just when JOHNNY DEPP is coming out with a remake of the classic soap opera “DARK SHADOWS”, we get word that the original BARNABAS  COLLINS has died….and here’s the really weird part…

JONATHAN FRID, who played the original role, died on FRIDAY THE 13TH….WOW….he was 87 years old…..

here’s a little bit of remembrance of JONATHAN FRID…

do you remember the opening credits to “DARK SHADOWS?”  i used to watch that show all the time…a vampire show on daytime soap  operas?  you bet….

here’s a couple of pictures of JONATHAN FRID as one of our favorite vampires…

and here’s JONATHAN FRID recently….

JONATHAN FRID has a cameo role in the new movie “DARK SHADOWS” which comes out shortly….just seems ironic that it took so long to get this new movie out and then the guy who played the original vampire dies right before it comes out…AND ON FRIDAY THE 13TH AS WELL…..


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