because of the luck of our sales manager, DALINE, i had the pleasure of meeting MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES star WAYNE ELLINGTON on friday night…he was so so so nice…..great guy!!    

random thoughts for tuesday january 31st, 2012

WOW…THE LAST DAY OF JANUARY….and how about this weather? sure doesn’t feel like the end of january and early february!!   1.  here come your tuesday funnies!!! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS ONE… I ALSO COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THE NEXT ONE… 2.  it’s hard to believe what we do when the boss is gone…ha ha…probably […]

random thoughts for FRIDAY january 27th, 2012

I CAN SMELL THE WEEKEND!!! (either that or i forgot my deodorant again….)   1.  HERE COME YOUR FRIDAY FUNNIES!!!   2.  we begin our blog with some sad news…one of the SWEATHOGS has died….actor ROBERT HEGYES, who played “EPSTEIN” died of a massive heart attack yesterday. he was 60 years old…. see if you […]

random thoughts for thursday january 26th, 2012

HAPPY THURSDAY…THE CLOCK IS TICKING TOWARD THE WEEKEND….   1.  here come your thursday funnies….   2.  the actor and legendary baseball broadcaster BOB UECKER turns 77 years old today…he was on tv in the 80’s sitcom “MR. BELVEDERE”, and has been the announcer for the radio broadcasts of the MILWAUKEE BREWERS for many year…a […]

random thoughts for wednesday january 25th, 2012

HUMP DAY, BABY!!! ON THE DOWNSLIDE TO THE WEEKEND….   1.  here come your wednesday  funnies!!! i LOVE the next one!!! 2.  happy birthday wishes are going out today to actor DEAN JONES who appeared in many many many WALT DISNEY movies….he starred in “THE SHAGGY DOG”, “HERBIE THE LOVE BUG”, “THAT DARN CAT”, and […]

random thoughts for tuesday january 24th, 2012

IT’S TUESDAY….C’MON WEEKEND!!!   1.  here come your tuesday funnies…. i see lots of truth in this next one!!!   2.  well, according to my calculations, we’re down to two or three munchkins left from my favorite movie “THE WIZARD OF OZ.”  one of them is JERRY MAREN….he has a birthday today. he turns 92…. […]

random thoughts for monday january 23rd, 2012

CRAP..IT’S MONDAY AGAIN…. here come your monday funnies…. i would say the answer to the following is YES…(unfortunately)   2.  happy birthday wishes are going out to actor GIL GERARD…he turns 69 today….he starred in “BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY.” here’s GIL GERARD today on birthday number 69….   3.  the beautiful PRINCESS CAROLINE […]

random thoughts for FRIDAY january 20th, 2012

YEE-HAW..IT’S FRIDAY…   1.  here come your friday funnies…. for the first one, on behalf of all men, may i say, NO THANK YOU….i think they had better re-tool their sign… i laughed out loud when i saw the next one….   2.  we have a couple of milestone birthdays again today…PAUL STANLEY of “KISS” […]