random thoughts for FRIDAY may 18th, 2012


this weekend will be full of happiness and sadness as three people very close to me will graduate from high school…

my beautiful niece ERIN will graduate from WARNER HIGH SCHOOL on saturday…..she’s always been my sweety….(thanks to abby nelson photography for letting me use this)

BRITTON HECLA will have thier graduation on sunday….my cousin’s beautiful daughter SHANLEY will graduate…always loved that girl….

and my buddy KRIS from my church in HECLA will graduate sunday too…i struggled this past sunday having him up front with me for a blessing…..i’m in my 8th year at HECLA and watching these kids graduate after i’ve been with them so long is tough….

1.  how about your friday funnies?

this one cracked me up this morning….

boy, somebody has way too much time on their hands…check this out…it is funny, though….

2.  sad news yesterday…the “queen of disco” DONNA SUMMER died at the age of 63…..she had been battling cancer….i didn’t ever hear about her having cancer, so i was suprised to see that she passed away….

DONNA SUMMER dominated the disco and pop charts back in the 70’s and early 80’s, with hits like “DIM ALL THE LIGHTS, ” “HOT STUFF’, “MACARTHUR PARK”, “SHE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY”, “ON THE RADIO”, and many many more…

here are some early pictures of DONNA SUMMER including a couple of hit album covers of albums you may have in your collection….

here’s DONNA SUMMER in the last couple of years…R.I.P. DONNA…

3.  here are some more songs by DONNA SUMMER…you can go back to the previous post to hear a couple more songs…

here’s “ON THE RADIO.”


and here’s “DIM ALL THE LIGHTS.”


4.  speaking of music, this is hard to believe…country music super legend GEORGE STRAIT turns 60 today…yes, SIXTY…wow….this guy has been the most consistent hitmaker in country music history…almost everything he touches goes number one…

he’s huge on the concert scene, and WOMEN LOVE HIM…for obvious reasons…

i have met GEORGE STRAIT twice before, and i will tell you this…he is by far the nicest country star i have ever met…very genuine…

here’s GEORGE STRAIT in his early years…..in the early 80’s….

GEORGE STRAIT starred in the hit movie “PURE COUNTRY.”  critics dissed the movie saying that GEORGE was a horrible actor….i completely disagree…i thought he was superb and i thought the movie was INCREDIBLY GOOD…

here’s GEORGE STRAIT today at 60…including a picture without his hat on…you don’t see that often….

5.  how about a couple of GEORGE STRAIT songs?

here’s the theme song from “PURE COUNTRY.”  “I CROSS MY HEART.”


i have so many songs that i like by GEORGE STRAIT, but this one is one of my favorites…..”LOVE WITHOUT END, AMEN.”  “live in concert” video…you’re welcome JANET and MOM…ha ha…


6.  okay…here’s the deal….if you ever see me sitting in the theater watching the movie “THE DICTATOR” starring SACHA BARON COHEN, you have my permission to walk up and punch me in the face….YUCK…

i think this movie looks HORRIBLE…i did like SACHA BARON COHEN in “BORAT,” but his last movie “BRUNO”  was very offensive, and this one looks awful too….no thank you…

7.  a new study says that coffee drinkers live longer than non coffee drinkers…the bad news is, the extra years are spent in line at STARBUCKS…

8.  researchers say that a “laxative-free colonoscopy” is just as effective as current methods….they got the data by studying x-rays at airport security….

9.  another new study found that the economy is having negative effects on NASCAR…probably the biggest disappointment is when the drivers carpool…..

10.  NFL quarterback MICHAEL VICK has confirmed that he will be marrying his girlfriend june 30th in MIAMI…people get an unsettling feeling everytime he calls her “my pet.”

11.  the best selling children’s music band “THE WIGGLES” is undergoing a radical change…three of the four members are leaving the group…THANKS A LOT YOKO!!!

12.  ABC is considering a new “INCREDIBLE HULK” tv show….it will feature the green hero partying with SPIDERMAN and marrying KIM KARDASHIAN for 76 days….


this blonde went to the doctor with both of her ears burned…the doctor asked her what happened and she said, “well, i heard the phone ring, but i accidentally picked up the iron and answered it.”  the doctor couldn’t beleive what he heard…he then said, “so what about your other ear?”  and the blonde said, “well, shortly after that they called back.”





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