random thoughts for thursday february 9th, 2012



1.  here come your thursday funnies…

i don’t know why, but the attitudes of our radio station employees have certainly improved lately….

the next one is probably true for most marriages…ha ha


2.  here come your celebrity birthdays!!

legendary newsman ROGER MUDD turns 84 today…i think that he was one of the true, trusted newsman of the 60’s and 70’s….you don’t see his kind anymore…..

here’s ROGER MUDD today at 84….

3.  well, our celebrities, just like us, continue to age…..singer CAROLE KING is 70 today…yep…SEVENTY….kind of hard to believe….here’s CAROLE KING back in the day, including her most popular albums, which is one of the biggest selling albums of all time!!

this past year, CAROLE KING went back on tour, and shared the stage with JAMES TAYLOR…that would have been a GREAT show…here’s CAROLE KING today on birthday number 70….


4.  how about one CAROLE KING song?  here’s “IT’S TOO LATE.”



5.  also, MIA FARROW turns 67 today….she’s a great actress, probably known mostly for the horror classic “ROSEMARY’S BABY.”

she was also married to “ol’blue eyes” FRANK SINATRA…

my favorite movie by MIA FARROW was one called “SEE NO EVIL”, which she played a blind woman being stalked by a killer….

here’s MIA FARROW today on her 67th birthday….

6.  i really try not to get hooked on tv shows, because it takes too much time to keep up with them..with that said, i am COMPLETELY HOOKED on the tv show “JUSTIFIED.”  it stars TIMOTHY OLYPHANT.

if you want to watch an incredible series, go to your favorite video store and rent season one and two….and then catch up on season three which is on the FX channel…..GREAT STUFF…

7.  after weeks of wanting to go see this movie, on tuesday finally went to see the SANDRA BULLOCK and TOM HANKS movie “EXTREMELY CLOSE AND INCREDIBLY LOUD.”  which should be called “EXTREMELY CLOSE TO BEING INCREDIBLY STUPID.”

SANDRA AND TOM are in this movie, for maybe ten minutes total…the rest of it is pretty boring, in my opinion….i should have listened to some friends of mine who i talked to in the lobby before i saw the movie…i asked them what they thought, and they looked at each other and paused for like ten seconds before saying, “well, it’s okay, i guess.”  next time i’ll listen….

8.  a new study finds that airline passengers who sit in aisle seats have a lower risk of getting blood clots….THEY ACTUALLY STUDIED THIS?  HOW STUPID…anyway, i guess the reason for this, is when you sit in the aisle your leg is always being rammed by the beverage cart….

9.  a new product called AEROSHOT is being test marketed.  it supposedly allows people to get an energy lift from inhaling caffeine….i do inhale caffeine already…in the form of DIET PEPSI….

10.  a man from INDIANA was arrested for trying to steal dentures out of a woman’s mouth…the woman had just finished performing at halftime of the super bowl.

11.  ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and SYLVESTER STALLONE have signed on to co-star in the prison film “THE TOMB.”  they both said they would take reduced salaries for the movie…probably because the production company will be spending a fortune on girdles, wrinkle cream and hair dye.


on the first day of college, the dean of the school addressed the students….he said, “the female dormitory is off limits to all male students, and the male dormitory is off limits to all female students.  any student being caught will be fined $20 dollars the first time, $60 dollars the second time, and $100 dollars the third time.”  to which one student yelled “so, how much for a season pass?”





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