random thoughts for monday may 7th, 2012


1.  here come your monday funnies…

this one cracked me up this weekend…ha ha…

this next one also tickled my funny bone…

and finally, one more good laugh for today….

2.  we lost a good one yesterday…GEORGE “GOOBER” LINDSEY died at the age of 83 in NASHVILLE…he had been sick for some time…

GEORGE LINDSEY is best known for playing “GOOBER” on “THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW.”  he also was a star on “HEE HAW’ for a number of years…..

here he is with ANDY GRIFFITH…

and here’s GEORGE “GOOBER” LINDSEY in the past few years…rest in peace GOOBER…..

3.  what about the rest of the cast of “THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW?”  let’s see where they are today…

the star of the show, of course, was ANDY GRIFFITH…he played SHERIFF ANDY TAYLOR on the show….

years later he would star in the hit tv show “MATLOCK.”

ANDY GRIFFITH is now 85 years old…

DON KNOTTS played the bumbling deputy BARNEY FIFE on the show….here he is with JIM NABORS….

DON KNOTTS went on to star in hit movies like “THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN, ” “THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG”, “THE SHAKIEST GUN IN THE WEST”, and many more…

later in life he appeared as MR. FURLEY on the hit tv show “THREE’S COMPANY.”

DON KNOTTS died in 2006 at the age of 81….

you saw JIM NABORS in one of the above pictures with DON KNOTTS…JIM played “GOMER PYLE.” 

after his role on “THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW” he took his character and starred in his own tv show “GOMER PYLE U.S.M.C.”

JIM NABORS is an accomplished singer…i’ll never forget the first time i heard him sing…i thought “how could a voice like that come out of GOMER?”  ha ha

JIM NABORS is still around and is now 81….

FRANCES BAVIER played the loveable character “AUNT BEE”….she died in 1989 at the age of 86……

and finally, RON HOWARD played the cute little son of ANDY TAYLOR…his name was “OPIE.”  everybody loved OPIE…

in the 70’s RON HOWARD starred in “HAPPY DAYS.” and the movie “AMERICAN GRAFFITI.”

RON HOWARD turned out to be an incredible movie producer and director….movies like “COCOON”, “A BEAUTIFUL MIND”, “APOLLO 13”, “HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS”, “WILLOW”, “PARENTHOOD”, and many more…

RON HOWARD is now 58 years old….

4.  my beautiful wife and i saw a couple of movies this weekend…on saturday night, for my birthday, we went to see “THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT.”

it says it is from the producer of “BRIDESMAIDS.”  i HATED that movie….and i liked this one just a bit more than that movie….i was disappointed…the previews looked so good…it could have ended like an hour earlier….

HOWEVER, we did see one that i loved….JEANNIE has been coaxing me to go see “THE HUNGER GAMES,” for quite some time now…i have been dragging my feet, but i finally gave in and went to it yesterday afternoon…

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THAT MOVIE….i’m not that big of fan of trilogies, because you have to wait so long and you can’t miss a movie…this one, however, i cannot wait to see…..highly highly recommended…

5.  you have to love the weather forecasters…ha ha..i know it’s not their fault, it’s the weather patterns, but saturday night was crazy….late saturday afternoon they issue a “flash flood watch” for our area, saying that torrential rainfall amounts of 1-2 inches AN HOUR overnight…..but, when we came back from my birthday supper and movie, it was all cancelled, and i don’t think we got any rain…so, we went from a few inches of rain to nothing…sounds like the heavy rain pattern shifted south…thank goodness…

the ironic thing is this….on my birthday five years ago, may 5th, 2007, was the day we got that 9 inches of rain that caused all of the flooding problems…how crazy would that have been to have that happen again on my birthday five years later…i’m glad it didn’t…otherwise, some people might be praying i never celebrate a birthday again…ha ha…..

6. my good friend JEFF BAHR from the ABERDEEN AMERICAN NEWS mentioned me in his column saturday…he was talking about his daughter’s wedding, and he mentioned that he was going to talk to his friend JAY DEAN about playing music for free for the dance…ha ha…..well, JEFF, i  am sorry, but i have to pass…first of all i sold all my equipment…secondly, i can’t stay up anymore after 10pm…ha ha…

****on a serious note, the higher ups at the newspaper decided to stop JEFF BAHR’S blog that was on their internet site…i really really enjoyed reading his blog….JEFF has such a different look at things…very creative writing….and so…..

i beg the management at the AMERICAN NEWS to put JEFF’S blog back on the internet site…..i know a lot of people who read it, and i think it was a staple of your site…….it was definetly a great addition for you guys, and i hope you reconsider it and put him back on….

7.  thieves in NEW YORK CITY are stealing manhole covers…they are either selling them for scrap metal, or selling them to rappers to wear on a chain around their necks….

8.  JENNIFER LOPEZ says she is bringing her twins on tour with her…big deal…DOLLY PARTON has been doing it for YEARS…

9.  a report says that after WHITNEY HOUSTON died, her personal belongings at the hotel were bagged up and thrown into a dumpster…where they landed on BOBBY BROWN and woke him up….

10.  the movie “THE AVENGERS” smashed box office records with over 200 million dollars for the U.S. opening weekend….in this movie the HULK gets angry and turns green…but still looks better than that crazy tanning bed mom….

11.  TIGER WOODS is selling his ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA condo for $2.5 million dollars…three bedrooms, ocean view, and you get to keep all the earrings you find in the couch cushions…


A little boy got lost at the YMCA and found himself in the women’s locker room. When he was spotted, the room burst into shrieks, with ladies grabbing towels and running for cover. The little boy watched in amazement and then asked, ‘What’s the matter, haven’t you ever seen a little boy before?’


A woman was trying hard to get the ketchup out of the jar. During her struggle the phone rang so she asked her 4-year-old daughter to answer the phone. ‘Mommy can’t come to the phone to talk to you right now. She’s hitting the bottle.’ 




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