my wife and i came home from ballgames in WARNER saturday night to hear the shocking news that WHITNEY HOUSTON had died at the age of 48….one year older than me…..what a tragedy, although, many of her friends and family were afraid of this…..

WHITNEY HOUSTON blasted on the scene back in the mid 80’s….

she was such a beautiful beautiful woman back then….

she appeared with KEVIN COSTNER in the hit movie “THE BODYGUARD.”  the song she sang, “I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU”, was written by DOLLY PARTON, who made millions again, off of that song…i say “again” because DOLLY had a monster hit with that song back in the 70’s…..

WHITNEY’S later life was filled with drug use, addiction problems, visits to rehab and more…..she wasn’t looking or sounding that great in recent years….

i hope and trust that WHITNEY has finally found some peace….

here’s WHITNEY HOUSTON back in her better days, with her hit song “I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY.”



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