random thoughts for monday october 24th, 2011




1.  happy birthday wishes are going out to actor KEVIN KLINE….he turns 64 years old today…..he’s known for great movies like “DAVE”, “THE BIG CHILL”, “SOPHIE’S CHOICE”, “WILD WILD WEST”, and many more.  here he is a few years back.

here is KEVIN KLINE today on his 64th birthday…

do you know who KEVIN KLINE is married to?  it’s super hot actress PHOEBE CATES….

you will probably remember PHOEBE CATES for her infamous scene in “FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH.”


2.  today we’re going to find out whatever happened to the brother/sister duo of KRISTY AND JIMMY MCNICHOL…they, of course, were teen magazine staples back in the 70’s….first let’s check out KRISTY…

i had a huge crush on her for many years back in the 70’s….

KRISTY MCNICHOL is now 49 years old….

meanwhile, her brother JIMMY MCNICHOL is now 50 years old…i’m sure you remember him….many of you ladies probably had his picture taped to your bedroom walls….

did you know that the brother/sister duo had an album together?

here’s JIMMY MCNICHOL today at 50….


3.  WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT….last night JEANNIE AND I went to see “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3″….i was so so so excited to see it, because i LOVED the first two….this one was about how the whole thing started years ago….here’s my critique…

this movie was super super scary….JEANNIE had her hands over her eyes most of the movie…many times i was also hiding my eyes….some of the “scares” in the early part of the movie were human scares…you know, people jumping out and scaring someone, etc…..but when the true scares started, it was awesome…but the premise and the END of the movie were horrible….i was so disappointed…..i hear that number four is coming out next year, and i don’t know how they are going to “fix” this movie…..

half the awesomeness of the first two was NOT SEEING THE DEMON….you didn’t see much of it this movie, either, but at the end you see how it all started, and in my opinion, it was stupid…

now, keep in mind, I’M JUST ONE OPINION….if you want to go see it, go see it…..i’m just offering my opinion on a movie i was DYING to see….(no pun intended…)

4.  well, VIKINGS fans, i think you may have found your future quarterback…CHRISTIAN PONDER made his debut yesterday for the MINNESOTA VIKINGS, and kept the VIKES in the game against the reigning super bowl champs, the GREEN BAY PACKERS…many. so called, “professional prognosticators”, predicted that MINNESOTA would get pounded by the PACKERS…it didn’t happen, mainly because PONDER kept them in the game…..he threw two stupid interceptions, but hey, it was his first game…i think the future is bright for you VIKINGS fans….

5.  sundays sermon that i did in HECLA AND HOUGHTON was on “love”…there’s no easier sermon to write and talk about than “love”…you can pretty much talk for a half hour just out of the heart….

6.  i went off on my facebook page yesterday over how NFL players celebrate and act cocky on the field….my thing is this….YOU ARE PAID TREMENDOUSLY TO DO YOUR JOB…so, do it, get back in the huddle and shut up…..STEVE SMITH of the CAROLINA PANTHERS was ridiculous yesterday…..i wanted to reach in the tv and hit him…and no, it wasn’t because he was playing my REDSKINS…i have REDSKINS players who do it to, and it angers me greatly….

7.  the newest BARBIE doll to hit the stores is getting negative buzz because she is sporting tattoos……hmm….i think they should release another BARBIE, and have her with a shaved head and no underwear…call it “BRITNEY BARBIE.”

8.  the birth rate in CALIFORNIA is the lowest since the great depression….it’s a result of a poor economy and the fact that ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER hasn’t hired a new maid yet….

9.  everybody was suprised over the weekend that MUAMMAR GADDAFI’S corpse was on display in a shopping center freezer…well, that’s the risk you take when you have LINDSAY LOHAN working in the morgue….

10.  speaking of LINDSAY LOHAN, TMZ is reporting that she spent her first day working at the morgue washing soiled linens and scrubbing toilets….LINDSAY commented that being hunched over a toilet brought back many fond memories….

11.  PRESIDENT OBAMA will appear on the ‘TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO”, next week….with a tough re-election fight coming up, OBAMA wants to get a few tips from LENO on how to steal his job back….

12.  well, the REVEREND HAROLD CAMPING was wrong again…the world did not end this past friday…..DANG IT…i had hoped to get out of raking leaves this weekend…


a rookie pitcher was struggling at the mound, so the catcher called time out to go talk to him….the catcher told him, “i’ve figured out your problem…you always lose control at the exact same time of every game.”  the pitcher said, “so when is that?” and the catcher said, “right after the star spangled banner!!”






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