random thoughts for tuesday may 8th, 2012


happy birthday wishes are going out to the lovely and talented SCOTT SOLBERG from hub city radio….SCOOTER is a salesman at our stations, in fact, he was voted the “salesman of the year” at our company’s meetings a few months ago…..I’M HONORED TO CALL HIM A FRIEND…


here’s a picture of the birthday boy…SCOTT SOLBERG is on the left, in the middle is pheasant country 103’s BRENT NATHANIEL, and a living radio legend, DENNY PITMAN is on the right side….

1.  here come your tuesday funnies…

here’s the way we should all put it to people from now on..ha ha..

the economy is tight!!! here’s how we should handle it…

man oh man, isn’t the next one true….

2.  not only is SCOTT SOLBERG celebrating a birthday today, so is the beautiful MELISSA GILBERT, who played HALF PINT, LAURA INGALLS, on “LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE.”

i will never forget how old she is…MELISSA GILBERT is the same age as your’s truly, and turns 48 just three days after me….

here’s MELISSA GILBERT today at 48…gorgeous…

3. also celebrating a birthday today is actor STEPHEN FURST…don’t know the name?  oh, you’ll know him…

STEPHEN FURST is best known as playing the character “FLOUNDER”, on the all time classic movie “ANIMAL HOUSE.”

STEPHEN FURST turns 58 today…here he is recently…

here he is with one of his many many fans….

4.  i saw something hilarious…it actually made me smile and laugh out loud in my car yesterday…..there is a cop car on south main in ABERDEEN that is sitting on the road with a PARKING TICKET on the window……ha ha….see?  nobody is safe from the parking ticket patrol…..

5.  i graduated from LANGFORD HIGH SCHOOL 30 years ago next week, and today, i am going back to my school to teach a class on radio…..i love going back and talking to the kids…..it just seems weird to say that i have been out for 30 years…and  i don’t look a day over 25…YEAH RIGHT……

6.  it’s almost painful watching and listening to the MINNESOTA TWINS…they have been playing horrible this year….they really need to make some major major changes in the team, but i’m not sure they will……we sure miss MICHAEL CUDDYER and JASON KUBEL…they are both tearing it up with their new teams…OF COURSE….

7.  a study finds that reminders of death can improve people’s lives…unless you owe money to the mob….

8.  scientists are talking about cloning animals that have become extinct…we need to stop these people before they get the bright idea to start cloning KARDASHIANS….

9.  tanning obsessed NEW JERSEY mom PATRICIA KRENTCIL said that she thought that KRISTEN WIIG did a great impersonation of her on “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.”  she thought the impression was “well done.”  and if anybody knows anything about being “well done”, it’s her….

10.  last week, a man in SPAIN suffered injuries when he was struck by lightning in the SCROTUM…YIKES…but, the guy still had a better week than JOHN EDWARDS….

11.  WASHINGTON NATIONALS baseball rookie BRYCE HARPER stole home on sunday in a NATS baseball game….it’s terrible…he’s only been in WASHINGTON for a few weeks and congress has already taught him how to steal!!!

12.  PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES pitcher COLE HAMELS said he hit NATIONAL’S rookie BRYCE HARPER on purpose….baseball fans are upset with him…meanwhile, the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS are trying to sign him to play on defense….

13.  a new dating site called “MEET AN INMATE.COM promises that you will meet the hottest men and woman in PRISON…wow….so, if you’re tired of the “bar” scene, you can check out the “behind the bars” scene…


it was easter sunday and a pastor was standing at the door greeting people as they left the church….little five year old MARY was walking out the door, and as she passed by the pastor pointed out how beautiful her easter dress was…the pastor said, “MARY, your dress is so so beautiful….did your mom buy that for you?”  and MARY said, “yes she did, and she says it’s a bitch to iron.”






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