random thoughts for thursday may 31st, 2012



1.  here come your thursday funnies!!

and now the meaning of LAZY….

and here’s another LAZY…

well, at least the next people are being honest!!

somebody is in for a rude awakening in the next one…ha ha

2.  happy birthday wishes are going out to the LEGENDARY actor CLINT EASTWOOD…he’s cruising along in this life at 82 years old…

here’s CLINT way back in his younger years…

here is CLINT EASTWOOD in his “JOSEY WALES” days….

here’s CLINT in his classic “DIRTY HARRY” days…

here’s the awesome CLINT EASTWOOD today on birthday number 82….

3.  what is my favorite CLINT EASTWOOD movie?  well, it’s hard to decide on one, but this one is probably it….

by the way, if you are a CLINT EASTWOOD fan like i am, i totally recommend the following box set…..

obviously, CLINT EASTWOOD has been in the movie business for well over 35 years, but this features 35 movies in 35 years…FANTASTIC BOX SET….

4.  actress SHARON GLESS has a birthday today…she is 69…can’t hardly believe that she’s one year away from 70…wow….

i always thought she was so doggone cute….

she starred opposite ROBERT WAGNER and EDDIE ALBERT in a tv show that i used to love…”SWITCH”…

however, SHARON GLESS is best known for starring with TYNE DALY in “CAGNEY AND LACEY.”

here’s SHARON GLESS today at 69….

and here’s  a recent picture of SHARON GLESS and TYNE DALY…TYNE is now 66 years old…

5.  80’s singing sensation COREY HART is 50 today…a milestone for him…COREY had the hits “SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT”, “IT AIN’T ENOUGH”, “NEVER SURRENDER”, and “CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE.”

here’s an album that a lot of us had back in the early 80’s….

here’s COREY HART today on his 50th birthday….

6.  here’s a couple of COREY HART songs for you to sing along with…

here’s his 80’s classic “SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT.”


and here’s my favorite COREY HART song “IT AIN’T ENOUGH.”


7.  okay…i’m sick of being sick….i’m not a very good “sick person.”  i’m used to being on the go for about 12-14 hours a day, and being stuck at home on the couch hacking up a lung is not what i want to do…..but i can’t complain too much…i have some friends who have had this gunk for about 3 weeks now…..a friend of mine at M & H in ABERDEEN told me this morning about a “rinse” that they have at NATURAL ABUNDANCE.  you apparently combine it with DISTILLED WATER and flush it in your nose in the shower, and it apparently causes a volcano of stuff to leave your body…thus being in the shower…..might have to try that….

8.  our softball team from ST. JOHN’S in HECLA has their first practice tonight and we have our first game monday night in ABERDEEN…i don’t think i’m going to try playing this summer…i want to make darn sure i’m completely healed from my hernia surgery before i play….that’s because i have a horrible habit of sliding into bases with shorts on, and diving everywhere for softballs…..might be safer to take the summer off…

9.  today is “world no tobacco day” where smokers are urged to try giving up cigarettes for just one day to see how it feels…and, because of that, it’s also “world scream at your spouse and kids day, and punch your co-workers in the face day.”

10.  the national spelling bee  continues today and features a six year old competing…yeah, six years old….and now DONALD TRUMP is demanding to see her birth certificate.

11.  in CHINA, a stray dog followed a group of cyclists on their journey of more than 1,100 miles…animals are pretty smart…a stray dog in CHINA knows it shouldn’t stop running….

12.  the ratings are thru the roof for the HISTORY CHANNEL’S first feature movie “HATFIELDS AND MCCOYS”, the story of a long running blood feud between two mountain clans…it’s like of like “THE SOPRANOS” with chewing tobacco and cousins marrying cousins….


