random thoughts for monday february 20th, 2012




1.  here come your monday funnies!!!!

i knew those bunnies were nothing but trouble!!!


2.  a legendary, ground breaking actor has a birthday today…SIDNEY POITIER is 85 today…..he is the first black person to ever win an academy award…he won in  1963 for the movie “LILLIES OF THE FIELD.”  of course, he is probably best known for starring in the movie “TO SIR WITH LOVE.”

here’s SIDNEY POITIER today at 85…including getting an award from PRESIDENT OBAMA….

3.  a hockey star from my childhood has a birthday today….i remember that when i was younger, the name PHIL ESPOSITO was heard everywhere…he was a star with the BOSTON BRUINS….

he was a crazy man on the ice….breaking several scoring records, and becoming one of the biggest names in hockey history…he played a total of 18 seasons in the NHL…

PHIL ESPOSITO turns 70 years old today!!!!  here he is today….

4.  funny girl and cutie pie SANDY DUNCAN turns 66 years old today…..she’s known mostly for “THE HOGAN FAMILY” on tv, and for bringing back “PETER PAN” on BROADWAY…i’m sure you remember her….

here she is with TOM BOSLEY…

and, SANDY DUNCAN was so popular, that she appeared in one of the “SCOOBY DOO MYSTERY MOVIES.”  or, as SCOOBY called her “RANDY RUNCAN.”

here’s SANDY DUNCAN today at 66……

5.  JEANNIE AND I went to see a movie yesterday, and i’m glad we did…we thought the movie “THIS MEANS WAR” had a pretty funny recipe for a movie, and we were right….two C.I.A. agents, who are best friends, fall for the same woman, REESE WITHERSPOON…..so, they try and keep each other from her, using the tactics they were taught…..pretty cool movie…lots of laughs…not an ACADEMY AWARD winner, but yet a good movie….

would i recommend it?  absolutely…..some funny lines, and a storyline that keeps you interested…that’s all you can ask for in some movies!!!

6.  speaking of that movie, i have a gripe from yesterday…i have NO PROBLEM if you want to bring your two year old to the movies….but when you let them constantly run thru the theater, scream out loud, and go row to row bothering people, then i have a problem…..this kid ran down the theater, climbed the stairs to go outside, and still didn’t get a budge out of his parents….unreal….

7.  experts say that medical breakthroughs could enable the latest generation to live to be 150 years old…wow….so, THAT’S why doctors think it’s okay for you to sit so doggone long in the waiting room!!!

8.  this past friday, CHINA’S vice president addressed a group of elementary school children in CALIFORNIA…he then shouted “WHY AREN’T YOU ALL AT WORK?”

9.  the CW is making a musical chairs-style game show for adults….the first episode will be the “BOBBY BROWN FUNERAL SEATING EDITION.” 

10.  NBC has ordered 13 episodes of a tv series about HANNIBAL LECTER…it will kind of be like “FEAR FACTOR”, but instead of watching someone eat lizards, you’ll watch them eat LEONARDS…

11.  JENNIFER ANISTON had her first full topless scene cut out of her new movie “WONDERLUST”, because she thought her new boyfriend JUSTIN THEROUX might be upset…..he’s probably more upset now that he’s the MOST HATED MAN IN AMERICA….

12.  WHITE HOUSE party crasher TAREQ SALAHI is suing his wife MICHAELE for $50 million dollars as part of her affair with JOURNEY lead guitarist NEAL SCHON….he pretty much guaranteed that she’ll show up in court…he just told her that she’s not invited…

13.  a man from CONNECTICUT served an eviction notice to his OWN MOTHER on her 98th birthday the other day…tacky…even more tacky was the card…”roses are red, violets are blue, get the hell out of the house or i’ll have to sue you.”

14.  JOKE OF THE DAY: (i think i’ll try this)

A minister told his congregation, “Next week I plan to preach about the sin of lying. To help you understand my sermon, I want you all to read Mark 17.”

