random thoughts for wednesday june 6th, 2012



how about a little from the cranky old lady that we love!!

as much as i hate to admit it, the next one is probably right!!!

this one cracked me up….

2.  happy birthday wishes are going out to legendary tennis player BJORN BORG…i just love saying his name….he turns 56 today…between 1974 and 1981 BJORN won 11 grand slam titles, and he won WIMBLEDON five consecutive times…

here is BJORN BORG back in his glory days….

and here is BJORN BORG today at 56…..

3.  the cute little girl from “MY TWO DADS” and “STEP BY STEP” is turning 37 today…here name is STACI KEANAN…i’m sure you remember this cutie…

here she is with her fellow cast members…”MY TWO DADS” is obviously first, followed by “STEP BY STEP.”

and here is STACI KEANAN today at 37…..

4.  what about her “MY TWO DADS” co-stars?

PAUL REISER has done some wonderful projects since “MY TWO DADS.”  he, of course, starred in “MAD ABOUT YOU” with HELEN HUNT….

here is PAUL REISER today…he is now 55 years old….

GREG EVIGAN starred in a tv show called “B.J. AND THE BEAR”, opposite a chimpanzee.

here’s GREG EVIGAN today…he is now 58 years old….


**first of all, to the car with SPINK county plates that was headed south last night on 281 about 9:30, i have two recommendations for you….first of all, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE LEFT LANE….when you are in the left and someone else is in the right, it’s a bit tough for people to pass when you guys are driving under the speed limit….secondly, watch your high beams….it’s bad enough that you’re cruising in the left lane, but then to have bright lights blinding me was just the frosting on the cake….this is one driving situation that continues to drive me crazy!!

***to the older lady from HAND county who was turning left onto 281 yesterday….when a car is coming across 281 and you are turning left, they get to go first, especially when they had been sitting there way before you……and, there’s really no reason to glare at the kid for him pulling out into the road before you started turning……

6.  guess what i started doing last weekend?  i’m four episodes in to the original “DARK SHADOWS” series from the mid 60’s….it, of course, was about a vampire named BARNABUS COLLINS….i forgot how much i loved that show…..the original “DARK SHADOWS” was an after soap opera, and i couldn’t believe how “low budget” it was…there’s even one scene where you see the shadow of the camera moving on the back of a guy…ha ha….

now i have a dilema…the new “DARK SHADOWS” movie starring JOHNNY DEPP ends on thursday night at CARMIKE…i can’t decide if i want to see it or not….

i don’t want him to ruin the glory of the original series, however, it might be fun to see how he reflects the vampire character…(no pun intended.)

well, i’ll do some soul searching before thursday night….(also no pun intended.)

7.  a telephone survey found that nearly two-thirds of AMERICANS oppose NEW YORK CITY major BLOOMBERG’S banning of large soft drinks…..to address the issue, the mayor has now banned phone surveys….

8.  an artist in the NETHERLANDS had his deceased cat stuffed and turned into a radio-controlled helicopter…naturally, it keeps getting stuck in a tree…..

9.  a DUTCH company wants to do a reality show that would send people to a colony on MARS for the rest of their lives….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET THE KARDASHIANS AUDITION FOR THE SHOW….

10.  TMZ has discovered some old black and white modeling photos of “TANNING MOM” PATRICIA KRENTCIL back before she started tanning…this was when a mosquito could actually land on her without sizzling to death.


Once a devil walked in a bar,
Every one ran away only one man had the guts to stay.
The devil asked to the man aren’t you scared.
The man replied, “Why should I be, I married your sister 30 years ago”.





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