random thoughts for thursday february 2nd, 2012

HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY…  who really cares if the rodent sees his shadow or not…heck, the way our winter has been, I’LL TAKE SIX MORE WEEKS….

1.  here come your thursday funnies….



2.  actor ROBERT MANDAN has a milestone birthday today..he turns a young looking 80 today…..

i’m sure you remember him…

ROBERT MANDAN starred in the tv show “SOAP.”

and he starred along side the late JOHN RITTER in the tv show “THREE’S A CROWD.”

here’s ROBERT MANDAN today on his 80th birthday…


3.  funnyman TOMMY SMOTHERS of “THE SMOTHER’S BROTHERS”, turns 75 years old today…he is the blonde funny guy, opposite his serious brother DICKIE….

here they are….TOMMY is on the left…

they, of course, had their hit tv show….

here are a few of my favorite SMOTHERS BROTHERS” albums…

here’s another goodie…..

and the album that created their catch phrase…’MOM ALWAYS LIKED YOU BEST’….

here are  the SMOTHERS BROTHERS today…TOMMY is 75 today…and DICK is now 72….

4.  it makes me so mad that i didn’t go see these guys when they were in the area  a couple of years ago…I LOVE THEIR COMEDY… by the way, THEY HAVE RETIRED FROM TOUR….crap…

here they are from a CRAIG FERGUSON SHOW  appearance a couple of years ago…

if you have the time, watch this video…it’s hilarious…


is it just me or does TOMMY SMOTHERS remind you of JOHNNY CARSON?


5.  thanks for the prayers for my dad and our family…he’s resting comfortably in the intensive care unit in ABERDEEN…scary scary night tuesday night…hadn’t planned on sleeping on the floor, but couldn’t leave….he’s a little bit better yesterday, and hopefully bigger strides today….

6.  a dvd came out tuesday called “DEAD HOOKER IN MY TRUNK.”  hollywood must be running out of ideas…..

7.  as i mentioned before, today is groundhog day…if the groundhog sees his shadow it means six more weeks of republican debates…

8.  a survery by a leading marketing group, found that 75 percent of AMERICANS have texted, e-mailed, surfed the web, or downloaded apps while sitting on the toilet….hmm…the app must be called the “crap app.”

9.  KATE MIDDLETON and PRINCE WILLIAM have adopted a new puppy….or as we call the story….”PLEASE, SOMEONE GIVE US SOME REAL NEWS TO REPORT!!!”

10.  MADONNA joked that during her super bowl halftime performance, she won’t show her breasts….well, that’s great news…and we found out why….she is recovering from a hamstring injury and doesn’t want to trip over anything….


earl and bubba, two good ole boys, are quietly sitting in a boat fishing, chewing copenhagen, and drinking a few beers….all of a sudden bubba says “i think i’m going to divorce my wife…she hasn’t spoken to me for over two months.”

earl responds, “you might want to think that over, bubba…a woman like that is hard to find!!”






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