The following Sunday, as he prepared to deliver his sermon, the minister asked for a show of hands. He wanted to know how many had read Mark 17. Every hand went up.

The minister smiled and said, “Mark has only sixteen chapters. I will now proceed with my sermon on the sin of lying.”




random thoughts for wednesday february 15th, 2012

IT’S HUMP DAY…i trust you had a great valentine’s day with your sweety…mine was awesome…i’m writing about it a bit later..


1.  here come your wednesday funnies!!

these guys might want to check their surroundings a little closer before they take a picture…YIKES!!



2.  happy birthday wishes are going out today to the actor who played SIDNEY on “M*A*S*H”…his name is ALLAN ARBUS and he turns 94 today…i’m sure you remember him…

here is ALAN ARBUS today at 94…the second one is with LORETTA SWIT also from the hit tv show….


3.  a lady with a great voice is celebrating a birthday today…MELISSA MANCHESTER turns 61 today…she’s known for many hits, including the ones we’ll feature shortly…here she is back in the 70’s and 80’s….

here’s MELISSA MANCHESTER today at 61….

4.  and now, a couple of videos from the birthday girl…

“BABY CRIED THE DAY THE CIRCUS CAME TO TOWN.”  a famous first line from her big hit “DON’T CRY OUT LOUD.”


and she sings one of my favorite songs from a great movie…MELISSA MANCHESTER sang the theme from “ICE CASTLES.”  it’s called “LOOKING THRU THE EYES OF LOVE.”  if you like this movie, this video will take you back…the movie starred LYNN HOLLY JOHNSON and ROBBY BENSON….


5.  speaking of the movie “ICE CASTLES”, you might be wondering what the stars look like today…let’s find out…first of all, here’s the movie poster from that awesome movie…

LYNN HOLLY JOHNSON played the starring role as the skating star…she’s now 53 years old…

ROBBY BENSON has been around forever…he’s now 56 years old and still quite good looking, RIGHT GIRLS?

6.  last night was a wonderful night with my beautiful wife…we had a blast…we went to BULLY’S for supper and had a great meal….BULLY’S has these potatoes that are garlic potatoes, but they are deep fried.  i was hesitant to try them, but they were INCREDIBLE…and my steak was so so so good and tender….two thumbs up to the staff at BULLY’S….

7.  well, a certain fast food eatery has now cured me of eating there for quite a while….this morning i pulled a 7 inch hair out of my breakfast sandwich….ON THE FIRST BITE…just about hit a parked car when i was gagging….YUCK…

8.  i think my mechanic is trying to pull one over on me…he told me the other day that my tires need rotating…i told him that i’m not spending the money on that, because they rotate EVERY TIME I DRIVE IT.

9.  geologists predict that in 100 million years, ASIA and the AMERICAS will collide to form one continent…which makes sense….we owe CHINA so much money, we might as well move into their house and save on rent…

10.  the CDC is warning that gonorrhea is showing increasing resistance to one of the last known antibiotics that is still effective on treating it…THANK YOU CHARLIE SHEEN!!!

11.  a bakery in PENNSYLVANIA offered a valentine’s special of an 8-carat diamond ring on top of a gourmet cupcake…it only set you back $55,000 dollars…needless to say, my wife didn’t get that…heck, i can’t even afford EIGHT CARROTS….

12.  a new survey of parents byt the producer of the hit tv series “GRIMM”, found that 20 percent of all kids won’t read traditional fairy tales because modern kids find them “too terrifying.”  you know, like “CINDERELLA”, where the parents made thier daughter do CHORES….OH NO!!!

