random thoughts for thursday april 12th, 2012


1.  how about some thursday funnies?


here’s one for the ladies…..

i have ALWAYS felt like the following one…

by golly, the next one rings true as well!! ha ha

2.  the rock star/pinup boy/ “PARTRIDGE FAMILY” star DAVID CASSIDY turns 62 today….kind of ages us doesn’t it?

here’s DAVID CASSIDY back in his heyday…including the album EVERYBODY had….

here’s DAVID CASSIDY today at 62…..

3.  LUMPY RUTHERFORD is 70 today…SEVENTY…of course, we’re talking about actor FRANK BANK, who played “LUMPY” on “LEAVE IT TO BEAVER.” he’s in the middle….

here’s actor FRANK BANK today at 70…the first one is with KEN OSMOND who played the suck-up EDDIE HASKELL…the second one is the cast of the show with mom BARBARA BILLINGSLEY shortly before her death….

4.  and finally, the papa on “THE WONDER YEARS” has a birthday today….actor DAN LAURIA turns 65 today….remember him?

here’s DAN LAURIA today on birthday number 65….by the way, he also played GREEN BAY PACKERS legendary coach VINCE LOMBARDI on BROADWAY…check out how much he looks like the coach…

5.  let’s find out what the rest of the cast of “THE WONDER YEARS” looks like today…

of course, the star of the show was FRED SAVAGE, who played KEVIN ARNOLD….he is now 35 years old….

his cranky brother WAYNE was played by JASON HERVEY..he’s now 40 years old…

the very cute actress DANICA MCKELLAR played KEVIN’S love interest WINNIE COOPER…she is now 37….

the mom on the show was played by ALLEY MILLS..after the show she had a short stint on “THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL” playing PAM DOUGLAS….she is now 60….

“THE WONDER YEARS” was narrated by an actor…do you know who it was?  it was “HOME ALONE” star DANIEL STERN…he is now 54…..

6.  i have to go to FARGO sunday thru wednesday for church meetings, and i’m planning on doing a couple of things while i’m there…one of the first things?  go have pizza at one of my favorite pizza places ever….

i really miss having HAPPY JOE’S in ABERDEEN…we used to eat there all the time…plus, we used to fake people’s birthdays just to get the red light to go off and people to sing to us…ha ha

7.  and now depression sets in…last night JEANNIE AND I turned on the old DVR and watched our favorite show “JUSTIFIED.”  last night was the last show of the season…TELL ME IT’S NOT TRUE…if you watch this show, you realize how great it is…there are plot stories happening EVERYWHERE…sometimes we have to stop and ask each other what was going on….ha ha….

every day is going to drag until the show has new episodes…..LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SHOW….

8.  a female motorist in LOS ANGELES was stopped on the freeway for texting with a BABY on her lap…what the heck is the big deal? SOMEBODY HAD TO DRIVE….

9.  BETTY WHITE launched her first TWITTER account and immediately signed up over 145,000 followers…WOW…up until that, only people who have driven in FLORIDA knew what it was like to follow a 90 year old lady….

10.  MADONNA’S new album has set a record for the biggest drop in sales in the second week of release…sales dropped 88 percent from the first week….THIS JUST IN….MADONNA FELL OFF THE CHARTS AND BROKE HER HIP…

11.  a five year old preschooler in CONNECTICUT brought fifty packs of his dad’s heroin to show and tell…and at recess he was robbed by the kid who brought his dad’s magnum….

12.  sources say that an apparently intoxicated woman from the great state of SOUTH DAKOTA broke into a neighbor’s house and tried to breastfeed a two month old child….this won’t be such a big story once SNOOKI has her baby and goes back to work on the show “JERSEY SHORE.”


A general noticed one of his soldiers behaving oddly. The soldier would pick up any piece of paper he found, frown and say, “That’s not it,” and put it down again.
     This went on for some time, until the general arranged to have the soldier psychologically tested. The psychologist concluded that the soldier was deranged, and wrote out his discharge from the army.
     The soldier picked it up, smiled and said, “That’s it.”





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