random thoughts for wednesday february 8th, 2012



1.  here come your wednesday funnies….

unfortunately, this next one is true!!!



2.  CREED from “THE OFFICE” has a birthday today…..he’s 69 today…by the way, his real name is CREED…his name is CREED BRATTON, and he was even famous before his hit tv show…

CREED BRATTON was a member of the super 60’s and 70’s group “THE GRASS ROOTS.”  here he is on a couple of albums…

he’s the guy in the lower right of this album….

and on this one, he’s in the upper left….

and here is 69 year old CREED BRATTON in his famous role on “THE OFFICE.”


3.  i feel compelled to do a couple of “GRASS ROOTS” songs, and being i’m writing the blog, I’M DOING MY FAVORITES…ha ha



and here’s “MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS.”  love this song!!!



4.  i was going back and forth last night between the MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES game and one of my favorite movies of the last couple of decades, “SIN CITY.”  it’s kind of a comic book style movie…excellent effects, great story!!

one of the stars of the movie is POWERS BOOTHE…so, i thought i would feature him today….

my absolute favorite role that POWERS BOOTHE had was playing the psychotic so called “religious leader” JIM JONES, who has his clan commit mass suicide.  POWERS was incredible in that role….

here he is in a movie called “BLUE SKY.”

and here is POWERS BOOTHE in the role i talked about a little bit before….in the movie “SIN CITY.”


POWERS BOOTHE is now 63 years old and still doing a fantastic job acting….here he is today….



country singer RANDY TRAVIS got a d.u.i. the other day….big whoopie, right?  well, RANDY took to the airwaves and cameras to issue an “APOLOGY” to his fans and family…WHAT THE HECK?  i’m sorry folks, but celebrities OWE US NOTHING when it comes to thier personal life….this really burns me up…..DON’T WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES?  do we have to take to the radio to admit our faults?  why does them being “famous” make them accountable to admit their sings in public……IT’S RIDICULOUS….

6.  and another thing….we have become a country that judges people harshly…..people are considered guilty before they are innocent….that’s not what our founding fathers came up with….and even when people are found innocent, they are still crucified in the media…unbelievable…

7.  bookings for vacations on cruise ships are way down….it could be because of the costa concordia disaster, or it could be because people don’t have any money….either way, nobody will be tipping…

8.  TACO BELL is being linked to an outbreak of salmonella….TOM BRADY’S wife, GISELE BUNDCHEN now accuses the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS wide receivers of not catching it….

9.  scientists say that someday human waste may be used to power machines……giving a new meaning to the phrase, “my car runs like crap.”

10.  new data shows that senior citizens are more sexually active now than ever before, leading to more cases of sexually transmitted diseases….and even more cases of people saying, “EWWWWWWWWW”….

11.  controversy is brewing because CLINT EASTWOOD’S “halftime ad” during the super bowl was filmed in NEW ORLEANS and not DETROIT….they also had to keep re-filming it because CLINT always left his left blinker on….

12.  a woman has written a book about her affair with PRESIDENT KENNEDY while she was a 19 year old virgin white house intern…hmm…apparently CUBA wasn’t the only thing he invaded.


One night, a woman cooks up some venison serves it to her husband and two children. As they’re enjoying dinner, the husband thinks it’ll be fun to have the children guess what type of meat they’re eating.
     “Is it beef?” little Katie asks.
     “Nope,” says the father.
     “Is it pork?” little Willie asks.
     “Heck, we don’t know what it is, dad!” Willie exclaims.
     “I’ll give you a clue,” the dad says, as he smiles lovingly at his wife. “It’s what your mom sometimes calls me.”
     “Spit it out, Willie!” Katie shouts. “We’re eating butthead!”





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