random thoughts for friday january 13th, 2012


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1.  here come some funnies to tickle your funny bone…..


2.  i have never really understood the “confetti comedy” of comedian RIP TAYLOR…but, apparently millions of other people have, because he’s had a tremendous career…..RIP TAYLOR is turning 78 today, so we thought we would salute him….

here he is in his early years, which don’t look much different than the later years…ha ha

here he is with DEBBIE REYNOLDS…

here’s RIP TAYLOR today throwing confetti….


3.  this is going to make some of you feel old…..BILLY GRAY, who played “BUD ANDERSON” on “FATHER KNOWS BEST”, turns 74 today….yep…..everybody remembers that cute little boy…here he is with his tv family…..BILLY GRAY is in the bottom right corner…

and here’s BILLY GRAY today at 74……


4.  SOUTH DAKOTA is in mourning….we lost an icon yesterday…former governor BILL JANKLOW died of brain cancer yesterday at the age of 72…….

putting politics aside, we should all remember the things he did for our station.  JANKLOW helped really put our state on the map…you can do that when you’re governor for 16 years….which is longer than ANY OTHER GOVERNOR IN OUR STATE…..

here he is when he was much younger….

you almost didn’t have to even have a heart inside of you to not be affected by his comments a few weeks ago when he announced his brain cancer.  MR. JANKLOW was very somber, even crying at times talking about his life coming to an end…..i’m not making light of his illness, but i am envious of his having weeks to say goodbye and close out your life on earth….many people do not get that luxury….

here’s a photo of BILL JANKLOW the night he announced he was dying…you will notice the stapes in the side of his head from brain surgery…

flags are being flown at half staff until after JANKLOW’S funeral next week….

we thank you MR. JANKLOW for everything you did for the state…we may not have always agreed with you, but we can’t deny the passion and the love you had for our state…..GOD BLESS YOU, SIR….

5.  i had met BILL JANKLOW a few times, and i can tell you, that every time i met him he was so so so courteous.  very smart man, too….

my favorite memory of him is when we both competed in a “celebrity race” at the BROWN COUNTY SPEEDWAY….i drove the race car of a friend of mine from LISBON, N.D. by the name of TODD CARTER….i was claustrophobic in the car…i really didn’t like it, and then they put the helmet on me and i just about went crazy….but, i continued the race anyway…..

i sucked at driving…JANKLOW LAPPED ME TWICE…no kidding, he really did…..he gave me crap after the race because everybody else was already in the pits getting out of their cars when i came past the finish line…..ha ha

i’ll never drive another race car, i can guarantee you that….but i wouldn’t trade that race for anything, for the chance to visit with BILL JANKLOW and the memories i have of visiting with him.


it’s the “I HATE WINTER” parties this weekend at the game as the “BLAST THE BLIZZARD”…the ALEXANDRIA BLIZZARD…however, i’m now 47 years old…i sincerely doubt that i will wear shorts and a festive shirt to the game…..i’ll just stick to my WING’S jersey…

7.  a parent group wants to reintroduce the subject of breastfeeding to SESAME STREET, so kids know the natural way to feed a baby…hey, it’s either that or we can have them watch BIG BIRD try to feed a baby thru regurgitation…..(that episode will be sponsored by the letters DOUBLE-D)

8.  wow..this is weird, but true….a 46 year old man drowned by jumping into a vat of glenfiddich whiskey….his family will honor his wishes and have him buried on the rocks….(screw the embalming…this guy’s about as preserved as he can get!)

9.  MISSISSIPPI governor HALEY BARBOUR has pardoned 200 prisoners…..

in a related note..


10.  KATE GOSSELIN from “KATE PLUS 8” is beginning a new career as a cruise hostess…..the only thing is that when her entire family is on board, they can’t stand on the same side of the ship.

11.  KHLOE KARDASHIAN is slamming reports that the late ROBERT KARDASHIAN is not her father….damn…the one time they didn’t tape themselves having sex…………………………

12.  did you hear that the scientific world has officially recognized a newly discovered poisonous viper?  no..wait..hold the phone…it’s just another republican debate…


A blonde, a red head and a brunette were competing in the English Channel Breast Stroke Competition. The redhead won and the brunette came in second. However, there was no sign of the final contestant. Hours and hours went by causing grave concern and worry. Just as everyone was losing hope, the blonde finally arrived.

The crowd was extremely happy and relieved to see her. They embraced the young girl as she came ashore. After all of the excitement died down, she leaned over to the judge and whispered, “I hate to be a bad loser, but I think those other girls used their arms.”




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