my daily blog for wednesday is going to be special…and i want you all to stop and do the same thing that i’m doing….

thanksgiving is the time that we pause, and reflect on how thankful we are for the things we have, and the people we have in our lives…

i would like to tell you a few things i am thankful for today, and everyday of the year!

1. i praise GOD all the time and thank him for my beautiful wife, JEANNIE….

JEANNIE is a tremendous cook, the best mother ever, and a fantastic wife…she is the glue that holds our family together….i don’t know what i would do without her….LOVE YOU HONEY…

2.  i also praise GOD everyday for my awesome boys, i mean, men, TYLER AND MITCHELL….here they are being silly, like they LOVE to do….

we were so blessed to have two very handsome, super nice, extraordinary kids….we never get tired of hearing from people how well behaved and how pleasant our boys are……as parents, that’s what you look for.  the boys have awesome senses of humor, and they get along fantastic, for the most part….(you know how kids can be!  ha ha)…I LOVE YOU BOYS….

3.  i am so thankful for my MOM AND DAD and my BROTHERS AND SISTERS…

GOD has truly blessed me with this family…sure, we have our ups and downs, but the good times heavily outweight the bad times….MUCH LOVE IS BEING SENT TO ALL OF YOU!!!


4.  i am also thankful for my relationship with GOD AND JESUS…

my faith has always been important to me, and GOD has always been in my life.  but, this summer during my sabbatical in COLORADO, he presented himself to me in a much much deeper way……and i thank him for that.

i cannot imagine this world without FAITH….this world is tough, this world can be mean….faith pulls me thru….

5.  i am so, so, so, thankful for my church families in HECLA AND HOUGHTON….

i have had some tremendous churches, but i feel like such a part of these churches…i have been in HECLA for almost 8 years already, and i’ve been in HOUGHTON coming up on 2 years….I LOVE YOU ALL….and i thank you for making me feel like one of your own, and for giving me the priviledge of worshipping with you….it’s a time in my life that i will NEVER forget….

6.  i am so thankful for my friends…

we are truly blessed with the friends we have…the only sad part is, that everybody is so busy with thier own lives that we seldom get together…but, when we do, it’s a blast… all of my great friends, i love you all….

7.  i am so thankful for my job….i have never ever in my career had a radio station that i loved as much as the one i’m on right now…

the music we play on SUNNY is the music of my life, and it’s great to have a job that i look forward to when i wake up in the morning…not necessarily EVERY aspect of work, but i LOVE working on the air……

i’m also thankful for the many years that i spent on PHEASANT COUNTRY 103 doing the MORNING PARTY WITH TANEA….

when i was with TANEA is was the most fun i have ever had in radio…our show was spontanious and unrehearsed…what you heard was what was going on at that moment…some morning shows prep for hours for the next day, and kind of have an idea of what they are going to say…i don’t work that way…TANEA didn’t work that way, but our relationship on the air was incredible…LOVE YA GIRL!!!

8.  i am also so thankful for my listeners and my readers of this blog…’s always fun to meet all of you, and i appreciate it so much that you take time to make my show and my life part of your life!! without my listeners and my readers, my radio show wouldn’t work…you are all a KEY COG in my show…and i thank you with all of my heart…

9.  i will never ever be able to repay those who have made me what i am today…i have so many people who helped shape me to be the person that i am….i am going to list a few of them, but there are MANY MANY MORE…


GRANDMA AND GRANDPA HAALAND-i was their favorite..ha ha

TERRY OSBORNE-my high school band director/principal.  he gave me more motivation and self confidence than he will ever know, and i am eternally grateful.

HOWARD ROKKE- he was my radio instructor in THIEF RIVER FALLS, MINNESOTA…MR. ROKKE is one of the best voices i have ever heard in radio, and he gave me pointers and instructions that have made me the radio announcer that i am today..i will never forget him….

AL RAU-TERRY LOOMIS-these guys gave me jobs in radio that i appreciated so much…..AL gave me my very first job when i was in colllege. it was at KGIM 1420…man, you talk about a killer voice!! he’s the voice of the GIANT at STORYBOOK LAND….TERRY hired me in LISBON, N.D., where we stayed for over seven years…seven great years…sure, we had our disagreements,  but we had many good times, too…..

10.  obviously i give thanks for so so many other things and other people…i’m sure you would get bored reading it..ha ha

i just ask you to do the same thing this weekend…tell the people you love how important they are…..





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