A wife was making a breakfast of fried eggs for her husband. Suddenly, her husband burst into the kitchen. ‘Careful,’ he said, ‘CAREFUL! Put in some more butter! Oh my gosh! You’re cooking too many at once. TOO MANY! Turn them! TURN THEM NOW! We need more butter. Oh my gosh! WHERE are we going to get MORE BUTTER? They’re going to STICK! Careful. CAREFUL! I said be CAREFUL! You NEVER listen to me when you’re cooking! Never! Turn them! Hurry up! Are you CRAZY? Have you LOST your mind? Don’t forget to salt them. You know you always forget to salt them. Use the! Salt. USE THE SALT! THE SALT!’ The wife stared at him. ‘What in the world is wrong with you?You think I don’t know how to fry a couple of eggs?’ The husband calmly replied, ‘I just wanted to show you what it feels like when I’m driving.’





random thoughts for wednesday may 30th, 2012


1.  here are your wednesday funnies….

these are called “the signs of our times.”

2.  happy birthday wishes are going out today to actor CLINT WALKER….don’t remember his name? you probably will, especially if you are a fan of westerns….

CLINT WALKER starred as CHEYENNE BODIE in the hit show “CHEYENNE”, he was also in the movie “THE DIRTY DOZEN”, and he starred in the short lived 1974 tv show “KODIAK.”

see if you remember him….

CLINT WALKER is 85 years old today…here he is recently….

3.  birthday wishes are also going out to the actor who played the youngest child, MICHAEL EVANS on “GOOD TIMES.” his name is RALPH CARTER and he is 51 today…..

here he is….

and here he is today at 51……

4.  have you ever wondered what the cast of “GOOD TIMES” looks like today? let’s remember them back in the 70’s first….

some of the cast got together in recent years…here’s the birthday boy RALPH CARTER with BERN NADETTE STANIS who played his tv sister “THELMA.”

and here’s a bunch of the cast together again…..i’ll list them after the picture…

okay here we go….from left to right….actress JA’NET DUBOIS who played “WINONA”, she’s now 66 years old…then it’s “BOOKMAN” the maintenance guy..he’s played by JOHNNY BROWN who is 74 now…then it’s BERN NADETTE STANIS, or “THELMA”, she’s currently 58…..show creator NORMAN LEAR is next…he’s 89 years old……”DYN-O-MITE” was the slogan of J.J. played by JIMMIE WALKER…he’s next and he’s 64 years old…and birthday boy RALPH CARTER round them out….

5.  I HATE BEING SICK…sunday night, something came on like in a 15 minute period…have a feeling it’s allergies, but it would be a sinus infection, too….all i know is i went home yesterday afternoon and loaded up on medication and slept most of the day….then last night i took NYQUIL before i went to bed…

that stuff really works, but i hate the NYQUIL HANGOVER that you have when you get up in the morning…..

6.  legendary blind guitarist DOC WATSON died yesterday at the age of 89….he could play anything…bluegrass, country, folk, and more….DOC WATSON was an incredible picker…he won SEVEN grammy awards, including the grammy for lifetime achievement.

here’s DOC WATSON years ago….

DOC WATSON played with his son MERLE WATSON up until MERLE’S tragic death in 1985 on the family farm….

and here’s DOC WATSON a couple of years ago….still pickin’….

7.  man, the SAN ANTONIO SPURS basketball team is ON FIRE….they beat the OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER last night to take a 2-0 lead in the NBA playoffs…the SPURS haven’t lost a playoff game this year, and now have won 20 games in a row going back into the regular season…WOW…i’m actually cheering for the THUNDER, because i love KEVIN DURANT, but i also wouldn’t mind seeing SAN ANTONIO go undefeated in the post season…that would be cool to witness….

8.  HOW ABOUT THOSE TWINS?  in a season where the MINNESOTA TWINS have been sucking it up, it’s nice to have a night like last night….the TWINS were behind 2-0 going into the bottom of the ninth inning…they hadn’t looked good all game, and skipper RON GARDENHIRE thought that pitchers threw more balls than strikes in the game….

HOWEVER, with two guys on base, and two out in the bottom of the ninth, JOSH WILLINGHAM cranked a three run homer to help the TWINS win 3-0…..we don’t have many good memories of this season…we needed last night……

9.  medical experts claim that sitting in your car for long commutes can be hazardous to your health….so, work in an exercise program while you drive…..like flipping your middle finger up and down during the trip…..