13.  a man from SYDNEY has been fined for mooning QUEEN ELIZABETH and PRINCE PHILLIP on a visit to AUSTRALIA…it’s now clear whether the QUEEN actually saw the man’s backside or his crown jewels…


two friends were out fishing when a hearse went by and one of the guys stood up put his hand over his heart, and saluted the hearse…the other guy said, “man, that’s a cool move you made….makes me proud to be your friend.”  the other guy says “well, it’s the least i could do…we were married 25 years…”



random thoughts for VALENTINES DAY february 14th, 2012


i dedicate this blog and all of my love to the greatest love i could ever have on this earth…she is the most beautiful person, inside and out…the perfect woman….

this video is for my wife, with all my love…you have my permission to share it if you would like to….

it’s a band called “STONEBOLT” and the song is called “I WILL STILL LOVE YOU.”  awesome song….


1.  and now, on to your valentine’s day funnies!!



and finally…..


2.  happy birthday wishes are going out today to “MAMA BRADY”….FLORENCE HENDERSON is 78 today….she played CAROL BRADY, the matriarch of the clan….

here’s FLORENCE HENDERSON today at 78…..

3.  this blog took so long to do today, because, THERE’S SO DAMN MANY BRADY KIDS….

i thought we could find out where the rest of the family is today….here we go…

actor ROBERT REED played the papa of the family, MIKE BRADY…he died in 1992 at the age of 59…..

actress ANN B. DAVIS played the wise-cracking maid ALICE NELSON…she is now 85 years old….


BARRY WILLIAMS played the oldest child, GREG BRADY…he is now 57 years old….


actress MAUREEN MCCORMICK played the beauty MARCIA BRADY on the show…she is now 55 years old….

CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT played PETER BRADY on the show…he is now 54 years old….

actress EVE PLUMB played JAN BRADY…she is now 53 years old..

MIKE LOOKINLAND played BOBBY BRADY…he is now 51 years old….

and finally, the cute little CINDY BRADY was played by SUSAN OLSEN…she is now 50….


4.  i could tell i wasn’t feeling great yesterday….took a two and a half hour nap, got up, had supper, visited with the wife, went back to bed at 8:30 and slept until 4am….feel much better today…sometimes the body just needs a break, i guess…..

5.  valentine’s day reminds me of all the parties we used to have in grade school…remember the feeling of your heart beating, and you sweating all over the place as you took a valentine to your favorite person?  remember the feeling of rejection when the most beautiful girl “FORGOT” to get you a card?  oh, you don’t remember that?  crap…must have been just me….

6.  my wife has to play VOLLEYBALL on valentine’s day…what cruel person lined that up, anyway?  well, at least we get supper together tonight……

7.  insiders say that PRESIDENT OBAMA thinks that a full economic recovery may still be a few years away…or, mid-way thru the TRUMP administration….

8.  the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING is going public with stock offerings…they’re sprucing up the building so investors can see it…today they’ll be hosing off  king kong’s dried monkey poo….

9.  a woman from TEXAS who crashed her car into a tree, said that her 38KKK breasts saved her life…the airbag didn’t deploy…either it malfunctioned or was just too afraid to come out….

10.  the L.A. county commission has approved a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR FIN for throwing a football or a frisbee on a public beach…..that fine should be doubled if it’s done by 60 year old fat men in speedo’s….

11.  KFC restaurants in CHINA are advertising that phone-in-orders can be delivered by a “very handsome delivery boy.”  GREAT…NOW THE U.S. IS OURSOURCING RADIO PERSONALITIES, TOO…hee hee

12. after winning six grammy awards on sunday night, superstar ADELE said that she is done with “breakup songs.”  oh crap, there goes her next career in country music….


after she woke up, a woman told her husband, “i just dreamed that you gave me a pearl necklace for valentine’s day. what do you think that means?”  the hubby said, “you’ll know tonight.”  that evening the man came home with a small package and gave it to his wife..she happily opened it up to find a book entitled “the meaning of dreams.” 




my wife and i came home from ballgames in WARNER saturday night to hear the shocking news that WHITNEY HOUSTON had died at the age of 48….one year older than me…..what a tragedy, although, many of her friends and family were afraid of this…..

