random thoughts for tuesday december 27th, 2011


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1.  here are you tuesday funnies!!!


2.  happy birthday wishes are going out to actor JOHN AMOS…he turns 72 today….you probably remember him from “WEST WING”, but he’s best known for playing the papa on “GOOD TIMES.”

here’s JOHN AMOS today at 72…..


3.  over the weekend i had a chance to watch a few minutes of “THE SOUND OF MUSIC.” i absolutely LOVE that movie…..well, one of the young ladies in the movie has a birthday today…actress CHARMIAN CARR turns 69 today…she played LIESL….

what about the rest of the cast?  a while back they were on the “OPRAH” show, and we are lucky enough to have pictures of them….

legendary actor CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER played the dad GEORG VON TRAPP in the movie…he’s now  82 years old…

legendary actress JULIE ANDREWS played the character MARIA in the movie…she’s now 76…and WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN..WOW…

NICHOLAS HAMMOND played the character FRIEDRICH…he is now 61……

HEATHER MENZIES-URICH played the daughter LOUISA…she is now 62….

DUANE CHASE played KURT…he is now 61…..

the daughter BRIGGITA was played by ANGELA CARTWRIGHT, who is now 59…..

DEBBIE TURNER played MARTA…she is now 55….

and last, but certainly not least, actress KYM KARATH played the daughter GRETL…she is now 53…


4.  did you watch the GREEN BAY PACKERS/CHICAGO BEARS football game on CHRISTMAS night?  wasn’t much of a game, but the night was worth it by seeing a sign in the crowd..did you see it?

can you even imagine the humiliation of the “cheating ex-boyfriend?”  i’ll bet he was a little torked off watching the game….man, revenge is sweet, isn’t it?

5.  speaking of sports, i did something last night i have never done before…i watched an entire MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES game on tv…i have been to a couple of games at the TARGET CENTER, but i’ve only watched two or three quarters at the most…but last night, i was intrigued to see what the “new look” T-WOLVES looked like….MAN, THEY LOOK GOOD…stars like RICKY RUBIO, J.J. ABREA, KEVIN LOVE, and new coach RICK ADELMAN…this could be an exciting year for our favorite team…

here’s RICKY RUBIO after the crowd went CRAZY when he came into the game….this guy has incredible ball handling skills…

6.  okay…i have to do this…on saturday, the MINNESOTA VIKINGS beat my WASHINGTON REDSKINS….

the loss didn’t hurt badly though, because the VIKES are my second favorite team….anyway, the media in MINNEAPOLIS has been all over the VIKING’S butts the past week saying “DON’T PLAY ADRIAN PETERSON…”  the media said the VIKINGS have nothing to gain by playing him because they had only won two games before saturday….well, hindsight 20-20, they shouldn’t have played him…he went down with a horrible looking injury and did lots of damage to his ACL and MCL….he will be out 9-12 months….whoops….

7.  while i was watching the REDSKINS/VIKINGS game, i was going back and forth to the movie “CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG.” 

i remember the movie being a bunch better when i was a kid…my wife, who had never seen the movie thought the movie was “stupid.”

but, i will say this…i am 47 years old, and i am still terrorized when “THE CHILD CATCHER” comes on the screen….i used to have nightmares of the creepy guy chasing me….and he still gets to me…

8.  a 70 year old fruitcake was auctioned off for $525 dollars in OHIO recently….either it’s a leftover CHRISTMAS gift, or JERRY JONES of the DALLAS COWBOYS was visiting OHIO…

9.  lingerie model MARISA MILLER said she keeps her body in tip top shape by eating while she’s naked…it also gets her a lot of invitations to potluck dinners…

10.  a truck overturned in INDIANA the other day spilling 40,000 pounds of ice cream all over the road….wouldn’t it be ironic if it was rocky road ice cream?

11.  following her PLAYBOY centerfold, LINDSAY LOHAN has now scored a new modeling job for JAG JEANS…..she’s comfortable in front of the camera…wow..all that time posing for mug shots really paid off!!!


An usher at a movie noticed that a man was stretched across 3 seats. The usher walks over and says, “I’m sorry sir, but you’re only allowed one seat.”
The man snorts but doesn’t move.
The usher says, “Sir if you don’t move I will have to get the manager.”
Again the man snorted, but didn’t budge.
The usher goes and gets the manager. The manager requests that the man moves, but gets no response.
The manager calls the police and they arrive and the police officer goes over to the guy and says “What’s your name, joker?”
The guy says “Joe”.
The policeman says, “An where ya from, Joe.”
Joe answers, “The balcony.”





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