random thoughts for wednesday february 15th, 2012

IT’S HUMP DAY…i trust you had a great valentine’s day with your sweety…mine was awesome…i’m writing about it a bit later..


1.  here come your wednesday funnies!!

these guys might want to check their surroundings a little closer before they take a picture…YIKES!!



2.  happy birthday wishes are going out today to the actor who played SIDNEY on “M*A*S*H”…his name is ALLAN ARBUS and he turns 94 today…i’m sure you remember him…

here is ALAN ARBUS today at 94…the second one is with LORETTA SWIT also from the hit tv show….


3.  a lady with a great voice is celebrating a birthday today…MELISSA MANCHESTER turns 61 today…she’s known for many hits, including the ones we’ll feature shortly…here she is back in the 70’s and 80’s….

here’s MELISSA MANCHESTER today at 61….

4.  and now, a couple of videos from the birthday girl…

“BABY CRIED THE DAY THE CIRCUS CAME TO TOWN.”  a famous first line from her big hit “DON’T CRY OUT LOUD.”


and she sings one of my favorite songs from a great movie…MELISSA MANCHESTER sang the theme from “ICE CASTLES.”  it’s called “LOOKING THRU THE EYES OF LOVE.”  if you like this movie, this video will take you back…the movie starred LYNN HOLLY JOHNSON and ROBBY BENSON….


5.  speaking of the movie “ICE CASTLES”, you might be wondering what the stars look like today…let’s find out…first of all, here’s the movie poster from that awesome movie…

LYNN HOLLY JOHNSON played the starring role as the skating star…she’s now 53 years old…

ROBBY BENSON has been around forever…he’s now 56 years old and still quite good looking, RIGHT GIRLS?

6.  last night was a wonderful night with my beautiful wife…we had a blast…we went to BULLY’S for supper and had a great meal….BULLY’S has these potatoes that are garlic potatoes, but they are deep fried.  i was hesitant to try them, but they were INCREDIBLE…and my steak was so so so good and tender….two thumbs up to the staff at BULLY’S….

7.  well, a certain fast food eatery has now cured me of eating there for quite a while….this morning i pulled a 7 inch hair out of my breakfast sandwich….ON THE FIRST BITE…just about hit a parked car when i was gagging….YUCK…

8.  i think my mechanic is trying to pull one over on me…he told me the other day that my tires need rotating…i told him that i’m not spending the money on that, because they rotate EVERY TIME I DRIVE IT.

9.  geologists predict that in 100 million years, ASIA and the AMERICAS will collide to form one continent…which makes sense….we owe CHINA so much money, we might as well move into their house and save on rent…

10.  the CDC is warning that gonorrhea is showing increasing resistance to one of the last known antibiotics that is still effective on treating it…THANK YOU CHARLIE SHEEN!!!

11.  a bakery in PENNSYLVANIA offered a valentine’s special of an 8-carat diamond ring on top of a gourmet cupcake…it only set you back $55,000 dollars…needless to say, my wife didn’t get that…heck, i can’t even afford EIGHT CARROTS….

12.  a new survey of parents byt the producer of the hit tv series “GRIMM”, found that 20 percent of all kids won’t read traditional fairy tales because modern kids find them “too terrifying.”  you know, like “CINDERELLA”, where the parents made thier daughter do CHORES….OH NO!!!

13.  a man from SYDNEY has been fined for mooning QUEEN ELIZABETH and PRINCE PHILLIP on a visit to AUSTRALIA…it’s now clear whether the QUEEN actually saw the man’s backside or his crown jewels…


two friends were out fishing when a hearse went by and one of the guys stood up put his hand over his heart, and saluted the hearse…the other guy said, “man, that’s a cool move you made….makes me proud to be your friend.”  the other guy says “well, it’s the least i could do…we were married 25 years…”




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