10.  the law firm of DEWEY AND LEBOEUF just became the biggest law firm in U.S. history to go bankrupt…DEWEY will now go back to his old law firm with CHEATEM and HOWE….

11.  the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE turned 75 years old this week….the bridge cost $35 million dollars, has 1.2 million rivets and took over four months to construct….OH WAIT…THAT’S NOT THE BRIDGE, THAT’S JOAN RIVERS….SORRY….

12.  JUSTIN BIEBER “allegedly” assaulted a photographer who was standing in front of his car….the photographer was taken to a hospital where he was treated and ridiculed…..

13.  JOKE OF THE DAY: (a classic)

Two hunters were off on their annual trip to the Canadian wilderness to bag a moose. As the seaplane landed on a lake in a remote area, the pilot said, “I’ll be back in one week to pick you up. But only one moose, please.”
     When he returned to the lake, he found the hunters proudly standing beside two moose.
     “I told you guys only one moose!” the furious flier screamed. “There’s no way the plane can take off with that much weight!”
     “You’re just a chicken pilot,” one hunter said. “We killed two moose last year and that pilot wasn’t afraid to take off.”
     Stung by the suggestion of cowardice, he reconsidered. “All right, if you did it last year, I guess we can try it.”
     They loaded up and the pilot taxied to the far end of the lake to begin his take-off. The plane bounced across the water as it strained to get airborne, but the overloaded aircraft finally ran out of space and crashed into the trees. Some time later, the hunters regained consciousness.
     “Where are we?” one asked.
     His friend looked around at the scattered debris, then back at the edge of the lake and replied, “About a hundred yards farther than last year.”



random thoughts for tuesday may 29th, 2012

HAPPY TUESDAY EVERYBODY….i hope you all had a wonderful memorial day weekend!!!


1.  here come your tuesday funnies….

hmmm…do you think the next one is even possible?  (evil laugh)

just to let you know…i didn’t say the next one…i’m just printing it…

gee whiz…i didn’t think it was THIS HOT this past weekend….i guess it “literally” was an ice cream truck….

oh, MAXINE…always telling the truth….

i guess the next one makes sense….

2.  here’s a name you haven’t heard in some time…KAREN VALENTINE….wow….she starred as ALICE JOHNSON on the hit tv show “ROOM 222.”  she also was on the “HOLLYWOOD SQUARES” quite a bit…..and what a cutie….

we missed KAREN VALENTINE’S birthday on friday..she is now 65 years old…and here she is recently….

3.  we are going to feature a couple of commercial icons from the 70’s…

remember RODNEY ALLEN RIPPY?  he was the cute little boy who sold JACK IN THE BOX burgers….

RODNEY ALLEN RIPPY is now 43 years old..here he is today…

4.  do you remember RODNEY ALLEN RIPPY’S big commercial?  see if this jars your brain….


5.  what about the little boy who brought us the word “borgussmorg”…..his name is MASON REESE and he pitched products like UNDERWOOD DEVILED HAM, DUNKIN’ DONUTS and more…..remember him?

MASON REESE is now 47 years old…here he is today….

6.  here’s MASON REESE’S big commercial….


or how about this one?


7.  some beautiful celebrations over the weekend…..

my handsome nephew MICHAEL married the love of his life SAMANTHA on saturday night in WARNER…i had the pleasure of helping out with the service…..

what a beautiful couple…

and, two of our favorite radio people got hitched saturday night…..our newsgirl and sunny 97.7 announcer BRI MATTHEWS married PHEASANT COUNTRY 103’S morning guy BRENT NATHANIEL…

i was sad i had to miss that one….they’re both great people….anyway, best wishes to both couples!!!