WHITNEY HOUSTON blasted on the scene back in the mid 80’s….

she was such a beautiful beautiful woman back then….

she appeared with KEVIN COSTNER in the hit movie “THE BODYGUARD.”  the song she sang, “I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU”, was written by DOLLY PARTON, who made millions again, off of that song…i say “again” because DOLLY had a monster hit with that song back in the 70’s…..

WHITNEY’S later life was filled with drug use, addiction problems, visits to rehab and more…..she wasn’t looking or sounding that great in recent years….

i hope and trust that WHITNEY has finally found some peace….

here’s WHITNEY HOUSTON back in her better days, with her hit song “I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY.”




random thoughts for monday february 13th, 2012



1.  here come your monday funnies!!!

this next one is MY kind of humor!!

2.  one of the MONKEES has a milestone birthday today…PETER TORK is 70 today….he’s the oldest of the group….remember him?

sadly, PETER TORK is supposedly not doing well…he had cancer and it went into remission, but now apparently, is back…here’s PETER TORK today…

3.  what about the other members of “THE MONKEES?” let’s find out…

MIKE NESMITH doesn’t have anything to do with the group anymore..he, in fact, hasn’t had much to do with them for a couple of decades or more…..

i don’t know of you knew this or not, but MIKE’S mom was the creator of “liquid paper” or “white-out.”  MIKE NESMITH is now 69 years old…

MICKEY DOLENZ was kind of the joker and funny guy of the group….

he now 66 years old and is  tied for the youngest of the group….

and DAVY JONES was the teenage hearthrob of the group….

DAVY JONES is now 66 years old, and is TIED for the youngest of the group….

4.  man oh man, do i hate “nyquil hangovers”….i took some nighttime nyquil last night around 8:30, thinking that it would immediately kick in and put me to sleep and make me feel better.  well, it kicked in around 1:30 this morning, and i was a zombie for the first hour i was up this morning…..i could feel it coming on saturday night, and by last night my cold was in full swing…..

5.  JEANNIE and I joined some good friends from HECLA last night in going to see the movie “THE VOW.”  it stars CHANNING TATUM and RACHEL MCADAMS…

it wasn’t a bad movie…actually pretty decent…the only thing is this…the premise of the movie has been done to death…the only saving grace was that this movie is based on actual people who went thru this…they show them at the end of the movie….here’s another thing..AND THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION…i don’t think that CHANNING TATUM is a very good actor….if he didn’t have a great body, i don’t think he’s be as successful…..

6.  evidently my reflexes aren’t as bad as i thought they were…old age must not be setting in..ha ha….saturday night at the basketball games in WARNER, a friend of mine was one of the refs of the games….he thought it would be cool to throw the basketball at me during a timeout….i had my head turned, and saw this orange thing coming at me that appeared to be getting bigger and bigger….and WHAM…i caught it…how about that?  i was impressed…however, i wasn’t impressed tripping up the bleachers and spilling part of my popcorn…i guess it evened out that evening….

7.  an FBI file compiled on STEVE JOBS in the 1990’s described him as a “C” student in high school, a pot smoker in college, a neglectful father, and a liar…in other words….THE ALL-AMERICAN BOY!!

8.  pizza places are getting in the swing of valentine’s day…some are offering heart shaped pizzas, and some are offering great deals for dine-in…..my wife is tired of eating pizza…i would imagine that if i would take her out for pizza on valentines day, she would ask that question, “what do you want on your tombstone?”

9.  a man from MASSACHUSETTS is charged with assault with a deadly weapon for throwing a handful of pennies at another driver’s car during a big of road rage…his lawyer says that the charge makes no cents….

10.  a woman in TAIWAN had her entire back tattooed with characters of SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES…and they really weren’t thinking when they put BASHFUL on her right butt cheek….

