random thoughts for thursday april 26th, 2012

MY GOOD BUDDY KEVIN IS AT IT AGAIN….he knows what to do to stay in my good graces..ha ha…especially adding me to one of my favorite duos of all time…….

1.  how about some thursday funnies?  i would like to say thank you to a great lady and a great friend, KATHY from WARNER, for sending me these….

some of my favorite church signs….

this one would have to be in my top three, if not number one!!

when we get our brand new sign up in HECLA, i will be putting this next one on the board….


2.  well, as you know, time keeps marching on…we all age, and so do our favorite celebrities…but this one doesn’t seem right, especially as good as she looks today….

the legendary CAROL BURNETT is pushing 80……that’s right, CAROL BURNETT turns 79 years old today……

here’s a very young picture of the legendary comedian…

her tv theme logo….

here’s the birthday girl with the cast of “THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW.”

and here she is today at 79….lookin’ great, and still funnier than most of the comedians out there today…..

3.  speaking of lovely, hilarious redheads, we lost a great one on this date 23 years ago…that’s the day we lost LUCILLE BALL at the age of 77….man, they just don’t make them like LUCY and CAROL anymore, do they?

here’s LUCILLE BALL back in her early days…

one with her ex DESI ARNAZ….

here’s one with her kids, DESI JR., and LUCY….

by the way, this is what her kids look like today….

it was a sad day the day that LUCY died……here she is a short time before her death….


4.  ready to have a good laugh today?

how about some CAROL BURNETT crackups…..


5.  thanks for all the well wishes on our 25th anniversary yesterday…we had a great night last night….we took our beautiful boys, umm..i mean MEN, out to MAVERICKS for supper, then went home and all watched our wedding video…..the kids loved seeing all of our relatives and friends 25 years ago…..we figured out last night that our parents were the ages we are NOW when we were married….can’t believe how fast time flies…..

6.  tried to make a deal with the wife last night…she said that i HAVE TO go see the movie “THE HUNGER GAMES” with her this weekend…..

i said, “FINE, but you need to go see the THREE STOOGES movie with me then.”

which, for you that are married means, we will be seeing the HUNGER GAMES movie, and i’ll be going ALONE to the STOOGES movie again…ha ha…

7.  three more secret service agents have been asked to resign over the hooker scandal….wow…this is NOT going to look good on thier job application at PIGGLY WIGGLY….

holy crap, where did i pull that reference out of? i haven’t thought of that store for YEARS…

8.  MAINE has been voted the most peaceful state in the country….WHY?  no paparazzi and no KARDASHIAN sisters….

9.  some trans-gender activists in KANSAS are trying to get several towns to give cross-dressing men the right to use women’s bathrooms and showers……wait a minute…wasn’t that the story plot on like 15 sitcoms back in the 80’s?

10.  LINDSAY LOHAN is upset because ROSIE O’DONNELL bashed her on the “TODAY SHOW”, saying that LINDSAY isn’t capable of playing LIZ TAYLOR…i’m shocked by this on two levels….

first, that LINDSAY was sober enough to be up to watch tv at 8am, and secondly that anyone gives a crap what ROSIE O’DONNELL says……

11.  police and social services have gone to the OCTOMOM’S home to find her kids barefoot and dirty with graffiti written on the walls…officials determined that the kids were not in danger….officials called it “disturbing”, and SNOOKI called it “a dream that i can only hope to live.”

12.  a three year old kid in ENGLAND showed up at nursery school with his pockets full of marijuana….he told his teacher that they were his “dad’s cigarettes.”  his teacher was always suspicious, though, because the three year old always wanted to roll his own crayons….


 A man was just waking up from anesthesia after surgery, and his wife was sitting by his side. His eyes fluttered open and he said, “You’re beautiful.”
    Then he fell asleep again. His wife had never heard him say that before, so she stayed by his side. A few minutes later his eyes fluttered open and he said, “You’re cute.”
    The wife was disappointed because instead of “beautiful,” it was now “cute.”
    She asked, “What happened to beautiful?”
    The man replied, “The drugs are wearing off.”





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