8.  yesterday i heard the best memorial day address i have EVER heard…it was by PASTOR GLENN RAYNOR, who is the pastor at the BAPTIST CHURCH in ELLENDALE….powerful…to the point….and he ripped being politically correct….just what i wanted to hear because i feel the same way….he is one great speaker…if you ever get the chance to hear him, don’t miss it…

9.  JEANNIE AND I took in a movie yesterday to help unwind from a busy weekend….we love the “MEN IN BLACK” series, so we went to see “MEN IN BLACK 3″…it was really good……usually when you get to movie 3 of a series they start to fall flat…but this one didn’t…it starred the normal guys WILL SMITH and TOMMY LEE JONES, and then had JOSH BROLIN playing a younger TOMMY LEE JONES….and he was INCREDIBLE!!!

10.  GERMANS say that they are worried about their imagine in EUROPE because all of the other nations that they have bailed out and helped are now angry and ungrateful and bad mouthing them….CONGRATULATIONS GERMANY…NOW YOU KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE AMERICANS!!!

11.  ABC announced that in july, they will begin a nine week trial of a spin-off of “GOOD MORNING AMERICA” called “GOOD AFTERNOON AMERICA”…it will be followed by  “GOOD EVENING AMERICA”, “YOU’RE GETTING SLEEP AMERICA”, and my favorite “STOP HOGGING THE COVERS I’M TRYING TO SLEEP AMERICA.”

12.  KIM KARDASHIAN said that she is very upset at BRITISH AIRWAYS for opening her bags and taking some personal items that were sentimental and irreplaceable….that’s right…they took her pile of unused marriage licenses….

13.  a lawsuit has forced a JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI school for troubled kids to promise to stop HANDCUFFING the kids for misbehaving…..HANDCUFFS?  wow…yet another piece of drama at PARIS HILTON HIGH SCHOOL….

14.  did you hear about the picture that former PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON took with a couple of porn stars?  the secret service guys were SO SO SO jealous….


A farmer drove to a neighbor’s farmhouse and knocked at the door.
A boy, about 9, opened the door
“Is your dad or mom home?” said the farmer.
“No, they went to town.”
“How about your brother, Howard? Is he here?”
“No, he went with Mom and Dad.”
The farmer stood there for a few minutes, shifting from one foot to the other,and mumbling to himself.
“I know where all the tools are, if you want to borrow one, or I can give Dad a message.”
“Well,” said the farmer uncomfortably, “I really wanted to talk to your Dad. It’s about your brother Howard getting my daughter Suzy pregnant”.

The boy thought for a moment… “You would have to talk to Dad about that. I know he charges $500 for the bull and $50 for the pig, but I don’t know how much he charges for Howard.”




here are my wishes for a beautiful, happy, and safe MEMORIAL DAY weekend for all of you….i hope that you are spending quality time with the family, having outdoor picnics, grilling out, spending time at the lake or whatever else you plan on doing…


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not forget why we have MEMORIAL DAY in the first place….it’s not just a three day weekend from work, it’s a time that we honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country…..

so, while you are having fun this weekend, also pause and pay your respects to those who left thier families, jobs, and futures behind so that we can be free…….


there are many people who will NEVER forget MEMORIAL DAY…we shouldn’t forget either!!!


random thoughts for thursday may 24th, 2012

i fugured that being we slaughtered SPONGEBOB on yesterday’s blog, we had better bring him back today….

1.  here come your thursday funnies….

this is how i used to shop with my mama and my grandma…i guess that would explain a lot, huh?


i like the next one, but for me, just make sure it’s not a HAMM’S..

well, this ought to fix anyone stealing anything….

2.  happy birthday wishes are going out to the beautiful PRISCILLA PRESLEY who turns 67 today…..she, of course, became famous for being the wife of ELVIS PRESLEY and the mother of LISA MARIE…

evidently PRISCILLA PRESLEY went to the “KENNY ROGERS SCHOOL OF FACELIFTS.”  here she is today…

3.  what about her daughter LISA MARIE? 

you can see by the family picture above that she was and is quite the cutie…..

LISA MARIE was the absolute love of ELVIS’ life….

that weird sound you heard when the next one was taken was ELVIS spinning and screaming in his grave….

so, do you think that LISA MARIE and her dad look alike?


