random thoughts for wednesday january 4th, 2012

okay…when you want a product, doesn’t it make sense to go to the place that has the best variety and biggest inventory for you to choose from?  that’s what you get from FLOORMAX in ABERDEEN…FLOORMAX has the largest inventory within a 150 mile radius of ABERDEEN….

head out there today…FLOORMAX is in the auto plaza in ABERDEEN…


1.  here are your wednesday funnies….

i love this one…


2.  FOREVER YOUNG…WOW….actress DYAN CANNON is 75 today….and she is still gorgeous…first of all, let’s check out DYAN years ago…here’s one with her new baby and former hubby CARY GRANT….

and here’s DYAN CANNON today on birthday number 75…..not too shabby…


3.  i saw BO DEREK on tv the other night and she still has it going on….BO DEREK of course, starred in the movies “10” and “BOLERO” among others…

here’s BO DEREK back in her heyday including a picture from the movie “10” with DUDLEY MOORE…

BO DEREK is now 55 years old, and still looking GREAT….geez..why can’t i age like this?  ha ha


4.  it was on this date in 1984 that the tv show “NIGHT COURT” debute on NBC….the show ran thru 1992…i used to LOVE that show…..and what a great cast….

the only cast changes, basically, were the bailiffs, because they kept DYING in real life….

here are three cast photos, including a different bailiff in each picture….

i was in a BEST BUY this weekend in the TWIN CITIES, and found the NIGHT COURT dvd box sets for season one, two and three, for just $9.99 each, AND DIDN’T BUY THEM..WHAT AN IDIOT….

let’s see what the cast looks like today….

HARRY ANDERSON played JUDGE HARRY T. STONE on the show…he is now 59….he’s  on the right side…..

what guy didn’t have a crush on MARKIE POST…i certainly did…she played CHRISTINE SULLIVAN…she’s now 61, and all i can say is VAH-VAH-VOOM!!!

RICHARD MOLL played BULL SHANNON…he is now 68, AND HAS HAIR…ha ha

JOHN LARROQUETTE played the sleazy, but funny lawyer DAN FIELDING…he is now 64….

actor CHARLES ROBINSON played the role of MAC…he is now 66….

and MARSHA WARFIELD played ROZ on the show….she is now 57…


5.  I’M IN HEAVEN…i found a tv channel that shows reruns of “LAUREL AND HARDY.”  if you know me, you know that they are my favorite comedians of all time…over the weekend, i  set my DVR to record about six episodes, and i watched the first one last night…i was ROARING with laughter….although my other family members don’t think they are so funny…..


and you may remember that my buddy ROB and I went as LAUREL AND HARDY to the DACOTAH PRAIRIE MUSEUM’S big event last year….


6.  an arrest has been made in the HOLLYWOOD arson fires….a cop was checking files with a few suspects around when the cop said, “hey, we got a match.” and a guy standing by said, “yep..so do I”…ha ha…..

7.  a library in MASSACHUSETTS is being criticized for dispatching police to retrieve overdue library books from….A FIVE YEAR OLD GIRL….wow….after that, the officers headed out to close down any illegal lemonade stands….

8.  dude ranches in COLORADO are adding stronger horses with larger saddles to handle overweight riders….the only backwards thing at the ranches is that when the heavies get on the horse yells “WHOA”…..

9.  on monday, rapper SNOOP DOGG appeared on “THE PRICE IS RIGHT.”  he said he’s always loved the show, but didn’t want to show up when BOB BARKER was there, because he wanted all dogs neutered….

10.  former pro basketball star DENNIS RODMAN is now coaching a topless women’s basketball team…and even with this kind of a team, DENNIS RODMAN will still be the biggest boob in the arena….

George had started working out in the gym as part of his New Year’s Resolution. He was in his late 50’s and need to get back in shape.. He noticed a beautiful Woman at the Gym He asked the trainer who was near-by, “What machine should I use to impress that sweet thing over there?”

The trainer looked George up and down and said, “Try the ATM in the lobby.”





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