random thoughts for wednesday april 25th, 2012

first of all, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, i would like to wish my beautiful wife JEANNIE a happy 25th anniversary today…..i’m still in shock that she married me…guys like me don’t get girls like that…i remember the first time i saw her i thought she was the most beautiful girl i had ever seen, and i still think so today…..

here’s our engagement photo….

this would be my bride coming down the aisle in ROSLYN, SOUTH DAKOTA…her late father MERRILL HOLLER is escorting her…sure miss that guy…..

and here we are after a full day’s activities….LOVE YOU HONEY…

1.  here come your wednesday funnies….

we’ve probably all had one of these days….mine were a long long LONG time ago…ha ha


2.  man how time flies….can you believe this?  HARLEM GLOBETROTTER’S great MEADOWLARK LEMON turns 80 today….EIGHTY….wow…..

he was truly one of the best known and most awesome on the team….

remember when the HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS were on “SCOOBY DOO?”  here is MEADOWLARK along with CURLEY….

MEADOWLARK LEMON is looking awfully good for 80….

3.  “YO ADRIAN!!!”  a classic line from the movie “ROCKY.”  ADRIAN was played by actress TALIA SHIRE….she has a birthday today…she turns 66 today….here she is along with “ROCKY” co-star SYLVESTER STALLONE…..

here is TALIA SHIRE today at 66……

4.  i’m sure other people who have had surgery in their lifetime also realized what i have noticed in the past week…it’s amazing how many times you have to slam on your breaks because of idiot drivers……seriously gang, waiting an extra 5-8 seconds while somebody gets by you just makes sense….where could you possibly have to go that you cannot spare five seconds?  man oh man, when you have had any type of surgery, it just jars you to slam the brakes on….

5.  nice job last night MINNESOTA TWINS…just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, they get SHELLACKED by the BOSTON RED SOX 11-2….oh, did i mention that these two teams basically have the same records?  yuck…..once again, it’s been a sad season for MINNESOTA SPORTS TEAMS…the WILD crashed, the TIMBERWOLVES peed down their leg, the VIKINGS were absolutely horrible….BRING ON THE MINNESOTA LYNX WNBA TEAM…..(who would have thought we would ever say that?)

6.  we sat down and watched the movie “WE BOUGHT A ZOO.” 

JEANNIE AND I both agree….this movie could have been one hour shorter…it wasn’t a bad movie…kind of cute…but just way too long….

and by the way, the little girl in the movie was ADORABLE…her name is MAGGIE ELIZABETH JONES….


7.  a new study claims that playing video games can help teenagers battle depression…..yep…there’s nothing more uplifting for a depressed teen than gunning down zombies and getting into fiery explosive car chases and picking up hookers…….(my how times have changed….)

8.  a cow in CENTRAL CALIFORNIA has tested positive for mad cow disease……but it might not be sick…it might just be mad because it’s in CENTRAL CALIFORNIA….

9.  singer SINEAD O’CONNOR says she is cancelling her 2012 tour due to bipolar disorder….and she is excited about launching her upcoming 2012 tour….

10.  RYAN SEACREST’S contract has been renewed as host of “AMERICAN IDOL.”  which squashes the rumors that PEYTON MANNING was taking over….


A little  old man shuffled  slowly into an ice cream parlor and pulled  himself slowly, painfully, up onto a stool..  After catching his breath, he ordered a banana  split. 
The  waitress asked kindly, ‘Crushed  nuts?’ 
‘No,’  he replied, ‘Arthritis.’ 




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