11.  actor JIM CARREY’S daughter was sent packing last week from “AMERICAN IDOL.”  it was probably her choice of songs that night, including “THE LOVE THEME FROM DUMB AND DUMBER.”

12.  SNOOKI, CHARLIE SHEEN, KIM KARDASHIAN, and ASHTON KUTCHER have topped a poll of nightmare celebrity valentine’s day dates….to be fair though, CHARLIE SHEEN, out of habit, will probably pay you $300 dollars per hour….


 a little girl asked her mother “how did the human race appear?”  the mother told her that “GOD made ADAM AND EVE, they had children, and then all of mankind was made.”  two days later the little girl asked her dad, “dad, how did the human race start?”  the dad replied, “well, honey, many years ago, there were monkeys and humans came from them.”  the girl was confused, so she went and told her mom about the differences in her story to her dads.  the mom replied, “it’s okay, honey…i told you my family’s side of the story, and your dad told his family’s side.”




random thoughts for FRIDAY february 10th, 2012



1.  here come your weekend funnies!!!

we begin with a couple of “sporting” funnies!!!


2.  happy birthday wishes are going out today to actor ROBERT WAGNER…he turns 82 today…he has always been such a handsome, very distinguished man….here’s ROBERT WAGNER back in his younger days…including his MUCH younger days…

everybody knows ROBERT WAGNER from the hit tv show “HART TO HART”, but my favorite show he was on was called “SWITCH” with EDDIE ALBERT and SHARON GLESS….

here’s ROBERT WAGNER today at 82…still very handsome and distinguished…


3.  on saturday, actress TINA LOUISE will turn 78 years old…she’s best known for playing “GINGER” on “GILLIGAN’S ISLAND.”

she must have been a very seductive actress…almost every picture i found of her was a “sexy” photo…here’s one of them…

here’s TINA LOUISE today at 78…

4.  on sunday, legendary baseball announcer and player JOE GARAGIOLA turns 86 years old…i’m sure you remember him.

here’s JOE GARAGIOLA on the weekend of his 86th birthday…

5.  and finally, actor JOSH BROLIN turns 44 on sunday…i don’t know if you remember this or not, but JOSH played a starring role in the movie “THE GOONIES” back in the 80’s.

of course, my favorite role ever for JOSH BROLIN is starring in the great movie “NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.”

here’s JOSH BROLIN today, as he readies himself to celebrate number 44 this sunday….

6.  it’s a good thing we all have separate opinions…i mentioned early this week that my wife and i didn’t really like the new DANIEL RADCLIFFE movie ‘THE WOMAN IN BLACK”….well, last night my son MITCHELL went to it and called me after the show…he was RAVING about it…he said it’s one of the best horror movies he has seen recently…and he’s seen a bunch…..maybe i need to watch it one more time….

7.  ELVIS PRESLEY is coming to my church in HECLA saturday morning….one of our church members passed away, and was a huge ELVIS fan….so, the family decided that we should play “MY WAY” at her funeral saturday morning…ELVIS IS BACK IN THE BUILDING….

here’s the video to the song if you want to sing along….


8.  a UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO student could get up to six months in prison for throwing GLITTER at NEWT GINGRICH….that’s about how long it’s going to take him to explain to his fellow inmates what he’s in for.

9.  KIM KARDASHIAN said that she’ll never date anybody in the NFL ever again…which makes sense being she’s dated all of them already.

10.  during the first business quarter, the u. s. postal service lost $3.3 billion dollars…plus my netflix rentals…

11.  KRIS HUMPHRIES wants his divorce trial from KIM KARDASHIAN to be televised….wow…the wedding was televised, the breakup was televised, now the divorce could be televised….the only thing that people REALLY WANTED TO SEE was the wedding night, and THAT WASN’T TELEVISED….


