random thoughts for monday january 9th, 2012


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1.  here come your monday funnies!!

yep…this makes sense!

2.  this past friday would have been actor DANNY THOMAS’ 100th birthday…and to commemorate that special day, his son in law, PHIL DONAHUE threw a big party this past friday night as the late DANNY THOMAS was honored with a “forever stamp”.

this past friday was also the 50th anniversary of ST. JUDE’S HOSPITAL, which DANNY THOMAS founded….

here’s DANNY THOMAS back in his younger years…including a family photo of his “tv family.”

according to a press release that i read, the DANNY THOMAS forever stamp doesn’t have a price on it, because it can be used at any time, no matter what the cost of a postage stamp….for a one ounce, first class letter only….

it’s a pretty cool stamp….

here’s DANNY THOMAS later in life, including one with his gorgeous daughter MARLO THOMAS, who is married to PHIL DONAHUE…

3.  well, if you watch the tv show “FAMILY GUY”, you know that nothing is sacred…..even JESUS himself…last night the gang at “FAMILY GUY” toasted actress JOAN VAN ARK….they used her current picture to scare the kids into doing something…..so, let’s see what the fuss is about…

JOAN VAN ARK was such a beautiful woman back in the 70’s and 80’s, when she appeared on “KNOT’S LANDING.”

JOAN VAN ARK is now 68 years old, and evidently figured that she needed some plastic surgery…well, much in the same vein as KENNY ROGERS, it appears that the surgery didn’t go as well as they thought it would….

4.  there’s a movie at CARMIKE that i had NO INTENTION of going to see, but i told my beautiful wife that i would accompany her to it…it’s called “THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.”  i didn’t want to see it, because it’s supposed to be a “trilogy” and i hate getting mixed up in movies that i have to see when the new one comes out…

however, THIS MOVIE WAS INCREDIBLE….AWESOME…i’m so glad i went, and i’m actually going to see it again real soon to see if i missed anything…

highly highly recommended…i will warn you that there are a couple of torid love scenes, including a couple of rape scenes….but, the story is absolutely wonderful!!

5.  i didn’t have much of a voice yesterday for church, and really don’t have much of one today, thanks to a week long cold….my church congregations came out on the good end of the stick yesterday…i had to do a shorter sermon…

6.  UGH…IS THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION COMING UP SOON?  i’m so tired of the race so far, and we still have until november….i think they need to make a law about how long people can campaign for office…

7.  KODAK is planning to file bankruptcy…business has been steadily declining since ANTHONY WIENER left office, and BRETT FAVRE retired….

8.  LEGO is marketing a special set of LEGOS for girls…her building hold up for 27 days, but for three days every month everything falls to pieces….

9.  MATTEL is reportedly planning on making a line of KARDASHIAN sisters BARBIE DOLLS….they’re just empty headed plastic figures with big boobs….but MATTEL still wants to make dolls out of them anway….

10.  KRISTY MCNICHOL has officially come out of the closet as a lesbian to help children who are being bullied….the result has been bullied children everywhere asking, “WHO?”

11.  a state senator from INDIANA wants singers to ruin versions of “THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER” to be fined….and if CEE LO GREEN chances lyrics to another JOHN LENNON song, his punishment will be listening to 10 hours of YOKO ONO music….

12.  a CHICAGO area woman is suing after a police officer who gave her a ticket, later tracked her down and left a note on her windshield asking her for a date….which is odd, because some women dig crazy men with guns and tasers….

13.  the POPE named 22 new cardinals on friday….he also got a first round draft pick from the lutherans….


this guy takes his blonde girlfriend to her very first football game.  they had really great seats right behind the players, and after the game the guy asked her how she liked the football game.  she replied, “oh, i really liked it….especially the tight pants and the bulging muscles…..but i just couldn’t understand while they were killing themselves over 25 cents.”  the guy had no idea what she was talking about, so he asked her “what do you mean?”  and the blonde said, “well, when they flipped the coin, one team got it, and then for the rest of the game they kept shouting ‘GET THE QUARTERBACK..GET THE QUARTERBACK.”  i mean, geez..it’s only 25 cents!!”




2 thoughts on “random thoughts for monday january 9th, 2012

  1. Oops, Jay…the picture of Danny Thomas’s family you show in today’s Blog is actually his TV family, NOT his real family.

    The “very young” Marlo Thomas you identified is actually the very young Angela (“Lost in Space” Penny) Cartwright. The others shown are TV wife Marjorie Lord, TV son Rusty Hamer, and older TV daughter Sherry Jackson.

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