i love it when new teams win…i love it when NICE teams win…that’s what happened last night when the OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER beat the SAN ANTONIO SPURS…they used to be the SEATTLE SUPERSONICS, and have only been in existance in OKLAHOMA CITY for four years….

congrats to them….they are now in the NBA FINALS….

and how can you not love the very humble star KEVIN DURANT?

ever since my MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES were eliminated, i have been on the THUNDER bandwagon…and i will continue for the rest of the season…..

speaking of MINNESOTA sports, how about the world champion MINNESOTA LYNX  WNBA team?  they win it all last year and are now 8-0  on the season so far…..they’re fun to watch, too….

it’s been a long time since people have had the opportunity to be this excited about a MINNESOTA team…



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