from 281, it began to pour…in fact, i had to pull over TWICE….the rest of the time, for about 10 miles, i had to drive 20-30 miles per hour….then i get to ABERDEEN and the roads are barely wet, and on the way home to WARNER the roads were completely dry……

4.  i have NEVER EVER hit a deer with my vehicle…i sincerely hope that this year isn’t my year…so far, in the last three days, i have had to dodge TWO DEER that i could have easily hit…..by the way, i have had TWO different people tell my in the last two days, that insurance companies don’t want you to swerve around deer…they want you to hit the brakes and hit the deer……wonder if that is true…..

5.  tonight is one of my favorite nights of confirmation class in HECLA….tonight is the night we watch the movie “LUTHER.”  i just LOVE that movie…..it’s the story of MARTIN LUTHER, who, unwillingly, started the movement called LUTHERANISM….he was a catholic priest who was disgrunted with the church.  he then left the catholic faith and developed millions of followers called “LUTHERANS.”

if you haven’t seen this movie, i HIGHLY recommend it…it’s superb…and you don’t have to be LUTHERAN to enjoy it!!


6.  my wife and i are headed to NORTH PLATTE, NEBRASKA on thursday for a wedding…i love my wife…she told me yesterday that we’re going to have to find a place to stop to watch “THE OFFICE” on thursday night because it’s supposed to be really really good…can you tell we’re competely hooked on ‘THE OFFICE?”…ha ha

7.  an artist from BROOKLYN, plans to give birth in an art gallery as part of an exhibit….hmm…not a great day to take a school field trip to the art gallery….by the way, the super hard part is going to be the framing….

8.  officials in PARLIMENT report that LONDON’S BIG BEN clock is leaning 18 inches to the side….i told this story to a blonde friend of mine, and she said, “duh…it’s probably because one hand of the clock is longer than the other!!”

9.  a woman is suing producers of the movie “DRIVE”, for having a “misleading trailer”…she claims that the film wasn’t what she thought it would be…that’s because she thought it would be GOOD…..

10.  NBA commisioner DAVID STERN has cancelled the first two weeks of the NBA season because of the lockout….he said that players and owners are miles apart…that’s because players want help with birth control, and owners are afraid that will bankrupt them….

11.  a woman was arrested in a BALTIMORE suburb after she allegedly attacked a romantic rival in a WALMART cleaning products aisle by throwing bleach and other cleaners at her, which created fumes that sparked an evacuation….there’s good news and bad news about this story…

the bad news is that two former friends got into a public fight…

the good news is, that the floor in the WALMART has NEVER been that clean….


A plane is descending rapidly from the air, and the passengers are all scared stiff.
Suddenly a women near the front of the plane stands up and takes off her shirt. She proceeds to yell, “Is there a man on this plane that can make me feel like a REAL woman before I die?!”
She continues to yell this for about ten minutes before a man in the very back takes a stand. He proceeds to say “Yeah I can make you feel like a woman.”
He then takes off his shirt and throws it towards her and says, “Here! Iron this!”






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