random thoughts for FRIDAY march 30th, 2012

HERE WE GO!!! YAH SURE YA BETCHA!! and nobody’s more excited than this grinning idiot…. 1.  well, with EASTER just over a week away, i thought we would do some EASTER funnies today… this one is totally tasteless….FUNNY, BUT TASTELESS…ha ha LOVE THIS NEXT ONE!!! 2.  happy birthday wishes are going out today to actor […]

random thoughts for thursday march 29th, 2012

GET PUMPED UP, BECAUSE ITS……….. 1.  here come your thursday funnies!! be careful where you find the spare parts…ha ha… this next one is HILARIOUS…. have you ever had ONE OF THOSE DAYS?  maybe your day isn’t so bad…check this out… 2.  today we wish happy birthday wishes to a young lady, who i think […]

random thoughts for wednesday march 28th, 2012

HAPPY WEDNESDAY..HAPPY HUMP DAY…WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT…I JUST KNOW THAT WE’RE HALFWAY TO THE WEEKEND….AND I LOVE THAT!!! 1.  here come your wednesday funnies……. hmm…sounds like this guy is in the right place…ha ha the next one is my NEW MOTTO…on second thought, it’s not…NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT!!! i’m going to use […]

3-27-12 daily blog AND VINTAGE TOY EDITION!!!

HAPPY TUESDAY EVERYBODY!!! 1.  here come your tuesday funnies….. this one is HILARIOUS…. sometimes a “comma” between two words can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE… HA HA note to self:  AVOID THIS HIGHWAY… i know a few people who fit the next one…. 2.  happy birthday wishes are going out to actor MICHAEL YORK, who has […]

random thoughts for monday march 26th, 2012

YEP..IT’S THAT DAY OF THE WEEK…(kind of feels like this sometimes, doesn’t it?) by the way, the following statement is me on “THE MORNING PARTY.”  (of course, minus the dog..ha ha) 1.  here come your monday funnies… this one is HILARIOUS… 2.  happy birthday wishes are going out to actor JOHNNY CRAWFORD who turns 66 […]

random thoughts for FRIDAY march 23rd, 2012

WHOO-HOO…THE WEEKEND IS COMING UP, BABY!!! 1.  here come your friday funnies!! hmm..i was just telling a couple of guys at work this a few minutes ago… well, at least this next guy is TRYING until the fire department gets there…ha ha… ATTENTION ALL DADS….the sure fire way to keep your daughter from dating…. i agree […]


HERE ARE YOUR TOP TEN POSSIBLE SEQUELS TO CLASSIC 80’S MOVIES….. (thanks to bruce maiman) 10.  32 candles. 9.  ferris bueller’s day off collecting unemployment. 8.  morning on elm street: freddie wakes up. 7.  the oat bran for breakfast club. 6.  raiders of the lost retirement home. 5.  pretty old in pink. 4.  weirder science. […]

random thoughts for thursday march 22nd, 2012

OH, YEAH, BABY!!! 1. here come your thursday funnies… this one cracked me up last night!!! and finally….. 2.  happy birthday wishes are going out to a dear friend of mine from a few years back…singer/songwriter JAMES HOUSE turns 57 today….i got to get aquainted with him back when i lived and worked in LISBON, […]

random thoughts for wednesday march 21st, 2012

IT’S HUMP DAY BABY…we’re cruising on the downside toward the weekend!!! WELCOME TO “JAY DEAN’S PLAYHOUSE”….. 1.  here come your wednesday funnies!!! hey, i remember these days!!! i’d like to say that the following is true, but i’m SCARED TO DEATH… this next one cracked me up big time…. 2.  well, this should make you […]

random thoughts for tuesday march 20th, 2012

WELCOME SPRING!!!  (hmm..i thought it started last week..it sure FELT like it anyway)   1.  i have to start out today with my beautiful new niece BRICELYN…she is the most beautiful baby… here i am with her…it looks like she’s covering her ear trying to be a radio announcer….my sister thinks she’s covering her ear […]