random thoughts for thursday november 10th, 2011





1.  happy birthday wishes are going out to country music superstar DONNA FARGO…she turns 70 today!!!

DONNA FARGO is remembered for such classics as “THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WHOLE U.S.A.”, “FUNNY FACE”, “YOU CAN’T BE A BEACON” and many more….

here’s the album that EVERYBODY had back in the 70’s….


here is DONNA FARGO today at 70…………..


2.  DONNA FARGO had some tremendous music…sing along to her monster number one hit “THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WHOLE U.S.A.”…


DONNA followed up this song with another huge number one hit called “FUNNY FACE.”



3.  so, whatever happened to actor WILLIAM CONRAD….well, let’s find out…

first of all, WILLIAM CONRAD had a show business career that lasted over five decades…here’s an early picture of him…by the way, WILLIAM CONRAD was the voice of MARSHALL MATT DILLON on the radio version of “GUNSMOKE.”

don’t know if you knew this or not, but WILLIAM CONRAD was the narrator on the “ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE SHOW”…..

but, most people will remember WILLIAM CONRAD for playing the character of FRANK CANNON on the hit tv show” CANNON”…i used to LOVE that show….

he also starred with JOE PENNY in the tv show “JAKE AND THE FATMAN.”

WILLIAM CONRAD died in 1994 at the age of 73….he had congestive heart failure….

i am amazed at how low key some big celebrity graves are…

here’s WILLIAM CONRAD in his later years…

4.  remember the “CANNON” tv theme? here it is…



5.  how is this for sad and ironic?  ANDY ROONEY’S college roommate BOB RUTHMAN was attending a memorial service for his friend, when he suffered a heart attack AND DIED….he actually died at the ceremony…wow…

6.  there have been some incredible weird and stupid celebrity items up for grabs at celebrity auctions…here are some of the nuttiest things…

***MICHAEL JACKSON’S bed that he DIED in is now up for grabs….just go to  thefablife.com  for more details…

***12 strands of burnt hair from MICHAEL JACKSON’S failed PEPSI commercial back in 1986 are for sale.

***JOHN LENNON’S rotten tooth was sold for $31,200 dollars to a CANADIAN doctor the other day…

***sheets of toilet paper that the BEATLES  refused to use at the APPLE STUDIOS sold for nearly $1500 dollars a piece…how stupid…how would people know if they actually were….(thank goodness they weren’t used!!)

***a chest x-ray of MARILYN MONROE garnered $45,000 dollars…and a prescription bottle belonging to her fetched $19,750 dollars….

***a wad of chewing gum chewed by BRITNEY SPEARS received $14,000 dollars….

***a piece of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’S uneaten french toast brough in $3,154 dollars…wow…

***a jar of BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE’S “exhaled breath”, sold for $523 dollars….

***WILLIAM SHATNER’S kidney stone sold for $25,000 dollars…

***a tissue that SCARLETT JOHANSSON used to blow her nose went for $5300 dollars…talk about blowing your money…

***DEATH ROW RECORDS head guy SUGE KNIGHT had his DIRTY UNDERWEAR up for sale…it only fetched one dollars, which in my estimation is ONE DOLLAR TOO MUCH…YUCK…

***a set of 11 baby teeth and adult teeth belonging to JACK NICHOLSON raked in $10,000 dollars…


7.  i believe strongly that a part of confirmation class in church is for the kids to learn about death…with that in mind, last night i took my ST. JOHN’S confirmation kids from HECLA to SPITZER MILLER FUNERAL HOME to get a tour…i’ll tell you this….if you EVER want an in depth very informative tour of the funeral home, talk to KEVIN SPITZER…he is AWESOME….heck, i worked there and didn’t know some of the stuff he talked about last night…..KEVIN, by the way, is one of my dearest friends…he’s an awesome dude!!

8.  NEWT GINGRICH told PIERS MORGAN that in the republican presidential primaries, he is the “tortoise”, and MITT ROMNEY is the “hare.”   and apparently HERMAN CAIN is the “horny toad.”

9.  yesterday, all U.S. radio and television stations were interrupted by the very first nationwide test of the EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM…..that’s good, because we have to be prepared when we find out whether JUSTIN BIEBER is the father of that baby or not..

and by the way, we thank goodness it was only a test…if it was the real deal, it would take PENN STATE ten years to do anything about it….

10.  ALASKA is experiencing their worst winter storm in over 35 years…my question is this?  IT’S ALASKA..HOW CAN THEY TELL?

11.  a man in CREMONA, ITALY, if facing jail time and a huge fine after he was found to have an endangered baby CUBAN CROCODILE swimming around in his bathtub….well, if this guy ever took a bath, it wouldn’t be just the crocodile that was endangered….

12.  the DUGGAR family from television is expecting child NUMBER TWENTY…YEP…TWENTY KIDS…they had to even it out because of CHILI’S two for twenty dollar specials….

13.  LINDSAY LOHAN’S upcoming PLAYBOY shoot is a tribute to MARILYN MONROE…LINDSAY is  a big fan of MARILYN’S…her style….her persona….her overdose pill bottles….


 An anthropologist decides to investigate the natives of a far-flung tropical island. He flew there, found a guide with a canoe to take him up the river to the remote site where he would make his collections. About noon on the second day of travel up the river they began to hear drums. Being a city boy by nature, the anthropologist was disturbed by this. He asked the guide, “What are those drums?”
     The guide turned to him and said “Drums OK, but VERY BAD when they stop.”
     Then, after some hours, the drums suddenly stopped! This hit the anthropologist like a ton of bricks, and he yelled at the guide: “The drums have stopped, what happens now?”
     The guide crouched down, covered his head with his hands and said, “Guitar solo.”




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