LISA MARIE PRESLEY is now 44 and is still gorgeous…..

4.  guess what?  RADAR O’REILLY has a birthday today…well, not RADAR, but the actor that played him on “M*A*S*H”…GARY BURGHOFF is 69 today…one year away from 70…man, how time flies…..

GARY BURGHOFF got his start in 1967 playing CHARLIE BROWN in an off broadway production…..

but, he is best known for playing RADAR….

he was also on “MATCH GAME” a lot of times….

here’s GARY BURGHOFF today at 69…….

5.  it’s going to be a busy busy weekend…..my handsome nephew MICHAEL is marrying the incredibly beautiful SAMANTHA this weekend in WARNER….i have the honor of helping out with the service, too….

SAM, we are very excited to add you to our family…..

she said on facebook this week that she has been practicing writing our last name since high school…ha ha…that’s hilarious….


6.  a friend of mine posted on facebook this morning that he was trying to pass a guy who was going slower, and as soon as he got beside the guy the idiot started drag racing him down the highway….when the guy was turning off at his corner, he flipped my friend off…WHAT A JERK…..i told my friend that i would have stopped and followed him….i do that recently…i’ll probably get shot or beat up sometime doing that…ha ha…some people are such morons….

7.  why is a plumber more qualified to be president than OBAMA or ROMNEY?  at least a plumber tries to PREVENT crap from being flung at people……

8.  the man who invented the tv remote control has died at the age of 96…it happens in three’s……we lost two disco legends, and now we’ve lost the guy who made it possible to change the channel when disco came on…….(just joking…i’m a HUGE disco fan…)

9.  the internet is buzzing about a new diet pill containing GILA MONSTER SALIVA that’s been shown to reduce food cravings…actually, the pill doesn’t even exist, but just hearing about it makes people lose their appetite….

10.  have you seen the photo of a newlywed couple taking wedding pictures at a farm in KANSAS with a tornado in the background?

it’s crazy…some people release flying doves at the ceremony, these two released flying horses….

11.  the movie “BATTLESHIP” is expected to lose around 200 million dollars…what the heck is the name of the ship? THE SS FACEBOOK?

12.  RADAR ONLINE says that KIM KARDASHIAN has a growing pill popping problem…her family says to just leave her alone, because most of her problems get ironed out in 72 days…..


A customer at Green’s Gourmet Grocery marveled at the proprietor’s quick wit and intelligence.
    “Tell me, Green, what makes you so smart?”
    “I wouldn’t share my secret with just anyone,” Green replies, lowering his voice so the other shoppers won’t hear. “But since you’re a good and faithful customer, I’ll let you in on it. Fish heads. You eat enough of them, you’ll be positively brilliant.”
    “You sell them here?” the customer asks.
    “Only $4 apiece,” says Green.
    The customer buys three. A week later, he’s back in the store complaining that the fish heads were disgusting and he isn’t any smarter.
    “You didn’t eat enough, ” says Green. The customer goes home with 20 more fish heads. Two weeks later, he’s back and this time he’s really angry.
    Hey, Green,” he says, “You’re selling me fish heads for $4 each when I can buy the whole fish for $2. You’re ripping me off!”
    “You see?” says Green. “You’re getting smarter already!”




random thoughts for wednesday may 23rd, 2012


1.  here are some wednesday funnies….

once again, i’m very happy i don’t have an “ex”, but for those of you that do, you’ll love this one….

i have some tragic news…he is now known as “SPONGEBOB FLATPANTS.”

i never thought about the next one, but it’s true!!!

and one from good ol’ MAXINE…

2.  the lady who played the nasty “ALEXIS” on “DYNASTY” is having a birthday today….can’t believe that JOAN COLLINS is 79 years old….

here’s an early picture of JOAN COLLINS…

here she is on the show….

here’s JOAN COLLINS today…not bad for a year away from 80….

