random thoughts for FRIDAY june 1st, 2012


1.  your friday funnies….

hey, how about this?  a fast food place with a sense of humor!!

i know a few guys that need this next t-shirt!!

if you’re going to get a tattoo, find a tattoo artist who can SPELL!!

2.  happy birthday wishes on saturday go out to actor CHARLES HAID, who played OFFICER ANDY RENKO on “HILL STREET BLUES”…he turns 69 on saturday….remember him?

here’s CHARLES HAID today on the eve of his 69th birthday.

3.  on sunday, “THE GONG SHOW” host CHUCK BARRIS will be 83 years old….wow…eighty three……i used to love “THE GONG SHOW.”  i still think that CHUCK was on something when he hosted the show…ha ha….

here’s CHUCK BARRIS today at 83…..

4.  well, i do believe that my beautiful wife and i are going to a movie this weekend…we really want to see the new one called “SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN.”  it stars KRISTEN STEWART and the always hot CHARLIZE THERON….

5.  well, i couldn’t stand being on the sidelines last night at softball practice, so i jumped in head first…i batted a bunch of balls, and fielded a bunch, too….my hernia operation didn’t seem to bother me too bad….i’m still going to get my doctor’s clearance before i play full time, but it seems to be okay….

6.  OKAY EVERYBODY…THERE IS NO “ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE” COMING….you probably heard that horrible story from FLORIDA of a guy found eating another guy’s face……awful….trust me, this is just one sick guy…it’s not zombie’s taking over the country….you cannot believe the people on tv this past week who are SERIOUS about the zombie’s coming…..some people watch way too much tv and movies….

7.  just in case you’re wondering, the “INTERNATIONAL HORSERADISH FESTIVAL” runs today thru sunday in COLLINSVILLE, ILLINOIS…i find horseradish absolutely GROSS…back when we lived in VEBLEN, our babysitter used to eat horseradish out of the jar…..YUCK!!!

8.  i’m not saying whether i think JOHN EDWARDS is guilty or innocent in his trial, but he sure is SMUG when he talks to the cameras…..

9.  yesterday PRESIDENT OBAMA welcomed former PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH to the WHITE HOUSE for the official portrait unveiling of the former president…..they also had a nice lunch, and out of habit, sent the bill to our children….

10.  the associated press wants to clean up the area around it’s WASHINGTON, D.C. bureau office, because it’s become a hotspot for prostitutes……and off-duty secret servicemen….

11.  KATHIE LEE GIFFORD caused a very awkward moment this week when she asked actor MARTIN SHORT about his happy relationship with his wife, not remembering or knowing that she died two years ago…..KATHIE LEE was so upset she went home and tried to call her friend WHITNEY HOUSTON for support…

12.  this weekend, QUEEN ELIZABETH celebrates her diamond jubilee of SIXTY YEARS on the throne…she’s  even having a concert featuring ELTON JOHN, PAUL MCCARTNEY, AND STEVIE WONDER….very exciting…a queen that everyone looks up to…plus ELTON will perform for QUEEN ELIZABETH, TOO…

13.  according to a new study, that “old people smell” is a real thing….and no matter how many times DEMI MOORE bathes, she just can’t get rid of it…

14.. JOKE OF THE DAY…( and a good one, too…)

A couple goes to an art gallery. They find a picture of a naked women with only her privates covered with leaves. The wife doesn’t like it and moves on but the husband keeps looking.
    The wife asks, “What are you waiting for?”
    The husband replies, “Autumn.”





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