random thoughts for wednesday november 2nd, 2011





1.  happy birthday wishes are going out to beautiful actress STEFANIE POWERS…she is 69 today……and doesn’t look a day over 50….

STEFANIE is known for playing opposite ROBERT WAGNER in the tv show “HART TO HART.”

here is STEFANIE POWERS today on her 69th birthday…the first one is with her tv co-star ROBERT WAGNER, and the second one is with “RHODA” star VALERIE HARPER…


2.  speaking of aging beautiful actresses, i am BLOWN AWAY by how stunning RAQUEL WELCH still is…..and i cannot believe she is 71 years old…YES, SEVENTY ONE…wow….

here is RAQUEL back in her younger days….

okay, are you ready for this?  she doesn’t look ANYWHERE NEAR 71…here’s RAQUEL WELCH today….


3.  it’s “NATIONAL DEVILED EGG DAY.”  good gravy….does everything in the world need their own day?  where is JAY DEAN DAY?

4.  it’s volleyball district time….last night, JEANNIE AND I were in GROTON for the TIGERS game against BRITTON-HECLA…terrific night of action….GROTON ended up winning, but there were three very good matches….we were there to watch one of my church girls from the HOUGHTON church, who plays for GROTON…but, we ended up seeing about a half dozen of our kids that attend the church in HECLA, too….fun night….

5.  JEANNIE AND I stopped at CULVER’S to grab a couple of sandwiches and fries for the road, and i was very happy to see that there are new HEINZ ketchup containers for “on the go.” you can either rip one end to dip in the ketchup, or take off the other end to pour it on your sandwich…..it’s about time something like this was created…

6.  yesterday i was relaxing on the couch during the afternoon when i turned on the tv and tuned into SHOWTIME…i noticed that  a movie called “THE PROPHECY” was coming up, and i was sure it was the one released a few years ago….but i really WANTED to see the 1979 movie of the same name, because i hadn’t seen it in years, AND I USED TO LOVE IT!!

well, it must have been my day, BECAUSE IT WAS the 1979 movie….

it was fun to watch the movie, and it brought back many great memories of those times…however, i can’t believe how cheesy the effects were…..we are so used to awesome HOLLYWOOD special effects, that we forget how it used to be…..but, in the long run, i am SUPER GLAD that i had a chance to watch it again….

7.  there are now over SEVEN BILLION people in the world, and KIM KARDASHIAN plans on marrying every one of them….

8.  TIME magazine reports that MCDONALD’S McRib sandwich has 70 ingredients….the sandwich is composed of so many chemicals that they’re re-naming it “THE MCJAGGER.”

9.  MONTEL WILLIAMS reports that ISRAEL leads the world when it comes to an open attitude on medical marijuana…in a related story, CHEECH AND CHONG just moved to TEL AVIV…..

10.  employees at a SWEDISH lingerie chain, are suing over a requirement that their name tags include their breast circumference and cup size, so dirty old men will stop staring at their breasts…NEWS FLASH….NAME TAG OR NOT, MEN ARE  STILL GOING TO LOOK…

11.  GIL CATES, the longtime producer of the ACADEMY AWARDS has died at the age of 77…his funeral will begin at 2pm, and probably drag on well past 7pm…..

12.  as you may know, KIM KARDASHIAN’S marriage lasted only 72 days….but it’s definetly not the SHORTEST marriage ever in HOLLYWOOD…in HOLLYWOOD, a “golden anniversary” is when you manage to stay married until the leaves on the trees turn gold….

13.  LINDSAY LOHAN will go before a judge today over violating her parole and may end up with jail time…..LINDSAY asked the morgue that she was working on, to give her a letter of recommendation….dead people….the one group of people that she gets along with….

14.  HAROLD CAMPING, the pastor who incorrectly predicted the rapture would take place may 21st, and then october 21st, has resigned as head of his religious organization….he’s had a tough time predicting….he also predicted that the TEXAS RANGERS would win the world series, and he predicted that the MINNESOTA VIKINGS would go undefeated this season…

15.  there’s a big controversy brewing in TEXAS over how they kill wild donkeys…..officials are mad because they are killing the wrong asses….

16.  a man was walking down the street when he thought he saw a former high school classmate by the name of HELEN WHITE…so, he approached her and said, “HEY, YOU LOOK LIKE HELEN WHITE!!”, and she looked at him and said, “WELL, YOU DON’T LOOK SO GOOD IN BLACK EITHER!!!”







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