random thoughts for thursday june 7th, 2012


1.  here come your thursday funnies…..

i couldn’t agree more with the next one…..

i LOVE this next one….

man, it’s amazing what ONE LETTER can do to a sentence….

i know some people that fit in the next category….

2.  today we’re going to feature a couple of shows that i loved watching back in the 70’s and 80’s….

first of all, “BARNABY JONES.”

remember the theme song?


“BARNABY JONES” starred BUDDY EBSEN as the title character….and LEE MERIWETHER as his trusty secretary.

BUDDY EBSEN got his start in HOLLYWOOD at a very young age.

did you know that he was the first choice for the TIN MAN in “THE WIZARD OF OZ?”  true…he had a horrible reaction to the silver paint and almost died….he was then replaced by JACK HALEY, JR.


BUDDY EBSEN is best known for playing millionaire JED CLAMPETT on “THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES.”

BUDDY EBSEN died back in 2003 at the age of 95……

LEE MERIWETHER had an early role as “CATWOMAN” in “BATMAN.”

she was and is such a beauty…..

LEE MERIWETHER is now 77 years old…here she is today….

3.  the other show i want to feature today is the ANGIE DICKSON and EARL HOLLIMAN show “POLICE WOMAN.”

remember the theme from the show? plus a little clip from the show….


the show starred ANGIE DICKINSON…did you know that she was born in KULM, NORTH DAKOTA?

ANGIE DICKINSON is now 80 years old….

EARL HOLLIMAN starred in the show as well…..

EARL HOLLIMAN is now 83 years old…here he is in the last few years….

and here’s a picture of ANGIE AND EARL together….

4.  i don’t know why, but the other day i started singing “FROM THE LAND OF SKY BLUE WATER.”  that, of course, if the HAMM’S BEER commercial theme from the 50’s thru 70’s….

so, i found one of their old commercials featuring the HAMM’S BEAR…..


5.  last night we had a youth group meeting in HECLA for our upcoming trip to NASHVILLE in july….one of my church kids is in ABERDEEN for the summer, so he rode with me…i found out a few things from that ride….mainly, my I-POD is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT than his….ha ha….while i have JOHN DENVER, GEORGE STRAIT, BEE GEE’S, ANDY GIBB, OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN and many more, he had…..ummm….let’s see…..let’s just say VERY DIFFERENT music…i don’t even know what some of that music is….


6.  one of the main things i’m looking forward with our vacation next week is just getting out of the area for a week…the other thing is SLEEPING IN…

isn’t it amazing that waking up at 6am is sleeping in by two and a half hours for me?  crazy….

7.  our church softball team is cruising this year…not on the field, mind you, because we were crushed the other night…we’re cruising because we are getting new t-shirts and VISORS which we have never had before…..isn’t it funny how the small things in life sometimes mean more than big things?

8.  i wore a shirt the other day that i had cut the sleeves off…of course, my tattoos showed….a kid that i know who is probably 8-10 years old looks at me and says, “man, JAY, you are such a BAD ASS.”  don’t remember using that kind of language when i was that age…ha ha….

9.  FRIDAY is “DANIEL BOONE DAY”, which will be no big deal to DONALD TRUMP…he wears a coonskin cap all year long….

10.  DISNEY announced that they’re eliminating junk food ads in it’s kid’s programming….makes sense…now all they will promote are their nitrate soaked hotdogs and sugary, diabetes causing sodas that are sold exclusively at their theme parks….

11.  the OCTOMOM called off her debut at a strip club after she heard “people talking smack about her.”  she’s completely wrong…what they were saying is “you’d have to BE ON SMACK to want to see her naked.”

12.  the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION says a dangerous untreatable form of gonorrhea is spreading quickly around the globe…THANKS A LOT SNOOKI AND CAST OF “JERSEY SHORE.”

13.  cute actress AMANDA BYNES has vowed to fight her DUI charges…c’mon give her a break…somebody in HOLLYWOOD has to be a “trainwreck” being LINDSAY LOHAN is filming in TORONTO….

14.  JOKE OF THE DAY: (a groaner)

a guy walks into a bar with jumper cables around his neck…the bartender told him, “okay…sit down and i’ll give you a couple of beers..but don’t you be starting anything.”







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