i got home from FARGO on wednesday night to find out that tv icon DICK CLARK died at the age of 82……..even though he was 82, it seems odd that he is gone….after all, he is the “forever teenager.”  DICK CLARK never really started to age until his stroke just a few years back.  and even with a stroke, he came back to still help host the NEW YEAR’S EVE party on tv…….

speaking of tv, DICK CLARK got his claim to fame with AMERICAN BANDSTAND….many many rock and roll legends got their start on his show…

here are a couple of pictures of DICK CLARK when he was very young….

here’s DICK CLARK the way my generation remembers him from the show….

and here’s DICK CLARK in recent years…..including one with his NEW YEAR’S party friend RYAN SEACREST….

heaven picked up an awfully nice guy….and the world will miss DICK CLARK…..




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