random thoughts for tuesday april 24th, 2012


my friend KEVIN is at it again….nice job sir….

1.  let’s check out your tuesday funnies…..

this is a good one….

and my favorite one for today….


2.  BABS is having a birthday today…in fact, it’s a milestone birthday….BARBARA STREISAND is 70 today…..that’s quite an inferno on top of the cake…..

she, of course, has been a staple in the entertainment field for decades…here she is back in her younger days….

this next one is the way i remember her…..

here’s BARBARA STREISAND today at 70, including one with her husband, actor JAMES BROLIN….

3.  how about some music from the birthday girl?  here’s one of my favorites from her ” WOMAN IN LOVE.”


and here’s her smash hit with BARRY GIBB…it’s called “GUILTY”…


4.  rock drummer DOUG CLIFFORD of “CREDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL” turns 67 today…..here he is back when….he’s the bearded guy on the left….

here’s an early picture of “CCR”….DOUG is on the left again….

here’s DOUG CLIFFORD today at 67, including a picture with his latest band “CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVISITED.”  STU COOK of “CCR” joins him in the band….

5.  we need to do a couple of classics by “CCR.”  of course, JOHN FOGERTY is no longer with them…..

here’s “BAD MOON RISING’.”


and here’s “LOOKIN’ OUT MY BACK DOOR.”


6.  well, day two back at work seems to be somewhat better after hernia surgery….i still know that i would have been better off taking monday and tuesday off, but we’ll work thru it…i went home yesterday at noon and completely collapsed….slept until almost 5:00….then back in bed last night around 8:30…..can’t seem to get enough sleep, but as i was told countless times yesterday, the body needs sleep to heal…..

7.  man, the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS can’t seem to get positive press lately…after all of this “bounty talk,” now we get word of ALLEGED wire tapping by SAINTS general manager MICKEY LOOMIS, who’s already suspended half of the season…..he denies it big time, but ESPN is standing by their story….we’ll see how this thing unfolds, but yesterday people were talking even FEDERAL charges if this is found to be true……he SUPPOSEDLY had some wiring rerouted to receive the visitor’s coaches comments instead of his own teams…and i once again use the words SUPPOSEDLY, AND ALLEGEDLY….

8.  TWINS closer MATT CAPPS takes off where he left off last season, as he gave up a 9th inning HOME RUN to the BOSTON RED SOX as the SOX defeated out MINNESOTA TWINS last night…..looks like another dismal season for our favorite baseball team…..

9.  as i continue to watch the TWINS and listen to them on our radio stations, i continue to ask the question, “WHO?”  pitchers i’ve never heard of…players i have never heard of…..THE LOSSES? yeah, i’ve heard of them before…UNFORTUNATELY…

10.  legal experts think that after GEORGE ZIMMERMAN posted bail, his attorney likely sent him to a remote place where there are very very few people…..may i suggest the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS coaches office?

11.  a 100 year old tortoise in central FLORIDA has died….so much for the idea that speed kills….

12.  LIFETIME TELEVISION has confirmed that LINDSAY LOHAN will indeed play ELIZABETH TAYLOR in a made-for-tv movie….they had better make doggone sure that the jewelry on the set isn’t real….

13.  KIM KADASHIAN was spotted wearing a gold earring with the initials “K.W.”…which people are sure is for KANYE WEST….i think it stands for “KAN’T WED.”

14.  reaction continues to the new chick flick “THE LUCKY ONE” debuting at second place in the box office, behind a lesser known film “THINK LIKE A MAN.”  as far as i’m concerned, “THE LUCKY ONE” is any man who escaped being dragged to this movie by their better half….

15.  a company in CHINA is raising eyebrows for it’s bad taste in marketing it’s HELEN KELLER sunglasses…..what’s next? THE AMELIA EARHART GPS?

16.  JOKE OF THE DAY: (thank you CHARLIE…)

Two elderly  gentlemen from a  retirement center were sitting on a bench under  a tree when one turns to the other and says:  ‘Slim, I’m 83 years old now and I’m just full of  aches and pains.. I know you’re about my age.  How do you feel?’ 
Slim  says, ‘I feel just like a newborn  baby.’ 
‘Really!?  Like a newborn baby!?’  
‘Yep. No  hair, no teeth, and I think I just wet my  pants.’  





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