random thoughts for FRIDAY january 20th, 2012



1.  here come your friday funnies….

for the first one, on behalf of all men, may i say, NO THANK YOU….i think they had better re-tool their sign…

i laughed out loud when i saw the next one….


2.  we have a couple of milestone birthdays again today…PAUL STANLEY of “KISS” turns 60 years old today….and because of his age, he doesn’t “ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT”, he just rocks and parties until 9:30pm…..BAH-DUMP-BUMP….

here’s PAUL STANLEY in his younger years with his band…

here’s PAUL STANLEY today at 60!!!


3.  a great singer/songwriter/ and entertainer turns SEVENTY on saturday..i’m talking about MAC DAVIS…remember his tv show?  he is a funny guy and a great singer….

i saw MAC DAVIS at the SOUTH DAKOTA STATE FAIR back when i was in high school, and he was definetly on of the best shows i had seen in my early days…

here’s MAC DAVIS from the 70’s….

here’s MAC DAVIS today on the eve of his 70th birthday…


4.  well, we cannot do a MAC DAVIS salute without some music, can we?

here’s his million selling song “BABY BABY DON’T GET HOOKED ON ME.”  fantastic song…


and here’s another number one “STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES.”



5.  and finally, on sunday, the beautiful LINDA BLAIR turns 53…and she’s still looking great…

here’s LINDA BLAIR in her younger years…


LINDA BLAIR also starred in what i think, is the most horrifying movie of all time…”THE EXORCIST.”  remember the character she played?

LINDA BLAIR is still looking great at 52, soon to be 53 on sunday…


6.  a movie i have been waiting to see, finally starts at CARMIKE in ABERDEEN tonight…it’s TOM HANKS and SANDRA BULLOCK in “EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE”…it deals with a boy that loses his dad in the twin tower massacre in NEW YORK….

this movie looks fantastic and has been getting great reviews…my wife says she won’t go because it looks so sad…i can sway her into going…i have that magic….(yeah right)

7.  i have a young lady that works at HARDEE’S, and she feeds me breakfast once in awhile…well, she doesn’t actually FEED me, she prepares it for me….this young lady bought a dog this week, and i think i have her convinced to give the dog a middle name of JAY….ha ha….just what i always wanted!!!

8.  the MINNESOTA TWINS caravan comes to ABERDEEN on monday at the AmericInn….it starts at 6:00….this is your chance to get autographs and meet TWINS great DAN GLADDEN, plus new stars TREVOR PLOUFFE, ANTHONY SWARZAK, and CHRIS PARMALE…also, you can take your picture with their mascot, T.C. BEAR….plus you can get a wolf dog for supper…don’t miss this chance to meet a legend, a bear, and future superstars of the MINNESOTA TWINS…

9.  adult film stars are complaining about a new law in LOS ANGELES that requires them to use protection while making their movies…..the adult film stars are afraid that it will take away from the plot of the movie…

10.  a man in THAILAND recently married his deceased girlfriend in a combination wedding/funeral ceremony…FINALLY, A WIFE THAT DOESN’T NAG!!

11.  VIOLA ARNOLD of WINDSOR, ONTARIO, celebrated her birthday number 101 by getting her ears pierced…afterwards she was quoted as saying, “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE DON’T TELL MY MOM.”

12.  SNOOKI, from the show ‘JERSEY SHORE’, shared a photo of her without makeup, and she looked completely different…she was also ten pounds lighter from not wearing makeup…

13.  MARK HARMON has been named AMERICA’S favorite tv star for the second year in a row…ROB SCHNEIDER came in second, narowly eding out KATHIE LEE and HODA…hee hee


 blind man is walking down the street with his seeing-eye dog one day. They come to a busy intersection, and the dog, ignoring the high volume of traffic zooming by on the street, leads the blind man right out into the thick of traffic. This is followed by the screech of tires and horns blaring as panicked drivers try desperately not to run the pair down.
     The blind man and the dog finally reach the safety of the sidewalk on the other side of the street, and the blind man pulls a cookie out of his coat pocket, which he offers to the dog.
     A passerby, having observed the near fatal incident, can’t control his amazement and says to the blind man, “Why on earth are you rewarding your dog with a cookie? He nearly got you killed!”
     The blind man turns partially in his direction and replies, “To find out where his head is, so I can kick his butt.”




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