random thoughts for tuesday june 5th, 2012


1.  here come your tuesday funnies…..

here’s a guy that might want to rethink his actions next time….

and now, a conversation i hope you never have to have!!!

the next one is for you, because you’ve probably always wondered!

umm..i don’t think this is what they had in mind……

2.  we are going to take a look at some legendary beauties today….

let’s start out with the incredible looking RAQUEL WELCH…believe it or not, RAQUEL is now 71 years old….and you will not believe how she looks today!!!

first of all, here’s RAQUEL WELCH back in her glory days!!

this is kind of funny….RAQUEL WELCH has a book out called “RAQUEL…BEYOND THE CLEAVAGE.”  ha ha….

here she is at a book signing….THE MOST INCREDIBLE 70 YEAR OLD I HAVE EVER SEEN….

3.  how about MORGAN FAIRCHILD?  MORGAN has always been such a beauty….

MORGAN FAIRCHILD is now 62 and still looking GREAT!!!

4.  another legendary beauty is SOPHIA LOREN…i’ve never been a huge fan of hers, but millions of men consider her one of the all time beautiful women…..

here she is years ago….

SOPHIA LOREN is now 77 years old…and she, too, looks awfully good for her age….

5.  last night was our first church league softball game for the gang from ST. JOHN’S LUTHERAN in HECLA….we were shelled in the game….but, i will say this….it was one of the most fun nights we have had together….being in church league doesn’t mean you have to win every week…it’s about fellowship and good sportsmanship….we’ll win some games this year, but last night wasn’t even close to being one of them…oh well, better luck next monday night….by the way, your favorite radio guy and blogger went two for two and scored a run…not bad for an overweight old duffer…..

6.  my family decided that we are going to drive all night to get to COLORADO this coming monday early afternoon…it’s like a 12 hour drive, and we plan on leaving around 11pm sunday night…..we figured with four of us who can drive, it’s only 3 hours each behind the wheel, and then we get out there in time to start being tourists…..our first plans?  riding a train to the top of PIKE’S PEAK…i’ll probably wet myself when we get to the top….

7.  the WHITE HOUSE is defending  a NEW YORK TIMES report about the use of PRESIDENT OBAMA’S use of drone attacks and his so-called “KILL LIST.”  it’s mainly a list of terrorists, plus the people who encourage the octomom to become a stripper….

8.  a government report finds that 20 percent of AMERICANS have an untreated cavity…..but don’t worry, TSA officials will take care of that in the airport….

9.  so-called comedian BILL MAHER bought part of the NEW YORK METS baseball team…MAHER says he’s an atheist, which is going to be bad for him, because when you own the METS there’s a lot of praying going on…..

10.  DREW BARRYMORE got married for the third time this past saturday…..her previous marriage lasted five months…or an eternity compared to KIM KARDASHIAN’S marriage….

11.  the NEW YORK TIMES reports that both BARACK OBAMA and MITT ROMNEY are huge “STAR TREK” fans…not suprising….PRESIDENT OBAMA usually distances himself in warp speed from anything VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN says…

12.  a 19 year old woman who was high on marijuana, was arrested in PHOENIX after she drove away with her five week old baby sitting in a car seat on the hood of the car…the baby is okay…the girl told police, “hey, at least i wasn’t texting while driving.” 


John, Brian, and Bill were all locked away in a mental institution for many, many years. One day, the head doctor told them that if they passed a test he wanted to administer to them, they’d be deemed mentally competent and free to leave the institution. Should they fail, however, they’d be locked away for another five years of observation.
    All three took the doc up on his offer. The four of them went to the hospital’s indoor pool. The pool was drained of water. The doctor lead the patients up to the diving platform, some 60 feet in the air.
    The doctor motioned to John. “Jump.”
    Without hesitation, John leapt off the platform, right into the pool, breaking both arms in the process.
    The doctor noted this on his clipboard and told Brian, “Jump.”
    Also without hesitation, Brian flew off the platform into the empty pool, breaking both of his legs.
    After noting the results on his clipboard, the doctor told Bill, “Jump.”
    Bill shook his head. “Naw. I don’t think so.”
    The doctor noted this on his clipboard rather enthusiastically and said, “Congratulations, Bill. You’re a free man. You can now leave the institution. But before you go, just tell me one thing. Why didn’t you jump?”
    “Easy,” Bill said, “I can’t swim.”





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