random thoughts for tuesday april 10th, 2012


1.  here come your tuesday funnies….

here’s one for the guys…ha ha…

man, some people just need to be smarty pants, don’t they? check this out…

gas prices too high?  well, don’t despair…

2.  happy birthday wishes are going out to that cute little boy from a fantastic movie “THE SIXTH SENSE.”  of course, he’s not so little anymore….HALEY JOEL OSMENT turns 24 today….

here he is with BRUCE WILLIS in that incredibly good movie….

here’s HALEY JOEL OSMENT today at 24…..

3.  actress LIZ SHERIDAN turns 83 today…you probably best know her as JERRY SEINFELD’S mom  on “SEINFELD.”

but, you may also remember her as the nosy neighbor on “ALF.”

here she is on “SEINFELD.”

here’s LIZ SHERIDAN today at 73….the second one is with her tv husband on “SEINFELD”, actor BARNEY MARTIN who died march 21st, 2005 at the age of 82……

4.  what about the rest of the cast of “ALF?”  let’s see where they are today….

PAUL FUSCO was the voice, creator, and puppeteer of ALF…he is now 59 years old…..by the way, do you remember ALF’S real name?  GORDON SCHUMWAY….

years ago, my wife JEANNIE AND I had a puppy and we named it “GORDON” after “ALF.”

actor MAX WRIGHT played the dad, WILLIE TANNER on the show…he is now 68 years old….

actress ANNE SCHEDEEN played the mom, KATE TANNER on the show…she is currently 63 years old…and still beautiful….

ANDREA ELSON played the daughter, LYNN TANNER on “ALF.”  she is now 43 and gorgeous….

and, actor BENJI GREGORY played the son BRIAN TANNER. he is now 33 years old….

5.  all this fuss with the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS football team needs to go away…just punish everybody for the bounty program and let’s move on….i’m really bored with it….and i’m sure SAINTS fans want it to go bye bye, too….


our beloved WINGS play two playoff games this weekend at the ODDE ICE ARENA against their arch rival, the BISMARCK BOBCATS…they came back from BISMARCK this weekend tied 1-1 in the best of five series….BISMARCK has the best team in the league this  year…wouldn’t it be awesome if the WINGS would take them out?  we’ll see this weekend!!

7.  i work out a lot of mornings at ANYTIME FITNESS.  i usually try to be there by 3:15am to put a good hour or more in.  well, i have a complaint….TV SUCKS AT THAT TIME OF THE MORNING….i usually take my I-POD with to listen to christian music, but i had it in my pocket this morning and couldn’t find it…so, i used my headphones to watch tv….NOTHING BUT CRAPPY INFOMERCIALS…..here’s the deal…i’m not buying any of your crappy stuff, so leave me alone..ha ha….

8.  BILL GATES is funding a new machine that filters toilet water into “drinkable” water..yuck….when we were small that’s what we thought MOUNTAIN DEW was…..

9.  a woman from CANADA was arrested in NEW YORK CITY on sunday night for stalking ALEC BALDWIN…if found guilty, her punishment will be to actually spend time with ALEC BALDWIN…

10.  because GREAT BRITAIN doesn’t have a no-fault divorce law, lawyers say couples have to come up with reasons for getting divorces….like one wife who claimed her husband made her speak and dress up as a KLINGON….the biggest shock of the story?  A TREKKIE HAD A WIFE?

11.  O.J. SIMPSON’S house is going into foreclosure…which means KATO KAELIN will finally have to move out…..

12.  competitive eater TAKERU KOBAYASHI set a world record by eating 25 PEEPS in 30 seconds…narrowly defeating every other child in the world that did that right before EASTER dinner….

13.  it was announced on monday that a memoir by CYNDI LAUPER will be released this fall….however, no one explained why….

14.  young actress AMANDA BYNES’ father insists that his daughter is a “good girl”, and on the night she was arrested for a DUI, she hadn’t had a single drink, and the cop just arrested her because she was “upset and emotional.”  yeah, upset and emotional because she didn’t have one drink!!

15.  JOKE OF THE DAY:  (and a good one at that)

A man was seen fleeing down the hall of the hospital just before his operation.
     A person watching yelled out, “What’s the matter?”
     He said, “I heard the nurse say, ‘It’s a very simple operation, don’t worry, I’m sure it will be all right.'”
     “She was just trying to comfort you, what’s so frightening about that?”
     “She wasn’t talking to me. She was talking to the doctor.





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