random thoughts for tuesday november 29th, 2011




1.  happy birthday wishes are going out to legendary hall of fame broadcaster VIN SCULLY….he turns 84 today…..VIN SCULLY has been the voice of the LOS ANGELES DODGERS and BROOKLYN DODGERS  baseball teams  for 62 years!!! yep…SIXTY TWO YEARS…amazing…..i think everybody knows the voice of VIN SCULLY….here he is in his younger days….

here is VIN SCULLY on his 84th birthday……

2.  also, musician CHUCK MANGIONE turns 71 year old today….CHUCK is a master at the flugelhorn…he’s mostly known for his 1977-78 hit “FEELS SO GOOD.”  very seldom does an instrumental go to the top of the charts, but this one did….here’s CHUCK back in the day, with the album that a lot of people had….

here’s CHUCK MANGIONE today at 71….

3.  don’t think you remember the hit “FEELS SO GOOD?”  i bet you do…check this out….



4.  i always find some crazy products in stores…..but this one, i think, takes the cake…i have bought many bottles of this for prank gifts….

i hope i never get “MONKEY BUTT” bad enough that i have to use this….and by the way, WHAT THE HECK IS “MONKEY BUTT?” 

5.  well, last night, JEANNIE AND I did something way early for the CHRISTMAS season….we had the pleasure of watching our favorite CHRISTMAS movie “SCROOGED” starring BILL MURRAY…

you may recall that this is the movie that we watch EVERY YEAR…but this year is different, because we’ve never watched it before december first…..but, it was on last night, we were tired and didn’t want to leave our couches, so we sat down and watched it…LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE….

6.  speaking of movies, we had the opportunity to watch a couple of them during the thanksgiving weekend….first of all, i went alone to see the new LEONARDO DICAPRIO film, “J. EDGAR”, which is the story, of course, of  J. EDGAR HOOVER…..great movie….

i think i smell an OSCAR nomination for LEONARDO….

but the best movie that we saw this past weekend was “THE MUPPET MOVIE.”

this movie was FANTASTIC…JEANNIE loved it, TYLER loved it, and I loved it……the storyline was a bit weak at times, but the MUPPETS made it a great movie…the best part is toward the end of the movie where they start thier “telethon.”  it was amazing to me how the producers made KERMIT AND MISS PIGGY seem almost human……

ready to sing along with the original theme song?


7.  a woman was arrested at a LOS ANGELES wal-mart after spraying 20 other shoppers with pepper spray during a black friday sale…the good news is that pepper spray repellent was half off that day!!!

8.  it’s reported that the “birth scene” in the new “TWILIGHT” movie is causing some moviegoers to have seizures….or more likely, it’s causing men to FAKE  a seizure in order to escape the movie….

9.  LINDSAY LOHAN’S dad, MICHAEL LOHAN, was expected to undergo heart surgery yesterday.  LINDSAY has already called dibs on any extra morphine….

10.  SAN DIEGO CHARGER’S kicker NICK NOVAK was spotted on tv on sunday PEEING on the sidelines during the game….officials are now on the scene testing the grass for steroids….

11.  “LIFE AND STYLE” magazine says that KRIS HUMPHRIES may soon sue soon to be ex-wife KIM KARDASHIAN for TEN MILLION DOLLARS…KIM could end up so broke that she may have to get married again!!

12.  three suspects from FLORIDA are facing jail time after conning elderly victims into buying SEVENTY YEARS WORTH OF TOILET PAPER…..and now, these criminals, much like the toilet paper, are facing time in the can….

13.  JOKE OF THE DAY:  (love this one)

A doctor was addressing a large audience.
    “Red meat is bad for you,” he told the audience.
    “Soft drinks corrode your stomach lining.”
    “Chinese food is loaded with MSG.”
    “High fat diets are disastrous.”
    “No one knows the long-term effect of germs in our drinking water,” said the doctor.
    “But one food is the most dangerous of all and I bet every one of you has eaten it at least once. Can anyone tell me which food causes the most grief for years after you eat it?”

the old man replied, “WEDDING CAKE!!”






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