3.  the young lady who played the daughter “KATHY” on “FATHER KNOWS BEST” is having a birthday today…here name is LAUREN CHAPIN and she turns 67 today……

remember her?

here’s LAUREN CHAPIN today at 67….

what about the other kids?  actress ELINOR DONAHUE played “BETTY”…she is now 75 years old….

and actor BILLY GRAY played the son “BUD”…he is now 74….

4.  remember the professional, stuffy newsguy on “MURPHY BROWN”?   his name on the show was JIM, but his real name is CHARLES KIMBROUGH….he has a birthday today…he turns 76…

here’s an early picture of him…

here he is with the cast of “MURPHY BROWN” back in the 80’s…

here’s CHARLES KIMBROUGH today at 76…..

and here’s a recent photo of the cast of “MURPHY BROWN.”

5.  SO…i’m in this fast food joint in ABERDEEN yesterday when i ordered my food…the guy gives me my receipt tells me i’m number 262….i then get my food as he yells out “NUMBER 262″….i look around and scratch my head because I’M THE ONLY ONE IN THE BUILDING…it cracks me up when they yell out your number and it’s only you at the counter, or like yesterday, only me in the entire building….crazy funny….

6.  everybody that knows me knows that i’m a HUGE POLKA MUSIC FAN….and i was saddened yesterday to hear that one of my favorites has died….

EDDIE BLAZONCZYK was 70 when he passed away yesterday…he’s a CHICAGO polka star who was known as “THE POLKA KING.”  his band “THE VERSATONES” led recently by EDDIE’S son, EDDIE, JR., quit performing on new year’s eve this past year…..sad that this legendary band is no more…..


here’s one of my favorite polka cd’s….

7.  two jurors have been dismissed for FALLING ASLEEP in the government’s perjury trial against baseball star ROGER CLEMENS…scientists now believe that the best cure for insomnia is mixing the government with ANY professional sports…..

8.  FACEBOOK stock continues to slide…the only thing that is falling faster is my paycheck….

9.  a jury awarded two PORTLAND, OREGON men $332,000 dollars in damages after they were fired for complaining that they didn’t have access to a bathroom….they plan to spend the money on dry cleaning….

10.  TMZ reports that SNOOKI will not be living in the JERSEY SHORE house for season six, instead she will have her own private place nearby…SNOOKI has been seen stocking up on tons of toys for the upcoming child…she was spotted giving wagon rides to THE SITUATION, but of course, he kept falling off….

11.  the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS in AUSTIN has issued an apology for a typo on the commencement program that read “pubic affairs”, rather than “public affairs.”  also, the keynote speaker was from VIRGINIA and not VAGINA….

12.  DC COMICS announced that one of their famous superheroes will change their sexual orientation and come out as gay…i’m hoping it’s THE GREEN LANTERN, and he changes his name to “THE GREEN SCENTED CANDLE.”

13.  JOKE OF THE DAY…love this one…

Two dogs are walking down the street. The one dog says to the other, “Wait here a minute, I’ll be right back.”
     He walks across the street and sniffs this fire hydrant for about a minute, then walks back across the street.
     The other dog says, “What was that about?”
     The dog first dog says, “Just checking my messages.”




random thoughts for tuesday may 22nd, 2012


hey, here’s some good advice for a tuesday…or ANYDAY…

1.  here come your tuesday funnies!!!

wow…and you thought your job sucked!!!

i’m going to use the next one today…ha ha….

i’ve always wondered about the next one…

2.  happy birthday today to actor RICHARD BENJAMIN..he turns 74 today…you probably remember him from  movies like “MY FAVORITE YEAR”, “THE SUNSHINE BOYS”, where he played opposite WALTER MATTHAU and GEORGE BURNS…he also starred in a movie i love, the 1973 movie “WESTWORLD”, also starring YUL BRYNNER….

and, i don’t know if you remember this show or not, but RICHARD BENJAMIN starred in a short lived tv show called “QUARK”, which ran from 1977-1978….i used to watch that one….

