random thoughts for tuesday february 21st, 2012


1.  i wouldn’t change anything with my kids for ANYTHING IN THE WORLD…but, yet, this is hilarious…

i know who else needs glasses…a boy named TYLER…check this out….

we had a divorce funny for guys yesterday, so today’s the girl’s turn…enjoy girls!!!

and finally….


2.  “CAGNEY AND LACEY” star TYNE DALY turns 66 years old today…she starred with SHARON GLESS in the hit tv show back in the 80’s…..

here’s TYNE DALY today at 66…plus a picture of her co-star SHARON GLESS, who, by the way, is 68…..

3.  the young boy from “THE BLUE LAGOON” is 51 today….CHRISTOPHER ATKINS starred along with BROOKE SHIELDS in the hit movie….

here’s a flashback for all of you ladies…

here’s CHRISTOPHER ATKINS at 51…..

also….LOVE ME SOME BROOKE….i’ve always been in love with her…here she is today…she is 46 years old….


i have been singing this classic since sunday for some reason…..get ready to stroll down memory lane…here’s PAUL EVANS and “SEVEN LITTLE GIRLS”…..I KNOW YOU’LL REMEMBER THIS!!


5.  well, my blood pressure was up last night…BY ACCIDENT, i watched “ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT” last night…i avoid that show, because they have become so “tabloid.”  well, anyway, last night the lady that hosts it was talking about the WHITNEY HOUSTON funeral, and asked the reporter, “HOW IS WHITNEY’S DAUGHTER COPING…HOW DID SHE HANDLE THE FUNERAL?”  how the hell did you think she handled it? HER MOM DIED….geez…sometimes i’m embarrassed to be in the media world….

6.  well, today’s my last day of DIET PEPSI for a few weeks…i’m giving it up for LENT….i have never given anything up for LENT, but i talked my confirmation class into giving up something, too…and i’m so proud of my kids…they all gave up incredible things including cell phones, tv and video games….wow…anyway, for the next few weeks, all i will be able to do is stare at the following photo…

the last time i got off DIET PEPSI, i lost 15 pounds….hopefully i can stay off it permanently this time…although, i’m not holding my breath….

7.  this week marks the 50 year anniversary of JOHN GLENN orbiting the earth…to celebrate the event, the KARDASHIANS are letting the earth orbit around them….

8.  believe it or not, there’s a new subscription based channel to entertain dogs while their owners are gone…..all it is, is a constant picture of their master’s leg….

9.  LINDSAY LOHAN is reportedly very excited to be hosting SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE on march 3rd…..the SNL folks had better bring their “A-GAME”….i mean the cast too, not just security….

10.  british actress DAME JUDI DENCH, who plays “M” in the JAMES BOND movies, issued a statement clarifying her health condition.  she says, that contrary to the report, she is NOT going blind….she just has a eyesight problem that prevents her from reading scripts…hey, maybe that’s what NICOLAS CAGE has, too….

11.  a pediatric journal reports the rise of sex changes among young children….those darn kids will do ANYTHING to get both happy meal toys at MCDONALDS…..


A busload of politicians were driving down a country road when the bus suddenly ran off the road and crashed into an old farmer’s field.
     The old farmer heard the tragic crash so he rushed over to investigate. He then began digging a large grave to bury the politicians.
     A few hours later, the local sheriff was driving past the farmer’s field and noticed the bus wreck. He approached the old farmer and asked where all the politicians had gone. The old farmer explained that he’d gone ahead and buried all of them.
     “Were they ALL dead?” asked the puzzled sheriff.
     “Well, some of them said they weren’t,” said the old farmer, “but you know how them politicians lie.”



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