random thoughts for monday february 13th, 2012



1.  here come your monday funnies!!!

this next one is MY kind of humor!!

2.  one of the MONKEES has a milestone birthday today…PETER TORK is 70 today….he’s the oldest of the group….remember him?

sadly, PETER TORK is supposedly not doing well…he had cancer and it went into remission, but now apparently, is back…here’s PETER TORK today…

3.  what about the other members of “THE MONKEES?” let’s find out…

MIKE NESMITH doesn’t have anything to do with the group anymore..he, in fact, hasn’t had much to do with them for a couple of decades or more…..

i don’t know of you knew this or not, but MIKE’S mom was the creator of “liquid paper” or “white-out.”  MIKE NESMITH is now 69 years old…

MICKEY DOLENZ was kind of the joker and funny guy of the group….

he now 66 years old and is  tied for the youngest of the group….

and DAVY JONES was the teenage hearthrob of the group….

DAVY JONES is now 66 years old, and is TIED for the youngest of the group….

4.  man oh man, do i hate “nyquil hangovers”….i took some nighttime nyquil last night around 8:30, thinking that it would immediately kick in and put me to sleep and make me feel better.  well, it kicked in around 1:30 this morning, and i was a zombie for the first hour i was up this morning…..i could feel it coming on saturday night, and by last night my cold was in full swing…..

5.  JEANNIE and I joined some good friends from HECLA last night in going to see the movie “THE VOW.”  it stars CHANNING TATUM and RACHEL MCADAMS…

it wasn’t a bad movie…actually pretty decent…the only thing is this…the premise of the movie has been done to death…the only saving grace was that this movie is based on actual people who went thru this…they show them at the end of the movie….here’s another thing..AND THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION…i don’t think that CHANNING TATUM is a very good actor….if he didn’t have a great body, i don’t think he’s be as successful…..

6.  evidently my reflexes aren’t as bad as i thought they were…old age must not be setting in..ha ha….saturday night at the basketball games in WARNER, a friend of mine was one of the refs of the games….he thought it would be cool to throw the basketball at me during a timeout….i had my head turned, and saw this orange thing coming at me that appeared to be getting bigger and bigger….and WHAM…i caught it…how about that?  i was impressed…however, i wasn’t impressed tripping up the bleachers and spilling part of my popcorn…i guess it evened out that evening….

7.  an FBI file compiled on STEVE JOBS in the 1990’s described him as a “C” student in high school, a pot smoker in college, a neglectful father, and a liar…in other words….THE ALL-AMERICAN BOY!!

8.  pizza places are getting in the swing of valentine’s day…some are offering heart shaped pizzas, and some are offering great deals for dine-in…..my wife is tired of eating pizza…i would imagine that if i would take her out for pizza on valentines day, she would ask that question, “what do you want on your tombstone?”

9.  a man from MASSACHUSETTS is charged with assault with a deadly weapon for throwing a handful of pennies at another driver’s car during a big of road rage…his lawyer says that the charge makes no cents….

10.  a woman in TAIWAN had her entire back tattooed with characters of SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES…and they really weren’t thinking when they put BASHFUL on her right butt cheek….

11.  actor JIM CARREY’S daughter was sent packing last week from “AMERICAN IDOL.”  it was probably her choice of songs that night, including “THE LOVE THEME FROM DUMB AND DUMBER.”

12.  SNOOKI, CHARLIE SHEEN, KIM KARDASHIAN, and ASHTON KUTCHER have topped a poll of nightmare celebrity valentine’s day dates….to be fair though, CHARLIE SHEEN, out of habit, will probably pay you $300 dollars per hour….


 a little girl asked her mother “how did the human race appear?”  the mother told her that “GOD made ADAM AND EVE, they had children, and then all of mankind was made.”  two days later the little girl asked her dad, “dad, how did the human race start?”  the dad replied, “well, honey, many years ago, there were monkeys and humans came from them.”  the girl was confused, so she went and told her mom about the differences in her story to her dads.  the mom replied, “it’s okay, honey…i told you my family’s side of the story, and your dad told his family’s side.”





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