RICHARD BENJAMIN has been married to actress PAULA PRENTISS for over 50 years…here they are recently…

do you remember PAULA PRENTISS?  she starred in movies like “WHERE THE BOYS ARE”, “THE STEPFORD WIVES”, and many more…she also is 74 years old…here she is in her younger years..

3.  i’m sure, if you are a baseball fan you have heard about the surgery called “TOMMY JOHN SURGERY.”  it’s a ligament replacement surgery that a lot of pitchers have to go thru….

the guy that the surgery was named after has a birthday today….former baseball star TOMMY JOHN turns 69 today….


here’s TOMMY JOHN today at 69…..

4.  they say that the greatest injustice in the world is outliving your children…well, my heart broke yesterday when i heard that the GIBB brothers mom is still alive…..their mom, BARBARA GIBB has now buried three of her four sons…..she is currently 91 years old…she has watched her son ANDY GIBB die, and her twin sons MAURICE AND ROBIN GIBB of “THE BEE GEES.”  i can’t even imagine how painful this must be…..

here are the boys a few years back with MOM…

5.  DEATH THREATS OVER A STUPID T-SHIRT?  ya sure ya betcha….

first of all the good news…THE OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER ended the season of the LOS ANGELES LAKERS last night…..

i don’t know how many of you know this, but the OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER were awarded a team after the owner of the SEATTLE  SUPERSONICS sold the team…

just in time for the playoffs, a t-shirt company issued a t-shirt thanking SEATTLE for the team, and even using the city skyline that was used as their logo….

i’m sure it torked off many SEATTLE fans…but death threats?  c’mon people…by the way, the t-shirt company has stopped making them…

6.  if i could have back all the money i spent playing PAC MAN, i would be out of debt…ha ha….wow…we used to just POUR the quarters into the machine….

why am i talking about PAC MAN? because, today is the 32nd anniversary of the legendary game…it came out to the public on may 22nd, 1980……i still LOVE that game….

i had a couple of friends that could “memorize” each frame of the game and could go many many many levels into the game…which was fun if you were watching them, but HORRIBLE if you were in line to play…..

7.  IT IS MEMORIAL WEEKEND YET?  ugh…it seems like time just crawls when you’re looking forward to a three day weekend….

8.  CHINESE dissident CHEN GUANGCHENG has been in AMERICA for only a few days, and says he is adjusting fine to our country…he’s already forgotten math….

9.  police in upstate NEW YORK have arrested a commercial airline pilot with a loaded .357 magnum in his luggage….people don’t care…it’s just refreshing to be on a plane where the pilot ISN’T LOADED….

10.  TMZ is reporting that LINDSAY LOHAN is spending lots of time picking out just the right dresses for her upcoming role as ELIZABETH TAYLOR…the movie starts shooting next month….the big problem is picking out jewelry…strange…but for some reason the jewelry keeps disappearing….

11.  archaeologists found MAYAN calendars in GUATEMALA  that extend well beyond 2012….how can they tell it’s way behind 2012?  because the calendar shows the MINNESOTA TWINS winning over 60 games in a season…OUCH…

12.  the NATIONAL ENQUIRER reports that casting agents for a new movie are telling actresses in the 20’s that they’ll have to audition COMPLETELY NAKED for LEONARDO DICAPRIO….wait a minute…hasn’t every actress done that already?  (i’m sure this is correct…i don’t think the NATIONAL ENQUIRER would post anything that’s false, would it?)

13. JOKE OF THE DAY:  (thanks KERRY…)

Once a blonde decided to go ice fishing. She grabbed all her equipment and put on her fishing outfit.. She walked out onto the icy surface and found a good spot. She took a knife and made a large circle in the ice with it.
     “NO! Not there! You will find no fish!” a booming voice announced out of nowhere. So the blonde moved a few feet away and made another circle.      “NO!! Not there either!!” The voice boomed again. The blonde moved a third time, making another circle on the ice.
     “I said, NO!! There is no fish there!!” The voice boomed again.
     “Is that you, God?” The blonde called out.
     “NO!!” The voice boomed. “It’s the manager of the ice rink!!”