i have been sleeping on the floor of the intensive care unit at avera st. lukes in aberdeen all night long….my dad had a really really bad and scary night last night, so, mom and i stayed up here.  I’LL HAVE ANOTHER BLOG  TOMORROW!!!  HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!


One thought on “WHERE THE HECK IS MY BLOG?

  1. hey ! jay, God Bless you and your family i hope things really get a lot better for you and your family! love your blog i have been following fo sooo long (almost as long as i watched johnny Carson and Jack Parr!!) At 61 years young besides loving my beautiful will for almost 30 years,i always look at things with a sense of humor. Had a friend that i had as a room mate tell me he wished that WE could afford one of the premium channelsonly thing was we were in wal-mart! take care and keep doing what you are doing! Roger Walker in Vancouver Wash.

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