random thoughts for wednesday october 26th, 2011




2.  today we are going to feature the original “CHARLIE’S ANGELS”, because today is JACLYN SMITH’S 66th birthday…..and she is STILL GORGEOUS…

here is the cast of the original show…KATE JACKSON on the right, FARRAH FAWCETT in the middle, and JACLYN SMITH on the left…

here’s JACLYN SMITH today on her 66th birthday….wow…

here’s actress KATE JACKSON today at the age of 62….

we all know that FARRAH FAWCETT had a much publicized battle with cancer, and died in 2009 at the age of 62….

here it is gentlemen…the poster that EVERYBODY had stapled or taped to their ceiling and bedroom walls…

and here’s FARRAH during her battle with cancer…

2.  and we all know that CHERYL LADD was also in later episodes of the show….did you know that she lived for awhile in HURON?  yep…i had a good friend in college at NORTHERN who had CHERYL LADD as his babysitter when he was young…WHAT A LUCKY DUDE!!

here’s CHERYL LADD today at the age of 60….

3.  also today, actress LAUREN TEWES, who played JULIE on “LOVE BOAT” is celebrating birthday number 57…..here she is in her younger days, in case you can’t remember what she looked like…

and here’s LAUREN TEWES today on her 57th birthday…

4.  I CAN’T WAIT FOR FRIDAY….my sons TYLER AND MITCHELL AND I, are going to see the rock band KANSAS friday night at the DAKOTA MAGIC CASINO NEAR HANKINSON, N.D……

i do believe that tickets are still available if you want to go…

here are a couple of KANSAS videos of songs i can’t wait to hear…and by the way, i’m SO THANKFUL that my boys love a lot of the music from my younger years…it makes concert going fun….

here’s “DUST IN THE WIND.”


and here’s one of my favorite KANSAS songs..  it’s “PEOPLE OF THE SOUTH WIND.”


5.  JEANNIE is really into the show “THE BIGGEST LOSER.”  sorry, just can’t get into it….everytime i walk in the room somebody is crying…..the show just isn’t for me….i’d rather watch reruns of “30 ROCK.”

6.  yesterday i had a survey on the radio about msn.com deciding what the most scary movies of all time were…i didn’t care for the list, because, it had “THE EXORCIST”, “THE SHINING”, and others way down the list…and it didn’t even mention “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.”

here are my top five scary movies of all time:

(5).  “THE EVIL DEAD.”  this was a movie that was very hot when i was in college…my roommate MARK and I watched this movie over and over and were FREAKED out every time….

(4.)  “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.”  this is the first of the three movies they’ve had out so far….this one gave me nightmares….it totally messed with my mind, and i watched part of the movie behind my hands…..that’s when i know it’s a good horror movie…when i can’t even look at the screen periodically…

(3.)  “NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.”  the original one….it seems like with everyone that they made after this, you started CHEERING for FREDDY KRUEGER to kill people…ha ha

i went to see this one during a late night showing in ABERDEEN…my friend MIKE went with me, and once again, i was freaked out….at that time, i lived out in a farm with my friend PAUL, and it was between ROSLYN AND PIERPONT…the farm was scary enough, but when i got home that night, PAUL had every light in the house off…INCLUDING THE OUTDOOR POLE LIGHT….terrifying….

(2.)  “THE GRUDGE.”  wow….this one every scares me today when i watch it……the woman and boy in the movie were creepy….

we watched this movie with some “family members” who will remain nameless due to embarrassment….ha ha…anyway, a girl screamed during the movie, and it turned out to be one of the males watching the movie…cracked us up….

(1.)  and number one?  a movie that MANY of you would have as number one….

this movie was, and is, just creepy and horrifying….i remember watching it for the first time when i was in high school…after the movie, i was asked to run across the street IN COMPLETE DARKNESS, to get a diaper for our  neighbors baby…when i was running back, my brother TROY was hiding behind a tree…he hollered my name, “JAY”, in the scary devil voice from the movie…i started crying and fell to my knees instantly….evidently i’m still scarred from that event….ha ha

7.  FACEBOOK is teaming up with the LABOR DEPARTMENT to help the unemployed find jobs…which seems appropriate being FACEBOOK is the reason many have quit their jobs or have been fired….

8.  consumer confidence unexpectedly dropped to it’s lowest level in two and a half years in october….it was sparked by men’s fears that women wouldn’t be able to find slutty halloween costumes….

9.  the MCRIB is back at MCDONALD’S…just like the reverend HAROLD CAMPING predicted….

10.  a new study shows that watching too much porn can partially kill a man’s interest in sex….and watching too much of “THE VIEW” or the “ROSIE O’DONNELL SHOW” will kill men’s sex drive COMPLETELY…

11.  on tuesday, police in OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA began breaking up the “occupy OAKLAND” protests….two OAKLAND RAIDERS quarterbacks were there and tried to run, but were INTERCEPTED by police…

12.  TMZ says that LINDSAY LOHAN will be appearing naked in PLAYBOY magazine soon….yuck…by the way, this is a new way for her to get busted….


MINNEAPOLIS MCDONALD’S have released a new sandwich called “THE MCNABB”…you order it and they throw it at your feet….

actually, i like their other sandwich the “four quarter PONDER.”

(thanks to ROBIN and TRAVIS for that one)




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