I’M SO EXCITED…. there’s a christian movie that came out a few weeks ago that FINALLY is coming to CARMIKE today…it’s from the makers of “FIREPROOF.”  it’s called “COURAGEOUS.”

if y0u like super clean movies with a great message, go see this one….that will hopefully make CARMIKE bring more of these to ABERDEEN….

here’s a new movie coming out today that i can’t wait to see….it’s the cat from the “SHREK” movies…it’s called “PUSS IN BOOTS.”

this movie looks quite interesting….

it stars JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, and it’s about people who know when they are going to die, because the time is counting down on their arm….they need to fight to gain more time…sounds good, huh….

it’s called “IN TIME.”

and finally, coming out today is a new movie from JOHNNY DEPP….i normally like a lot of JOHNNY DEPP movies, but this one looks very different…don’t know if i’ll attend this one…

it’s called “THE RUM DIARIES.”


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