random thoughts for monday february 6th, 2012



1.  here come your monday funnies!!!

the words “i love you” have been replaced…

THIS IS GROSS….this is actually a new product…..look at her feet to see that she’s not really naked…THANK GOODNESS…


2.  ZSA ZSA GABOR turns 95 today…this poor lady has been on a “death watch” longer than anybody i have ever seen…..she’s had a ton of health problems, and still keeps ticking….

here’s ZSA ZSA back then and today……


3.  actor JON WALMSLEY has a birthday today…you might now know him, but you will..he played JASON WALTON on the hit tv show “THE WALTON’S.”  remember him?

JON WALMSLEY turns 56 today..here he is today….


4.  well, as long as we’re featuring one of the “WALTON’S”, we might as well feature the others as well…

here’s the entire clan….

actress ELLEN CORBY played “GRANDMA ESTHER  WALTON” on the show…she suffered a stroke  in 1977, and you may remember, came back on the show for a couple of episodes.  on those shows, her stroke was featured.

ELLEN CORBY died in 1999 at the age of 87….

actor WILL GEER portrayed “GRANDPA ZEBULON TYLER WALTON”….he died in 1978 at the age of 76…his death was written into the show, as well….

MICHAEL LEARNED played the mom “OLIVIA WALTON” on the show…she is now 72 years old….still beautiful…

actor RALPH WAITE played “JOHN WALTON SR.” on the “WALTON’S”….he is still acting, and is 83 years old…

RICHARD THOMAS was the most well known of the kids on the show…he played “JOHN WALTON, JR.” or as he was known “JOHN-BOY”….he is now 60 years old….(i didn’t realize that his tv mama was only 12 years older than him!!)

JUDY NORTON TAYLOR played the oldest daughter “MARY ELLEN” on the show….


actor ERIC SCOTT portrayed “BEN WALTON”…i also didn’t know that he and JUDY NORTON TAYLOR were the same age….that’s right, ERIC SCOTT is now 54….

and we close out with the two youngest girls…

actress MARY MCDONOUGH played “ERIN WALTON”…she is now 50 years old…

and finally, KAMI COTLER played the youngest daughter “ELIZABETH WALTON” on the show…she is now 46….


5.  kind of depressed today…the NFL season is over for another year…the SUPER BOWL was held last night in INDIANAPOLIS…..

we’ll see if you can guess who won by the next picture…

that’s right, the NEW YORK GIANTS, behind MVP ELI MANNING, beat TOM BRADY and his NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 21-17….i thought it was an exceptional game…..some people thought it was boring, but i thought it was great, going right down to the final play of the game….but, BIG BLUE PREVAILS…


6.  and now the debate begins on what was the best commercial of the night….i thought that two commercials stood out, and here are the two favorites of mine….

(2.) i was never a fan of the movie “FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF” starring MATTHEW BRODERICK…but his commercial last night was hilarious…it was a take-off of his movie….check it out…


(1). but, my favorite commercial was the “vampire” auto ad for AUDI….very very creative….


***i thought the coca-cola “bear” ads were very weak…my wife agreed….

7.  as you know, JEANNIE AND I were going to the very first showing of the new DANIEL RADCLIFFE movie “THE WOMAN IN BLACK.”  we went to the 4:30 showing friday at CARMIKE…we NEVER go to first time showings, but we both were very excited to see it….

and so? 

the verdict?

EH…..VERY MEDIUM….it had some moments that made us jump out of our seats, but we thought the story was pretty weak, and just didn’t grab out attention….maybe that’s because my face was buried in the popcorn bucket, i don’t know….

it raked in 21 million dollars over the weekend, which was good enough for second place…so, obviously a lot of people saw it!! it wasn’t horrible, but i wouldn’t see it again….

8.  LINDSAY LOHAN is moving out of her VENICE, CALIFORNIA apartment….it was just a place she liked to hang out at between her prison stints….

9.  there’s a new app called “CRIME PUSH” that allows people to report crimes to police…..umm…there’s already a product that does that…IT’S CALLED A PHONE!!!

10.  the super bowl was last night….you know you’re old when you have to explain to the kids who MADONNA, FERRIS BUELLER, and JERRY SEINFELD are…..

11.  the federal aviation administration says that the flaming ball of fire in the night sky out west was probably a meteor…or NEWT GINGRICH’S presidential hopes…


the redneck, bubba’s wife died, so he called the ambulance to come and get her…..the ambulance crew asked him where he lived, and bubba said ” on eucalyptus street.”  the ambulance guy said, “can you spell that for us, please?”  to which bubba said…”umm…well…how about i just drag her down to oak.”







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