random thoughts for FRIDAY december 16th, 2011



FLOORMAX has been super busy lately..why?  easy…awesome prices..incredible inventory…and very polite and helpful service…check them out in the auto plaza in aberdeen…




1.  happy birthday wishes are going out today to actress JOYCE BULIFANT…she appeared on the “MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW”, but probably is best known for her appearances on the “MATCH GAME” weekday game show…I LOVED THAT SHOW…

JOYCE BULIFANT is 74 years old today…and still very pretty…

2.  how would you like a nickname like “GOOBER” all of your life?  well, if that name made you a millionaire, i guess it’s okay..ha ha…GEORGE “GOOBER” LINDSEY will turn 76 on saturday….everybody knows and loves GOOBER…

he is best known for the “ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW”, “MAYBERRY R.F.D.”, and “HEE HAW.”

here’s GOOBER today on the eve of his 76th birthday…

3.  WOW…i have been on a huge JOHN DENVER kick this week…i watched his “live” concert dvd that i have in my collection..i have been downloading his music from I-TUNES, and i’ve been listening  and singing along to his music all week long…I LOVE THE MUSIC OF JOHN DENVER…

some people don’t know this, but JOHN DENVER actually got his start as part of the “CHAD MITCHELL TRIO.”

here’s the way a lot of us remember him…

i do believe my favorite thing that JOHN DENVER did outside of music, was his appearances in the GEORGE BURN’S movie, “OH, GOD.”  super super funny movie…

JOHN DENVER died tragically at the controls of a light plane which crashed off the coast of CALIFORNIA  on october 12th, 1997…JOHN DENVER was 53…..

a plaque was placed near the crash site a while back…

here’s JOHN DENVER in his last few years…

4.  okay, here we go…my three favorite JOHN DENVER songs of all time….it’s so hard to choose, but i believe i’ve nailed them down…

my THIRD favorite JOHN DENVER  song is “I’M SORRY.”


my second favorite JOHN DENVER song is “BACK HOME AGAIN.”


and my all time favorite JOHN DENVER song is “CALYPSO.”


5.  HOW ABOUT THIS WEATHER?  they are talking 40 saturday and 47 on sunday..plus sunshine, dry and 30’s, AT LEAST thru next thursday…let’s cross our fingers it keeps going thru the CHRISTMAS weekend…

6.  a certain person in our station, who will remain nameless, (BRIAN), has never seen two classic CHRISTMAS movies…i couldn’t believe it….

he said he had never seen “THE CHRISTMAS STORY.”  so, he never got our “you’ll shoot your eye out,” references yesterday..ha ha

and he has never seen the JIMMY STEWART classic, “IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE.”

i think we’re going to have to have “movie day” some day next week here at the radio station…(anything to get out of work.)

we all assume that he didn’t see these movies when he was younger, because it’s hard to see the tv when you’re looking at a wall in the naughty chair….(crap..there goes my bonus…oh well, it was worth it…..)

7.  HERMAN CAIN told BARBARA WALTERS, that he would like to be selected as the “secretary of state” during the next president’s administration…makes sense to me…i mean, he should be really good at foreign affairs….

8.  130 year old sound recordings were recently discovered and played for scientists at the SMITHSONIAN….that was back when TONY BENNETT could REALLY REALLY sing…

9.  police in PROSPER, TEXAS, have been pulling over good drivers and rewarding them with gift cards..how cool, huh?  and, if they stop you and find out you’ve been drinking too much egg nog, you can use the gift card to help out on your bail….

10.  a survey of BRITISH men found that 40 percent think that the CHRISTMAS celebration would be better if men handled it instead of women…the men said they would order takout instead of cooking, and they would stay home with thier immediate family, rather than travel to see relatives….and as usual, 100 percent of women refused to admit that the men were right!!

by the way, if men took care of CHRISTMAS, we would get rid of the cookies and milk for SANTA, and leave a six pack of bud and a pizza.

11.  in an interview on “ELLEN”, MICHAEL JACKSON’S daughter, PARIS, said that she’s just a normal kid…hmm..must skip a generation…

12.  TMZ reports that KIM KARDASHIAN paid $65,000 dollars for three of ELIZABETH TAYLOR’S bracelets…KIM reportedly is a big fan of hers….which makes sense…LIZ was married eight times, and at the pace she’s going, KIM will break that record by NEXT CHRISTMAS….


It was Christmas eve, and Santa was really busy making his list and checking it twice, when there came a knock at the door. His wife comes in. “Honey, where do you want me to put your boots and gloves?” Well, Santa is very busy and so he’s slightly annoyed by this trivial question, so he snaps at her, “Put them by the front door, and stop bothering me. I’m trying to get some work done.” He starts back to work, but a few minutes later an elf barges in. “Santa, we got all the toys wrapped, what should we do with them?” Santa snaps, “Stick ’em in the sleigh! Can’t you see I’m trying to get ready? I don’t want any more interruptions!” But sure enough, as soon as he starts back to work, there is another interruption. An angel, standing at the door, says, “Santa, I have your Christmas tree. Where would you like me to put it?” And this is where we get the tradition of placing an angel on top of the Christmas tree.




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