random thoughts for thursday january 5th, 2012

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1.  here come your thursday funnies!!!


2.  happy birthday wishes are going out to former vice president WALTER MONDALE….he was the v.p. under president JIMMY CARTER, was a U.S. senator from MINNESOTA, and actually ran for president himself in 1984….

here’s WALTER “FRITZ” MONDALE today on his 84th birthday…


4.  your guess is as good as mine as to why in the heck i was thinking about comedian MARTY ALLEN yesterday…weird, huh?  well, anyway, i figured that being i brought him up, we might as well feature him today….

i’m sure he is a wonderful guy and has a huge fan base, but i, personally, have never found him that funny…oh well, to each his own….here’s MARTY ALLEN years ago…the first one is with STEVE ROSSI in the back, and TONY CURTIS and JOHNNY CARSON sitting on each side of MARTY ALLEN…

MARTY ALLEN is now 89 years old…here he is recently….


5.  well, this is unusual…there is a bridal shop in EDINA, MINNESOTA that is closing….the owners of the business thought the time had come to throw all the wedding dresses and other inventory in the garbage can…they did this after they SPRAY PAINTED all of the dresses and other merchandise….neighbors and other individuals are very upset that the business didn’t donate their dresses to needy people….

6.  the other night there was a two hour documentary on psycho killer CHARLES MANSON….he’s mostly famous for the murder of actress SHARON TATE and her unborn baby…..i don’t know if there’s another criminal out there that still freaks me out and give me goosebumps like this maniac…..

this man, i believe is pure evil…and even though he’s in prison, he still gives me the creeps….

7.  this week, UPS is expected to handle around 550,000 return packages….and it’s also the week that santa clause goes to the therapist for a rejection complex….

8.  a 92 year old NEW YORK man fought off a burglar in his own home….what a better weapon than a loaded depends….

9.  after a trespasser knocked on her door, LINDSAY LOHAN is looking for a new bodyguard…any members of the defense of the INDIANAPOLIS COLTS need not apply….

10.  LADY GAGA reportedly left “large amounts of blood” in the bathtub of a luxury LONDON hotel when she checked out last summer….some say it was a “satanic ritual.” it wasn’t…she was just fixing the hemline on her meat dress….

11.  ALEC BALDWIN’S recent run in with AMERICAN AIRLINES has cost him a job as a tv spokesman for a grocery store…that’s weird…what a better person to have as a spokesman for bananas, nuts and fruitcake?


Two bowling teams, one all blondes, one all brunettes, charter a double-decker bus for a weekend bowling tournament in Atlantic City. The brunette team rides on the bottom level of the bus, the blonde team rides on the top level.
     The brunette team, down below, is whooping it up and having a great time until one of them realizes she doesn’t hear anything from the blondes upstairs, and she decides to investigate.
     When the brunette reaches the top, she finds the blonde team staring straight ahead at the road, frozen in fear, clutching the seats in front of them with white knuckles.
     “What’s going on up here?” asks the brunette. “We’re having a great time downstairs!”


     “Yeah,” screams a terrified blonde, “but you’ve got a driver!”



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