now we turn our attention to tv….i have a weird selection of favorite tv show’s, but i think these are by far, the best out there….

here we go…


my kids have been into this show for years, and have been trying to talk us into watching it….i finally did…AND I LOVED IT….this has to be one of the best cast of characters on tv, and they work so well together…even DANNY DEVITO is on the show….

***i guarantee you that this show will climb the ladder up in this poll by the end of next year!!


i really try  not to get hooked on tv shows that have a “running theme”, where you have to watch weekly to keep up with it….with that said, i am DARN GLAD that we found “JUSTIFIED.”  this is one great show…..great plots…great cast…..TIMOTHY OLYPHANT is fantastic as the lead character…..can’t wait for the next season to start in a couple of weeks…..


(the MICHAEL SCOTT years only!!!)

this has been one  of our favorite shows for years…until STEVE CARRELL left…..this number three ranking only has to do with STEVE CARRELL playing the boss…..the new episodes without him wouldn’t even graze my top ten……


this show, to us, was a “hidden gem” among a pile of cow poop….there were a lot of shows that were almost painful to watch this past year, but “OUTSOURCED” kept my wife and i glued to the tv every week….and thanks to the DVR, we recorded every episode so we could watch them again….(and of course, our old DVD broke down, so we lost all the shows….the box set is out in stores, but we haven’t picked it up yet….too spendy..ha ha)

this show was funny…and i say WAS, because they cancelled it after one season…crushed us…still can’t believe it……and for what? this new show called “WHITNEY?”  yuck…


this show is HILARIOUS…and what a cast, lead by the legendary BETTY WHITE…i had heard great things about this show from other people, but had not watched it until this past summer…WE BOTH LOVE IT…when i was in COLORADO this past summer, i spent a whole day watching reruns of the show….

and i’ve always had a crush on VALERIE BERTINELLI….she’s around my age and looks INCREDIBLE….

great show..i think you would like it too….


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