random thoughts for monday june 4th, 2012


1.  here come your monday funnies…..


wow…somebody’s trying to be funny…..

do you know what the next one means?  at some point in time, some idiot said, “damn, i’m sure thirsty…i’ll drink the first water my eyes can see.”


somebody’s being creative…check this out….

umm…..doesn’t “bottomless” mean “bottomless?”

2.  today we say goodbye to actor RICHARD DAWSON….RICHARD played “NEWKIRK” on “HOGAN’S HEROES.”

however, RICHARD DAWSON is best known for hosting “FAMILY FEUD” for a little over a decade….his trademark was giving kisses to the ladies…..a source with the show estimates that RICHARD handed out over 20,000 kisses during the tv show’s run.

RICHARD DAWSON died saturday night at the age of 79….here he is in recent months…..

3.  happy birthday wishes are going out to sex therapist DR. RUTH WESTHEIMER….she turns 84 today…..

i will never forget the first time i heard her sex talk show…my beautiful wife JEANNIE and I were heading back home to THIEF RIVER FALLS, MINNESOTA, where i went to radio school.  as we were passing thru FARGO, we were scanning radio stations when we came across the sexy show…..we laughed the entire time we listened….and then when i saw a picture of this tiny older lady, it really made me crack up…..

anyway, DR. RUTH is 84 years old today…here she is recently….

4.  actor BRUCE DERN turns 76 years old today….you probably remember him from movies like “LAST MAN STANDING,” “THE BURBS”, “THE GREAT GATSBY” and more….seems to me that BRUCE DERN played a lot of psychotic in his career…..see if you remember him….

here’s BRUCE DERN today on his 76th birthday…..

did you know that BRUCE DERN is the father of actress LAURA DERN?  it’s true…here’s a picture of LAURA DERN and her mom and dad….BRUCE DERN and DIANE LADD….

5.  even though we had a busy weekend, we had the opportunity to go to a movie…so, the wife and i went to see “SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN”…it stars KRISTEN STEWART and CHARLIZE THERON….

our opinion?  we really liked it…it was very entertaining, had a great story, nice effects and pretty good acting….our only complaint is, we feel it could have been about 30 minutes shorter….had a couple of places in the film that kind of dragged, but overall, highly recommend this one…..

6.  at this time next week we will be in COLORADO on vacation….i just know this week is going to DRAG….when we get out there we’re planning on taking a train to the top of PIKE’S PEAK, plus we plan on going white water rafting…..we’re also going to an amusement park in DENVER, and we’re staying at a multi million dollar pastor’s retreat in BUENA VISTA, COLORADO…should be fun….and as i mentioned last week, i haven’t been this tired and burned out in a long time…definetly need a huge break…..

7.  june is “world naked bike ride month.”  damn..i have to buy a bike asap…..(trust me, nobody wants to see that!!)

8.  scientists have successfully cultivated a marijuana plant that doesn’t get people high…..”AND THE NOMINEES FOR USELESS WASTE OF GRANT MONEY ARE…….”

9.  HUGH HEFNER’S ex-fiance CRYSTAL HARRIS tweeted last week that she and HEF are back together…he will be so excited…once she tells him…..

10.  four time olympic medalist SHAWN JOHNSON announced her retirement from gymnastics….she said she’s tired of bending over backwards for people….

11.  MADONNA kicked off her world tour in TEL AVIV…she told the crowd she was performing in the MIDEAST to promote peace in the world…..everyone in the MIDDLE EAST is concerned about IRAN’S nuclear arms….now they saw something worse…MADONNA’S VEINY, OLD LADY ARMS….

12.  there’s a new report that ARSENIO HALL is in negotiations for a new syndicated talk show…no date has been set for exactly when JAY LENO will have him fired…..


A man had a party where all the rich people attend.
And the he had a pool with alligators. So he announced that anyone who will swim across this pool and come out alive will be granted three wishes.
But no one wanted to go for the challenge. All of a sudden, there was a big splash and a man was swimming like a hell and came out alive.
So the host asked, “What are your three wishes?”
The man replied, “Give me the shotgun and bulllets and show me the idiot that pushed me in ….”





One thought on “random thoughts for monday june 4th, 2012

  1. I don’t remember where I found your site but I love it!!! I broke my ankle on memorial day and have since been home bound and I look forward to reading your stuff. Miss you during your vacation. keep on rockin on Sincerely, Karen

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