random thoughts for FRIDAY april 6th, 2012


1.  here come your weekend funnies…i thought being that EASTER was this weekend, we’d do some EASTER funnies…

hhmmm…maybe this one isn’t funny..maybe it’s coming..you never know…

or this next one….

BLECK…to the next one…

that darn easter bunny….ruining everybody’s day…ha ha..

2.  some phone apps are hilarious….yesterday, our sales exec. and my cousin TAMMIE were having fun with her phone…

this is scary…check me out as i will look when i get old…

that’s why i’m only living to 65….ha ha..

how about if i were heavier?

man, i hope i never lose my hair…

3.  “FULL HOUSE” star, the very beautiful CANDACE CAMERON BURE turns 36 today….wow…how time flies….CANDACE played the older sister “D.J.” on the show….remember her? she is on the left…

yep…she has grown up and is incredibly beautiful…

i’m sure you already know this, but i’ll post it anyway…CANDACE is the younger sister of actor KIRK CAMERON…

4.  how about the rest of the cast of “FULL HOUSE?”

JODIE SWEETIN played the middle daughter “STEPHANIE.”   she is now 30 years old, and she too, is INCREDIBLY beautiful…

MARY KATE AND ASHLEY OLSEN played the youngest daughter “MICHELLE TANNER.”  they are now 25, and i believe, have retired from show business…

comedian BOB SAGET played the papa on the show…he’s known for his “live” comedy act, which gets a bit raunchy at times…BOB is now 55….

JOHN STAMOS played “UNCLE JESSE.”  he’s now 48….

LORI LOUGHLIN played “REBECCA.”  she’s my age…47….

and finally, funnyman DAVE COULIER played “JOEY.”  he’s now 52….

5.  last night while trying to go to sleep, we watched an old movie starring DORIS DAY and JAMES GARNER…so,  i  thought maybe i should feature JAMES GARNER on my blog…turns out i would have anyway…he has a birthday on saturday…he will turn 84 years old…

he played BRET MAVERICK in the 50’s tv show “MAVERICK.”

he’s probably best known for playing JIM ROCKFORD on “THE ROCKFORD FILES.” i used to love that show…

remember the theme song for “THE ROCKFORD FILES?” check it out…


here’s JAMES GARNER at 84….

6.  TARAN NOAH SMITH of “HOME IMPROVEMENT” turns 28 on sunday…that should make you feel old…he played the youngest son “MARK.”

here’s TARAN NOAH SMITH at 28…

what about the other boys?

ZACHERY TY BRYAN played the oldest son “BRAD”..he’s 30 years old…look at those eyes…

and finally, JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS played “RANDY.” he is also 30….

7.  we can’t decide whether or not we want to see “TITANIC 3-D” this weekend…i heard it was 3 and a half hours….the effects would have to be AWESOME for me to spend that kind of time at the movie theater…

8.  a shortage in vanilla is expected to drive up the price…this summer, the most valuable asset in the world will be an ice cream truck with a full tank of gas….

9.  a man i cannot stand, KEITH OLBERMAN, says he’ll sue CURRENT TV for wrongfully terminating his contract…the only problem is finding witnesses to prove he actually WAS on tv….

10.  a pair of MARILYN MONROE’S panties sold at an auction for $45,000 dollars…no thanks…i’m not buying stuff like that from an actress who was in a movie called ‘THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH.’

11.  people are still talking about the 800 thousand dollars spend by the federal bureaucrats at the GSA in LAS VEGAS…you know the saying…”what happened in VEGAS should have stayed in WASHINGTON.”

12.  BRISTOL PALIN is reportedly shacking up with her boyfriend in what she calls a “trial marriage.”  hopefully it’s more successful than her “trial pregnancy.”

13.  a company in SOUTH KOREA is offering screenings of “TITANIC 4-DX”…they say it will be complete with wind, fog, lightning, and even the smells of the ship sinking…up until now, the most fog in a theater was from any movie by “CHEECH AND CHONG.”


Dear friends,



I just read an article on the

 dangers of drinking…

Scared the heck out of me.

   So that’s it!


after today..NO MORE






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