random thoughts for monday january 16th, 2012



1.  here come your monday funnies….

“okay, mrs. planters, i have some good news and some bad news.”


2.  yesterday during football, i switched back and forth between the game and the 1981 smash movie “AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON.” always liked that movie….pretty good story, and SCARY AS HECK…

today we’re going to feature the two stars of the show, DAVID NAUGHTON and GRIFFIN DUNNE….

DAVID NAUGHTON got his start in commercials…you probably remember him as the “DR. PEPPER GUY.”  remember this commercial?


he also had a hit song called “MAKIN’ IT.”  check it out…


but, DAVID NAUGHTON is best known for the starring role in the horror movie “AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON.”

he also starred opposite PAM DAWBER in the 80’s sitcom “MY SISTER SAM.”

you may recall that the young girl in the show, REBECCA SCHAEFFER was gunned down in 1989 by an obsessed fan…

DAVID NAUGHTON is now 60 years old!!  soon to be 61 in february..


3.  actor/producer GRIFFIN DUNNE portrayed DAVID’S best friend in the hit horror movie. 

GRIFFIN DUNNE went on to appear in movies such as “WHO’S THAT GIRL”, “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN”, “QUIZ SHOW”, and many others…in fact, he has appeared in over 40 big screen and tv movies…..

GRIFFIN is the son of the famous DOMINICK DUNNE.

GRIFFIN DUNNE is now 56 years old…here he is today….


4.  congratulations are in order for the new south dakota snow queen,  ALYXIS PERRY OF FREDERICK….she was chosen saturday night at the festival….i had the pleasure of emceeing the event, and i would like to say the gang at ABERDEEN CENTRAL…you have a BEAUTIFUL theater…the sound is incredible…the lighting is wonderful, and it’s just overall a great place to entertain….

5.  wow….the NFC playoffs didn’t quite go the way i thought they would….the GREEN BAY PACKERS and the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS are OUT!!!  the high flying and high scoring teams were beaten this weekend by THE NEW YORK GIANTS and the SAN FRANCISCO 49’ERS….

probably the biggest shock was the PACKERS losing at LAMBEAU FIELD…that doesn’t happen often…the GIANTS manhandled them yesterday….

in the AFC the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS had no trouble with the DENVER BRONCOS and the BALTIMORE RAVENS beat the HOUSTON TEXANS…

this weekend’s winners go to the SUPER BOWL…it’s the NEW YORK GIANTS at the 49’ERS, and the RAVENS at the PATRIOTS….

6.  get ready for tomorrow…tuesday is “DITCH YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION DAY”….yep, it’s true…unfortunately, many people have already done so….

7.  SAMSUNG has a new “voice controlled” tv…it’s perfect for those who have physical limitations like an injured thumb….

8.  a study at U.C.-SAN DIEGO, said that the sex lives of women over 80 is plentiful, and the women really enjoy it…crap..you know what that means…another “SEX AND THE CITY” movie….

9.  a CALIFORNIA man is under arrest for trying to kill his wife by poisoning her RICE KRISPIES…she didn’t eat enough to die, though…she stopped when she heard her cereal say “SNAP! CRACKLE! GAAAK!”

10.  MADONNA said in a recent interview that she’s ready to get married again and is currently looking for “MR. RIGHT.”  although, at her age, she should be looking for “MR. ABLE TO DRIVE AT NIGHT.”


a pastor went to visit his 93 year old church member that was in the hospital and was quickly failing….the pastor loved this guy because he was very spiritual and very inspiring to people.  while the pastor and the family stood by the bedside, the old man motioned to the pastor to give him a piece of paper and a pen to write something.  the man wrote something down, handed it to the pastor and died. 

the pastor decided that it must have been something inspirational that the old man wrote, so he decided NOT to read it until the guys funeral.

so, at the funeral, the pastor gave the old man’s eulogy, and then announced to his family and friends that the old man had written something down right before he died, and he wanted to read for the first time…..

the pastor said, “old ROY was such a good christian and so inspirational to people, so let’s find out what his last words were.” the pastor opens the note and reads, “you stupid moron, you’re standing on my oxygen hose!!”






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