While attending a convention, three psychiatrists take a
walk. “People are always coming to us with their guilt and fears,”
one says, “but we have no one to go to with our own problems.”
“Since we’re all professionals,” another suggests, “why don’t we hear each other out right now?” They agreed this is a good idea. The first psychiatrist confesses, “I’m a compulsive shopper and deeply in debt, so I usually overbill my patients as often as I can.”The second admits, “I have a drug problem that’s out of control, and I frequently pressure my patients into buying illegal drugs for me.” The third psychiatrist says, “I know it’s wrong, but no matter how hard I try, I just can’t keep a secret.”




random thoughts for thursday february 9th, 2012



1.  here come your thursday funnies…

i don’t know why, but the attitudes of our radio station employees have certainly improved lately….

the next one is probably true for most marriages…ha ha


2.  here come your celebrity birthdays!!

legendary newsman ROGER MUDD turns 84 today…i think that he was one of the true, trusted newsman of the 60’s and 70’s….you don’t see his kind anymore…..

here’s ROGER MUDD today at 84….

3.  well, our celebrities, just like us, continue to age…..singer CAROLE KING is 70 today…yep…SEVENTY….kind of hard to believe….here’s CAROLE KING back in the day, including her most popular albums, which is one of the biggest selling albums of all time!!

this past year, CAROLE KING went back on tour, and shared the stage with JAMES TAYLOR…that would have been a GREAT show…here’s CAROLE KING today on birthday number 70….


4.  how about one CAROLE KING song?  here’s “IT’S TOO LATE.”



5.  also, MIA FARROW turns 67 today….she’s a great actress, probably known mostly for the horror classic “ROSEMARY’S BABY.”

she was also married to “ol’blue eyes” FRANK SINATRA…

my favorite movie by MIA FARROW was one called “SEE NO EVIL”, which she played a blind woman being stalked by a killer….

here’s MIA FARROW today on her 67th birthday….

6.  i really try not to get hooked on tv shows, because it takes too much time to keep up with them..with that said, i am COMPLETELY HOOKED on the tv show “JUSTIFIED.”  it stars TIMOTHY OLYPHANT.

if you want to watch an incredible series, go to your favorite video store and rent season one and two….and then catch up on season three which is on the FX channel…..GREAT STUFF…

7.  after weeks of wanting to go see this movie, on tuesday finally went to see the SANDRA BULLOCK and TOM HANKS movie “EXTREMELY CLOSE AND INCREDIBLY LOUD.”  which should be called “EXTREMELY CLOSE TO BEING INCREDIBLY STUPID.”

SANDRA AND TOM are in this movie, for maybe ten minutes total…the rest of it is pretty boring, in my opinion….i should have listened to some friends of mine who i talked to in the lobby before i saw the movie…i asked them what they thought, and they looked at each other and paused for like ten seconds before saying, “well, it’s okay, i guess.”  next time i’ll listen….

8.  a new study finds that airline passengers who sit in aisle seats have a lower risk of getting blood clots….THEY ACTUALLY STUDIED THIS?  HOW STUPID…anyway, i guess the reason for this, is when you sit in the aisle your leg is always being rammed by the beverage cart….

9.  a new product called AEROSHOT is being test marketed.  it supposedly allows people to get an energy lift from inhaling caffeine….i do inhale caffeine already…in the form of DIET PEPSI….

10.  a man from INDIANA was arrested for trying to steal dentures out of a woman’s mouth…the woman had just finished performing at halftime of the super bowl.

11.  ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and SYLVESTER STALLONE have signed on to co-star in the prison film “THE TOMB.”  they both said they would take reduced salaries for the movie…probably because the production company will be spending a fortune on girdles, wrinkle cream and hair dye.


on the first day of college, the dean of the school addressed the students….he said, “the female dormitory is off limits to all male students, and the male dormitory is off limits to all female students.  any student being caught will be fined $20 dollars the first time, $60 dollars the second time, and $100 dollars the third time.”  to which one student yelled “so, how much for a season pass?”