random thoughts for tuesday january 31st, 2012

WOW…THE LAST DAY OF JANUARY….and how about this weather? sure doesn’t feel like the end of january and early february!!


1.  here come your tuesday funnies!!!



2.  it’s hard to believe what we do when the boss is gone…ha ha…probably shouldn’t say that…our office manager, LISA and I were having some fun friday morning before i left for MINNEAPOLIS…the following is the result of our fun….

i didn’t realize that i was “two faced.”



3.  happy birthday wishes today are going out to actress JESSICA WALTER, who turns 71 today…

she starred with CLINT EASTWOOD in one of my favorite movies of the 70’s, “PLAY MISTY FOR ME.”  it’s about a woman who stalks a radio announcer…hmm….whats the deal? I’VE NEVER HAD A STALKER….

here’s JESSICA WALTER today at 71….


4.  birthday wishes are also going out to HARRY WAYNE CASEY…what?  don’t know the name?  oh, you know him…he went by K.C., as in “K.C. AND THE SUNSHINE BAND.”  he turns 61 today…

here’s K.C. today on birthday number 61….


5.  we have to do a couple of video’s of K.C. AND THE SUNSHINE BAND….



and here’s a ballad that i just love…”PLEASE DON’T GO.”



6.  saturday night i took my nieces MANDY AND KRISTIN to the MALL OF AMERICA….we had a blast…MANDY decided she needed to shop her brains out, so KRISTIN AND I went to a movie….we saw the movie “THE GREY” starring LIAM NEESON, which was INCREDIBLE…

but it made the movie so much better that we sat in special effects seats called “D-BOX SEATS.”

they were INCREDIBLE…i thought that, during the plane crash scene, that our chairs were going to throw us out of them…it was so cool…i would love to watch EVERY MOVIE in one of these seats…wish CARMIKE would get some….

7.  after the movie, we went to supper at an “insult bar and eatery” called “DICK’S LAST RESORT.” 

i don’t know if i have EVER had that much fun at one of those places…the waiters and staff are intentionally rude to you…it was great…and they make you wear these great big hats with harsh word written on them by the staff….

this is the hat my niece KRISTIN wore, but this isn’t her in the picture…

in case you can’t see it, it says “i eat the chocolates in the litter box.”  MANDY’S said, “i don’t like to have fun.”

and mine said, “spandex is not my friend.”  WHICH IT IS NOT!!  great place to have fun….

9.  THE SPICE GIRLS are reuniting for QUEEN ELIZABETH’S jubilee this year…why? because when you’re that old and hard of hearing, the SPICE GIRLS sound great!!

10.  a new HARRIS poll found that 15 percent of americans say that they would miss the birth of thier child if it coincided with the super bowl….in other stats, 100 percent of guys would miss the CONCEPTION of their own child because of the big game…

11.  TMZ says that KIM KARDASHIAN called police to her home when a stranger showed up at her gate with luggage….cops rushed to the scene before KIM even had the chance to marry him.

12.  BRAZIL bikini manufacturers say they’ve had to increase the size of their beachwear because BRAZILIAN woman are getting fatter…NICE JOB MCDONALD’S AND BURGER KING…

13.  NEWT GINGRICH has picked up the endorsement of HERMAN CAIN…meanwhile, HERMAN CAIN has picked up another woman at a bar…

14.   a GREEK orthodox priest in GREECE was caught illegally digging for valuable ancient relics…the same strategy that TVLAND uses to cast it’s new sitcoms…


this guy was speeding very fast down the highway when a highway patrolman pulled him over.  he asked the guy for his license, and registration, and proof of insurance.  when asked what he did, the cop said, “you were speeding….25 miles an hour over the speed limit.”  the guy said, “hmm..i didn’t realize that….well, please don’t give me a ticket.”  the cop said, “okay, i won’t give you a ticket if you can give me one good reason why you were speeding.”  so, the guy then said, “well, a few weeks ago my wife ran off with a highway patrolman…and i thought you were bringing her back.”  the cop smiled and walked back to his car and let the guy go…..





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